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What is the Luxy Hair Extensions Application Kit?

Luxy Hair Accessories
 Luxy Hair Extensions Application Kit image

What comes with this kit?

This kit includes a Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag, a pair of Matte Alligator Hair Clips, and a Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb for sectioning your hair while you clip in your extensions.

  • Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag
    • A black toiletry pouch with gold zipper detailing and a gold Luxy metal logo.
    • Perfect for traveling and can be used to store hair extension accessories and/or any other small items.

  • Matte Alligator Hair Clips
    • Two professional grade black 'alligator claw' clips that feature a soft-touch, matte black finish and a metallic gold silk screen Luxy Hair print.
    • They feature a flexible, double-hinged claw design that adjusts to grip to your hair securely without pulling or damaging it. Also, there are non-slip grips on the handles so that it is easy to open and close when your hands are wet and/or when you are dealing with wet hair.
    • Perfect for sectioning and holding hair out of the way while you dry and/or style your hair.
    • Ideal for use with all hair types and textures.

  • Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb:
    • A pearlescent comb that features fine teeth that are polished to a smooth and rounded finish for an effortless glide.
    • Perfect for teasing, parting, and combing through wet or dry hair.
    • Made of a very eco-friendly material that has anti-static properties (helps smooth out the hair and eliminate frizz).
    • Ideal for use with all hair types and textures.

What are their dimensions?

  • Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag: 9.25” (L) x 2.75” (W) x 4.5” (H)
  • Matte Alligator Hair Clips: 4.5” (L)
  • Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb: 9" (L)

What materials are they made of?

  • Vegan Saffiano Leather Travel Bag
    • Vegan saffiano leather
    • 100% recycled black cotton interior lining
    • Metal details - Zinc alloy
  • Matte Alligator Hair Clips
    • Plastic & Iron
  • Pearlescent Rat Tail Comb
    • Natural organic material - 100% cellulose acetate (non-petroleum)



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What is the Luxy Hair Extensions Application Kit?

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