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Luxy® Hair  - How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair
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How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

Aside from Christmas, one of the greatest blessings of the year is watching the magic that is the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

We love the gorgeous outfits, the beautiful models, and the creative sets, but most importantly, we can't help but notice how amazing the models' hair looks all. the. time. 

In this week's tutorial, we've teamed up with our beautiful friend, Elanna, to bring you a super easy way of achieving those sexy, voluminous Victoria's Secret waves. This look is perfect for the upcoming holidays if you want to add a little bit of glamour to your look. 

Watch the tutorial below, or keep scrolling down for a step-by-step walk-through.

Elanna is wearing her custom-toned 180g Blonde Balayage Seamless Luxies

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

1. Start off with freshly blow-dried hair. To achieve more volume at the roots, blow dry your hair upside down so that the hair follicle is raised. 

2. Optional: Clip in hair extensions for that extra voluminous look. Elanna is wearing our 180g Blonde Balayage Seamless set, which she has hard custom-toned to match her hair perfectly.


3. Section off half of your hair away from your face, so that you're working with the bottom half first. Take an elastic band, and from the eyes and up, section this part away. 

4. Grab a curling wand that has a large barrel size - this will help you achieve that perfect big and wavy curl. Opting for a smaller barrel size will give you tighter, spiral curls. 

5. Take an inch-thick piece of hair, and wrap the section around your curling wand - away from your face. Once you unravel the hair from the barrel, cup the curl in your palm for about 10 seconds to let the curl cool down in its form. This will help the curl maintain its shape for a longer period of time. 

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

6. Take a thicker section of hair, and curl it. Elanna recommends to alternate between thicker and thinner pieces, just so that they don't look too uniformed all the way down. For thicker sections, we recommend to cup the curl for a longer period of time as there's more hair. 

7. Complete these same steps on the other side. Once the entire bottom half is complete, push your hair behind your shoulders in order to get it out of the way - this section will be styled at the end.

8. Moving on to the top section, repeat the same technique as before, but taking smaller sections of hair with each curl. This is because we don't want the curls to be as full and thick as the bottom half. Instead of cupping the curl, pull it straight once it has been released from the wand. Repeat this technique until all of your hair is curled.

9. Using your fingers, run through the curls piece by piece starting from the bottom section of hair. Once you get to the top portion, use a hair brush and smooth out the rest of your curls gently. 

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

10. To give your hair more texture, use a wave spray and butterfly your hair. This means taking it from the midsection and then lifting it up, and letting it drop while you spray the product into you hair. Focus the spray on the mid and back section of your hair and try to steer away from using too much product towards the front near your face. This is because the goal is to achieve a polished curl near your face, and more volume towards the mid and back section. 

11. To tame any fly-aways, take a small dollop of styling cream and rub it between your hands, then tousle it through your hair to finalize the look. 

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair

What are your plans for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Will you be grabbing a group of girlfriends and watching it? Ordering pizza and skipping between the fashion show and CSI? Or ditching it completely? 

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