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Luxy® Hair  - Valentines Day Hair: Hairstyles your boyfriend doesn't tell you he loves
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Valentines Day Hair: Hairstyles your boyfriend doesn't tell you he loves

With Valentine’s Day—or Galentine’s day, for that matter—around the corner, you may have started thinking about how to style your hair for your hot date or night on the town with your girlfriends. Chances are, Valentine’s Day hair makes you think of voluminous waves and flowing locks, but turns out that’s not all guys go crazy for.


Either way, at Luxy Hair, we’re big believers in doing whatever makes you feel beautiful, regardless of what anyone might think. After all, self-love is true love! Having said that, we know that sometimes it’s still fun to impress your significant other. Come on, we know how satisfied you feel when you see him taking your fashion advice into account and trading that ratty old t-shirt in for a crisp button down. So if there’s one day of the year to dial up the sexy and rock a hairstyle your man is going to love, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Happily coupled or single and ready to mingle? We’ve got your back both ways. Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day hairstyle your man is sure to love or want something sultry that’s sure to turn heads while you’re out on the town, we’ve got just what you need. We’ve always wondered what men really think when it comes to our hairstyles, so we thought it was time to ask and find out.

We talked to a bunch of real men to get the scoop on the hairstyles they love on a woman. Some of them were expected and others less predictable. Turns out Valentine’s Day hair can go any number of ways and men—just like women—have a range of different preferences when it comes to hairstyles. Keep reading to see what they had to say and get some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day hair look. Be sure to let us know your man’s favorite hairstyle in the comments below.

Anything bold and unconventional

"Honestly, I like experimental stuff, anything that’s kind of off, and makes me look twice. I really love that kind of self expression." —Riley, 21

Have an edgy personality or just feel a bit daring? Some men are all for those eye-catching looks, so if you’ve been craving trying out a massive chop or dyeing your hair an offbeat color, surprising your man with a twist for your Valentine’s Day hair just might be the right move.

"My favorite hairstyle is the one where a girl has amazing long flowing hair, but on one side they do that fade, into a hard part. That’s a really fun haircut." —Brian, 27

Don’t want to go the full mile but still looking for a way to change things up for V-Day? What about changing up your part. If you’re a girl who loves the middle part, change it up with a deep side part. It’s an easy way to instantly transform your look and up the glam factor, perfect for a fancy dinner out. Who knows, you might even find changing up your part is more flattering on your face shape than your usual look.

Natural and effortless  

"Naturally wavy is naturally beautiful. My girlfriend has long, thick wavy hair. Sometimes she spends extra time straightening it or curling it, but I prefer it best when she wears it naturally wavy. She looks most like herself and this is how I picture her in my head." —Andrew, 35

It’s no surprise many men are partial to the messy waves look. It’s sexy and effortlessly chic—even Victoria Secret models are sporting it down the runway every year. If you think your man prefers the low-maintenance look, you’re in luck because it means your Valentine’s Day hair look can be quick and easy. Simply let your hair air dry or try out a heatless waves hairstyle to give your hair some added bounce and texture. 

"I like long straight hair. Messy wavy hair is sexy as well, it's like you're trying but not trying." — Roberto, 32

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If you have straight, fine hair and want to infuse some extra curl and volume into your hair for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got your guide to the art of deception. Sure, loose waves are everywhere, but why not try out a tighter curl look? Here’s how to get 
natural looking tight curls so you can trick the guy across the bar into thinking you just woke up like this! Want to ensure your curls hold up all through date night? We’ve got your back with these tips.

"I love beachy waves on a girl that look effortless, but what I love the most is when a girl is confidently rocking whichever hairstyle she's wearing" —Ryan, 26

We think it’s fair to say that beachy waves are a common consensus among men, but confidence is key to whatever look you’re after. So whether you’re rocking straight hair, wavy hair, or tight curls, men seem to agree on the appeal of effortlessness, or at least perceived effortlessness. Even if you’ve spent hours in front of the mirror, looking like you didn’t is the key to his heart. It’s also a good idea to strike a good balance between your hair, makeup, and outfit. In other words, if your hair looks messy, avoid looking disheveled by making sure your makeup is polished and wearing an outfit that looks put together.   

Straight and parted down the middle

“I love straight hair with a middle part.” —Patrick, 24

While it might seem like most men go crazy for messy waves, there still are guys that love a girl with straight hair. Whether you favor a more bohemian look or prefer a sleeker take on straight hair, the middle part is still a fan favorite.

Pulled back

"I love when she wears her hair up in a messy bun with little pieces of hair out in the front, it makes her look so classy and beautiful at the same time." —Chris, 23

When we think of sexy, we often think of long, flowing locks, and the fact is, for many of us, wearing our hair down offers a sort of security blanket. However, it turns out men also love when your hair is pulled back, away from your face. Whether it’s a messy bun with some face-framing pieces or a loose braid, there are so many ways to experiment with wearing your hair back.

"I think a girl looks great in a ponytail - it can be sporty or sophisticated, depending on how it's styled" —Jeff, 45

Classic and timeless, the ponytail is a totally versatile look that’s perfect for everything from a casual walk with your boyfriend to a fancy nighttime affair, so it’s easy to make your own for Valentine’s Day. Best of all, it can be quickly adapted to suit your own style; a loose, low ponytail with some face-framing pieces has total girl next door vibes while a slicked back high ponytail is more daring and edgy.

Lots of length and volume

"I like long thick hair." —Spencer, 29

It’s no surprise men like long, thick hair, but unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with this gene. Luckily, for the rest of us, there’s clip-in hair extensions. Whether you just want a little extra fullness to your ponytail or are craving some jaw-dropping length and volume for your Valentine’s Day hair look, Luxy Hair extensions are an easy way to give your hair an instant boost.

"The bigger the hair the bigger my smile. The longer the hair the longer my stare" —Greg, 35

Got to love a guy with a sense of humor, but it looks like many men find the thought of long, silky hair totally irresistible. Ensure your Valentine’s Day hair look turns out just as you intended by ensuring you care for your hair properly. We recommend having a pamper night and treating yourself to some relaxation and a hair mask so you can ensure your hair is soft and hydrated so that whatever Valentine’s Day hair look you opt for will look its best. Incorporating a hair mask into your routine a couple of times a week is also a great way to keep your hair healthy.

Whatever makes you feel most beautiful

"Any hairstyles to be honest. As a man, we offer support and encouragement. If you love it, we will love it." — Jimmy, 27

The bottom line, ladies? Do whatever makes you feel most beautiful; whether that means full glam or a pixie cut with funky highlights, men just want you to be happy! Are you melting yet? 'Cause we sure are.

"It doesn't matter if her hair is long or short, curled or straight, blonde or brown. What matters is that she keeps coming back home to me every day with a smile from ear to ear and a heart full of love!" —Paul, 30

So when you’re deciding on a Valentine’s Day hair look to wear this year, remember your hair is just the icing on the cake. If you try out any of these looks or rock something entirely different, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #myluxyhair. We always love hearing from you!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day rituals that make you feel confident and sexy? Share them with us in the comments below!

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