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Luxy® Hair  - Party hairstyles: holiday hair looks guaranteed to turn heads
Easy Hairstyles

Party hairstyles: holiday hair looks guaranteed to turn heads

The halls are decked, mistletoe hung, and the first snow of the season is covering the front yard. The holidays are a time of warmth and joy, however, in the midst of Christmas gift shopping, party planning, and gift wrapping, it's easy to leave getting ready for the big night until the last minute! This year, don’t let your hair fall flat in the midst of the Christmas chaos. We've rounded up our favorite holiday hairstyles and party hairstyles that will keep you in the festive spirit well into the new year.

Party hairstyles

1. Big curls and sexy waves

Party hairstyles

Ditch the bobby pins and hair ties and bring your whole look together with sleek, voluminous curls or sexy waves. If you feel like you want an extra edge, try pinning a small section of hair back with a sparkling pin or hair accessory.

All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling iron, between 1 ½ to 2 inches and some Luxy Hair extensions for gorgeous length and volume. Still lacking inspiration? Watch this video for three different ways to get soft, head-turning curls. 

2. Holiday Glam Waves

Party Hairstyles

Take your big curls up a notch with holiday-inspired glam waves. Perfect for your office Christmas party, a holiday date night, or your annual family celebration, these waves strike the perfect balance between Old Hollywood glamour and modern style.

This style gets its signature vintage glamour vibe from its inward-facing curls, as opposed to the more modern Victoria’s Secret waves that curl away from the face. Add in some sparkling hair pins and your holiday look is set. 

Psst: want to know our secret for long-lasting curls? Find out here. 

3. Side-swept double braid 

Party Hairstyles

Would you believe Marta started out with short hair for this party hairstyle? Start off by clipping in your Luxy Hair extensions and curling your hair. Then, take a large section from one side of your head and French braid it toward the back, all the way until the nape of your neck. Secure this side with bobby pins, then create a smaller three-strand braid on the other side of your face, tucking the ends behind your ear.

4. Sleek High Pony

Party hairstyles

A sleek, high ponytail can immediately elevate any outfit and show off your sculpted cheekbones or that perfect contour. Consider this hairstyle for the holiday season when you’re going for a sharp but minimal overall look, or when you need the perfect complement to a show-stopping outfit. Add a drop of hair oil to smooth flyaways, and you're good to go. 

5. Fishtail Ponytail

Party Hairstyles

A more refined take on the classic high ponytail is the fishtail ponytail, perfect for dressing up or down as the holiday season approaches. If you're the type who loves keeping her hair out of her face, this is perfect for you. Have short hair or medium hair? Consider treating yourself to some Luxy Hair extensions to achieve this look. 

6. Fishtail Braid Half Updo

Party hairstyles

For a more intricate style, turn to the holiday half updo with fishtail braids. Gorgeous waves and feathery, pinned-back pieces make this style as magical as the holidays themselves. If you want to give your hair some extra dimensions, length,  and volume, add in some Luxy Hair extensions for extra glam with minimal effort.

7. Twisted Bun

Party Hairstyles

Have a fabulous formal event on the calendar and just can’t decide what to do with your hair? This updo hairstyle is so simple to recreate at home, and takes almost no time at all! The chic spiral element is the focus of this updo, perfectly complemented by a few loose strands around the face and volume at the crown of the head. 

8. Headband Updo

Party Hairstyles 
The holidays are a perfect time to put those hair accessories to good use, like the gold leaf headband used in this party hairstyle. This high-pony-turned-elegant-updo is perfect for ringing in the new year or spending the evening out with friends. Feel free to accent with whatever headband or hair accessory you choose! In the case of New Year’s Eve, the more sparkle, the better. 

9. Knotted Updo

Party hairstyles

So pretty, and yet so simple. Crisscrossing strands in the back of this updo give this look some extra detail that really elevates the whole style. Luxy Hair extensions are perfect for giving you volume at the crown and length to create this spiraled beauty. Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace to keep all eyes on you.

10. Top Knot

Party Hairstyles

Keep your holiday look simple-yet-styled with the classic but modern half-top knot. Some gorgeous waves make for an unforgettable holiday look when paired with your glam New Year’s Eve outfit. All you need is a hair tie, bobby pins, and some texturizing spray to give your half up half down hair that perfect messy bun look and piecey waves. Glam up this look with your killer holiday outfit and accessories. 

11. Hollywood Waves For Short Hair

Party hairstyles

Have shorter hair? No problem. Hit the holiday glam mark this year with classic Hollywood waves for short hair. The holidays are a great time to bring out these waves, especially if your prom days are behind you and dressing up is a rare occasion. All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling wand, some hairspray, and a side part. Start by curling the side of your head with less hair away from your face. As you work around your head, begin curling inward for that classic Old Hollywood look.

12. Faux fishtail half updo

Party hairstyles

This cute and easy holiday hairstyle is so simple to create, your Christmas cookies won't even be done baking by the time you're finished! Start by creating a half ponytail at the back of your head, then flip the ponytail inside out and thread the ends through. Next, take a strand of hair and twist it around the elastic to cover it, securing it underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin. Then, take small sections of hair from each side of your face, twisting them toward the back, and creating another topsy tail. Again, take a strand of hair, twist it around the elastic to hide it, and your party hairstyle is complete.

13. Relaxed Waves

Party Hairstyles

Sometimes the holidays call for understated glamour, and that’s exactly what this look, inspired by Gigi Hadid, will give you.

Party hairstyles

The outfit, accessories, and makeup options are endless with this style! Try a bold red lip and a winged cat eye or put the focus on your accessories with drop earrings and a statement necklace.  

14. Elegant Bun

Party hairstyles

Rushing to get ready but still want to look put together? Try out this elegant bun that only takes two minutes to recreate! While it looks complicated, this look is all yours with a few twists, turns, and bobby pins. 

15. Twist Back Hairstyle

Party hairstyles

Looking like a princess doesn’t have to be difficult this holiday season, especially with this half up half down hairstyle. Use your Luxy Hair extensions for that mermaid length, or keep your hair natural for an equally pretty vibe. All you need to achieve this look is a clear elastic hair tie and a large-barrel curling wand. You’ll be holiday party ready in no time!  

16. Princess-inspired half updo

Party hairstyles

This party hairstyles is a bit more intricate, however, if you're off to an exquisite formal function, it's worth the time to create. Start with a loose three-strand braid down the middle of your head, then, take sections of hair from the front of your face and twist them toward the back, pulling the ends through the knots on the braid. Continue this process until halfway down the braid, using bobby pins to secure all the strands. 

17. Ballerina Bun

Party Hairstyles

At a loss for how to style your hair when the holiday season throws a formal affair your way? A ballerina bun is an easy way to bring your whole look together. The key to this style is to keep the edges sleek, but the bun just a little loose. That way, your finished look will still have that natural and effortless flair. 

18. Met gala inspired tight curls

Party hairstyles

Inspired by Amanda Seyfried's soft yet regal hairstyle at the 2018 Met Gala, this party hairstyle with tight curls and a glitzy tiara is an elegant complimentary hairstyle to a strapless, formal gown. The key to this hairstyle is to use a smaller barrel curling wand (about 1 inch) and to curl all the hair strands the same way to achieve those princess curls. Finish off with an embellished headpiece and let your prince whisk you away to the ball. 

19. Braided Wreath Updo

Party hairstyles

There is something magical about the holiday season, and this time of year just welcomes romantic hairstyles. This braided wreath or "halo" party hairstyle is the perfect option. This hairstyle uses strategically placed Luxy Hair extensions wefts in order to create that full and thick twisted halo, while fishtail braids accentuate the entire updo.

20. Fishtail Updo

Party hairstyles

The holiday season calls for statement-making dresses and formal shirts. If your holiday ensemble has details in the back that you’d like to showcase, this fishtail updo is for you.  

21. Topsy tail half updo for short hair

Party hairstyles

This party hairstyle may look difficult, however, only takes a few twists and turns to achieve. Twist two sections of hair on either side of your head and join them in middle. Then, add another small ponytail underneath the hair elastic already there. Split the section into two, and flip the remaining bottom of your hair into the small hole you just created, and you're done.

22. Double Rope Braid Bun

Party hairstyles

Put a twist on your classic twisted bun with this double strand version. Start by sectioning your hair into two low ponytails on each side, then split each section into two. Twist each side tightly, then begin to twist these sections around one another and secure at the end with an elastic. Finally, twist each section into a bun and pin them up. Feel free to skip on the hairspray if you want a looser look, or go in with a few spritzes if you’re getting ready for a long night.

23. Mermaid Braid

Party hairstyles

If you're wearing a strapless or one-shoulder dress, this ultra volume mermaid side braid is the ideal complementary party hairstyle. Combining topsy tails with a fishtail braid, this side braid is chic, feminine, and most importantly, super easy to create once you've mastered the basic hair techniques. Clip in a few wefts from your Luxy Hair extensions to add mega volume and thickness to the braid. 

24. Side Dutch Braid

Party hairstyles

Ladies, grab your Luxy Hair extensions for this one! The holiday season just isn't complete without a bit of drama and flair, is it? This side Dutch braid does just that with its cascading waterfall look and forehead-sweeping style. 

25. Twisted messy bun for short hair

Party hairstyles

Guests are arriving, the food is still in the oven, and you haven’t even gotten dressed yet! Rock this twisted updo party hairstyle when you need to get glam in a flash. If you’re on a time crunch, feel free to skip the hair extensions this time, or, if you have a spare minute, add in a few wefts for some extra volume in your bun without the fuss of teasing and hairspray-ing. Throw in a few curls to frame your face you’re good to go!

Party hairstyles

Party hairstyles

Show us your holiday looks on Instagram and be sure to hashtag #myluxyhair! We’re so excited to see what you come up with. Happy holidays from the Luxy Hair team. 

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