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Luxy® Hair  - Get your best hair ever with this 30 day hair advent calendar

Get your best hair ever with this 30 day hair advent calendar

The holiday countdown has officially begun and we’re celebrating with a 30-day hair advent calendar. Each day is filled with a fun hair task that will help your locks look and feel fantastic. Follow along to give your hair a little TLC this festive season. 

Your 30 day hair advent calendar 

Day 1: Try Cardi B’s infamous hair mask

Hair advent calendar

If you haven’t already tried Cardi B’s
viral DIY hair mask, you should. This all-natural mask turned the rapper and entertainer’s hair into a silky smooth dream. Most of the ingredients can probably be found lying around your fridge or beauty cabinet, which makes it easy to get started. For best results, crank up some Cardi tunes while mixing your mask. 

Day 2: Learn all about the history of braids

Hair advent calendar

Did you know that braided hairstyles have been around for over 30,000 years? Their complex history has deep roots in African culture and at one point signified everything about a person’s identity. In modern times, braids are often worn as a protective hairstyle to help maintain length, volume, and integrity.  

Day 3: Swap your hair products for eco-friendly versions

Hair advent calendar

There are tons of amazing sustainable and earth-friendly hair care products out there worth adding to your beauty routine. One great hair care brand to try is Love Beauty and Planet, which features products made with ethically-sourced essential oils. 

Day 4: Reset your diet for healthier hair 

Hair advent calendar

One of the best ways to get stronger, healthier hair is by piling your plate with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Try incorporating more avocados, sunflower seeds, and leafy green vegetables into your diet to promote hair health.  

Day 5: Determine your curl pattern

Hair advent calendar

Identifying your own unique curl pattern may be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. There are four main curl types, including Type 1 (straight hair), Type 2 (wavy hair), Type 3 (spiral curls), and Type 4 (kinks and coils). You can take our quiz here to figure out exactly which hair curl type you have.

Day 6: Learn how to hair plop

Hair advent calendar

Gather round, curly folks! The easiest way to get frizz-free curls is hair plopping. Silly name aside, this heat-free drying technique will help you get beautiful locks. Simply place your hair atop your head after washing, loosely wrapping it in a cloth or towel. You can also use an old, oversized T-shirt. Leave hair plopped up for at least an hour before taking it down.

Day 7: Build your own hair care routine

Hair advent calendar

If you want to get the most out of your hair, it’s high time you built your own hair care routine. The first thing to do is determine your unique hair type and specific needs. Then, gather your hair products, making sure you have essentials like shampoo, conditioner, microfiber towel, heat protectant spray, a paddle brush, and styling product. You can then determine how often you should wash your hair, depending on how oily or dry it is. 

Day 8: Wear hair clips like a cool girl 

Hair advent calendar

Functional, affordable, and flattering, hair clips are a great addition to any mane. They’re super versatile and will add a 90s retro flair to your look. While snap clips may remind you of grade school, you can easily style them for a night out or 9 to 5. Place them on either side of your parting, just above your eyebrows, for a throwback look, or try out a jumbo clip on a side part. 


Day 9: Tame frizzy hair for good

Hair advent calendar

We all know the struggle is real when it comes to frizzy hair. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep your locks looking smooth and frizz-free. We recommend choosing a sulfate-free, glycerin-packed shampoo, using a hydrating mask once a week, and incorporating coconut oil into your hair care routine.

Day 10: Buy a product from a Black-owned business

Hair advent calendar

There are many ways to support Black lives. One of the simplest ways is by making a conscious decision to purchase from Black-owned businesses. Whether you are looking for moisturizing conditioner or a growth supplement, there are plenty of amazing Black-owned hair care brands to choose from. 

Day 11: Double the lifespan of your hair extensions

Hair advent calendar

Your natural hair isn’t the only one deserving of TLC. Want to get the most out of your hair extensions? Keep them looking better for longer by storing them properly, brushing them often, and only washing them when necessary. Also, avoid sleeping or working out while wearing your extensions.


Day 12: Figure out which hair oil is best for your hair type

Hair advent calendar

Hair oil offers tons of great benefits for every hair type. It strengthens and nourishes hair, while also protecting it from heat and stimulating hair growth. The only downside is that there are just so many to choose from and picking the best oil for your hair can be a little overwhelming. Check out our hair oil picks for every hair type here

Day 13: Give yourself a scalp massage

Hair advent calendar

A soothing scalp massage is a sure-fire way to reduce stress instantly. Simply start at the sides of your head and massage toward the temples, working your way around the head. Avoid fast motions and use the balls of your fingertips to get rid of any tension you may be holding in your scalp.

Day 14: Do a no-heat challenge

Hair advent calendar

It’s no secret that our hair can end up paying the price for all the heat we use on it. While heat protectant sprays and proper hot tools can help protect your locks from damage, the only sure way to protect hair is by taking a break from heat styling and embracing your natural texture. A no-heat challenge is the perfect way to give your hair the rest and relaxation it needs. 

Day 15: Mix up a DIY hair mask

Hair advent calendar

One of the best ways to moisturize and revive your strands is by treating them to a hair mask. One of our favorite concoctions to try at home is a coconut oil and honey mask. Simply take one tablespoon of each ingredient and heat up until melted. Apply to your hair from top to bottom, letting it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. 

Day 16: Try out a new hairstyle

Hair advent calendar

Feel like you’re wearing the same hairstyles over and over? Try mixing it up with a fun, new look. You can’t go wrong with a sky-high topknot, French twist, or slicking your tresses back. 

Day 17: Switch to a silk pillowcase

Hair advent calendar

While upgrading from a cotton pillowcase to a silk one is a bit of an investment, your hair will thank you for making the switch. The smaller fibers in silk pillows prevent friction and cause less damage to your hair.

Day 18: Skip washing your hair today

Hair advent calendar

One of the best ways to prevent oily hair is by limiting hair washing. Overwashing can actually dry hair out, causing sebaceous glands to work overtime releasing more oil. Cutting back on washing your hair (aim for 2-3 times a week) will make it easier to achieve healthy hair. 

Day 19: Learn about the benefits of hair sunscreen

Hair advent calendar

Did you know that UV rays can be damaging to your hair? Excessive sun exposure can damage hair structure, causing frizz and loss of pigment or color. Investing in hair products with SPF will keep your hair happy and healthy.

Day 20: Give bangs a whirl

Hair advent calendar

Want to see how you look with bangs, no commitment required? Put on a pair of our clip-in bangs. They are a great way to satisfy your craving to get bangs without any mess or upkeep.


Day 21: Figure out which brush type fits your hair needs

Hair advent calendar

Using the right hair brush can make all the difference in achieving your ideal hair look. Whether you want to detangle knots, smooth waves, or achieve the perfect blowout, it all comes down to having the right type of hair brush on hand. Here is our ultimate hair brush guide to help your figure out which type of brush fits your hair needs.


Day 22: Trim your split ends

Hair advent calendar

The only real cure for split ends is cutting them off. Giving yourself regular trims will help your hair grow faster and stronger. If you’re cutting your hair at home be sure to use salon-quality scissors and dampen your strands before starting. 

Day 23: Train your hair to be less greasy

Hair advent calendar

If you’re constantly fighting greasy hair, there are a few tricks you can try to win the war. First, shampoo sparingly to avoid overwashing hair. Then, use a clarifying shampoo. It’s also important to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and use a conditioner with moisturizing properties.

Day 24: Try the viral rice water hair rinse

Hair advent calendar

If you haven’t heard about the rice water hair rinse as made popular by the Kardashians, you should give it a try. This simple DIY concoction can add softness and shine to your locks. The starch from the rice coats hair strands, giving hair extra body, shine, and de-frizzing effect. 

Day 25: Reset your hair with a scalp scrub

Hair advent calendar

Just like our bodies, scalps need to be kept clean and healthy with regular massaging and exfoliation. Scalp scrubs make it easy to keep your scalp in tip-top shape, removing dryness, product buildup, and excess oil. They can even boost your circulation!

Day 26: Master the art of blending short hair with extensions

Hair advent calendar

While blending hair extensions with short hair and making it look natural may seem a little tricky, it’s actually not that difficult. Just make sure to cut, trim, and layer your extensions before wearing and pick out the right color to match your natural tones. 

Day 27: Upcycle your empty product containers

Hair advent calendar

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of turning waste or unwanted items into something useful and new. Next time you have an empty shampoo or conditioner bottle, try turning it into a cute plant pot instead of throwing it away. Used bottles can also be turned into soap holders or makeup brush holders.

Day 28: Try lightening your hair naturally

Hair advent calendar

It’s no secret that dyeing your hair can cause more harm than good. The prolonged use of chemical dyes can negatively impact your hair and scalp, stripping away your natural oils. Lightening and dyeing your hair naturally is a great alternative you can try from the comfort of your own home. You can use henna, lemon juice, and even veggie juice to update your hair color. 

Day 29: Banish dandruff once and for all

Hair advent calendar

Over 50 million people in America are affected by dandruff but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. Banish flakes by sticking to a shampooing schedule that doesn’t dry out your scalp and using products with the right pH level. It’s also a good idea to regularly exfoliate your scalp and avoid sugar-heavy foods.

Day 30: Recreate Ariana Grande’s iconic ponytail

Hair advent calendar

Congrats, you’ve made it to the last day! To celebrate, recreate Ariana Grande’s signature ultra-high ponytail. To achieve this iconic hairstyle for yourself, use our ponytail extensions. They are uniquely designed to give your ponytail extra bounce and volume, instantly.


It only takes 30 days to make a real difference in your hair's look and feel. Try out this advent calendar this holiday season for the ultimate hair-apy.

Written by: Mikayla Uber

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