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Luxy® Hair  - E-girl Hairstyles

E-girl Hairstyles

E-girl hairstyles are trending on Tiktok thanks to its experimental and nostalgic bold looks that stand out in a sea of social posts. Perfect cotton candy filtered photos popularized by VSCO girls are now replaced by a more alternative aesthetic that’s more akin to modern grunge. Heavily inspired by 2010s fashion and a mix of indie subcultures, the e-girl hair look is usually completed with chunky face framing highlights, contrasting hair colors and fun hair accessories like butterfly clips.

If you’ve ever taken notes on gamer girl style, anime or grunge, this new hair trend is the perfect blend that combines feminine and goth elements. Major celebs have started to join the E-girl style trend like Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and many more who are rocking colorful hair and fringe cuts.

If you’re anything like us you’ve been caught scrolling through #HairTok looking at hair transformations and how-to’s. Pink hair, blonde or black whatever your heart desires can be applied to the new E-girl hairstyles that are currently trending on our feeds.

We’ve listed some of our favourite E-girl hairstyles that you can easily achieve at home. We know committing to pink hair might be scary, but our favorite alternative is using our Ash Blonde volumizing wefts to be dyed to whatever colour you want and used to achieve some of these viral hair trends!

Bleach Blonde Face Framing Highlights

One of the most viral trends in hair colour this year is chunky blonde highlights framing your face. These top E-girl thick highlights have been spotted on celebs like; Dua Lipa, Bella Thorne and more! Bleaching your front hair pieces into 2 thick streaks and leaving the rest of your hair a darker shade is key to achieving the look. We suggest pairing this with a daring winged eyeliner and a nude lip. The perfect starting point for your entry into the E-girl Hair world, once you’ve bleached these pieces you can experiment with any color your nostalgic heart desires when you’re ready.

If you’re not ready to bleach your real hair we suggest trying our volumizing wefts as an option! No commitment and all the fun in one hair accessory!


Change can be good :) #fyp #dyingmyhair #blondestreaks

♬ Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys

Pink Face Framing Highlights

Like the blonde face framing streaks, but pink! Choose whatever shade of pink, pastel or vibrant, the options are limitless. This E-girl trend is gaining popularity over the fun and vibrant touch it offers to your style. Edgy and feminine it's the perfect mix of both worlds. Once you’ve bleached your front pieces you can change up your streak colors to what you’re feeling with demi-dye colours or semi-permanent.

If you’re having trouble committing we suggest using our Ash Blonde Volumizing wefts to add to your hair, and dyeing them to Pink is super easy! We love the dip-dye method to get the best results.


good evening lads

♬ Cannibal - Ke$ha

Fringe Bangs

Not for the faint of heart, these knock out bangs are the perfect look to add more oomf’ to your style, frame your face and add a cool 90’s punk rock vibe. Think shorter, straight across, fringe cut with a little spice. We’ve seen these bangs feature a streak of pink, blue or green to up the ante. If you want more of a punch, dye half your bangs a pop of color and leave the other half to match the rest of your hair. Probably one of the top e-girl Hairstyles right now, we suggest rocking these with your fav boyfriend jeans and band tee.


my hands were HIGHKEY shaking when i did this lmfao but it’s all good now #fyp #foryouoage #fringe #bangs

♬ original sound - buggie

Butterfly Clips

Throwing it back to 90’s baby nostalgia. If you were a part of the 90’s you know that these hair clips were all the craze and having them meant you were part of the “it” crew. If you still have them at the back of your hair care drawer we suggest digging them up and adding them to your fav curled hairstyle. Every E-girl hairstyle trend is rocking these colorful accents and adding a whimsical touch to your hair! Colorful and bright eyeshadows and faux freckles are completing the butterfly effect.

Baby Braids

Not your typical french braids from grade school, but with a twist...no pun intended. These micro braids are taking the internet by storm and have been spotted on Queen Ariana. Braids in the front of your hair are all the rave and we can’t get enough.

Black & Blonde Hair

Our first thought of black and blonde hair is the Xtina Dirty music video, and we are obsessed! Mix that with E-girl hairstyles and you have half blonde/ half black hair. Think more sections versus highlights. We’ve seen the trend of having your hair (usually the top with E-girl) being Bleached blonde and the bottom half black. A trend you may have thought this hair look got left behind in 2005 but she's back with a viral moment!

Shag Mullet

Now trending as the “Wolf Cut” this viral haircut is taking our feeds by storm. Focusing on a shorter cut than the typical “mullet” this haircut can be amplified with colorful streaks and chunky highlights to give the ultimate E-girl style. This super grunge/ bad girl vibe is the ultimate ode to showing the world you make your own rules and never compromise.


If you’re not into dyeing your hair color just yet, this is the perfect hairstyle to achieve the E-girl look. Whether you opt for full pigtails or just half up half down pigtails, you’ll be sure to hit the look. This sweet and innocent style can be completed with clip-in extensions to give extra length and volume to your pigtails! We’ve seen this look sported with the cutest plaid skirts & retro sweaters paired with your fav scrunchies.

Bright Hair

Pick your poison! Green, Blue, Pink whichever shade is calling your aura! Trending again is colorful hair. Billie Eilish meets E-girl hair is where your inspo is coming from for this trend. Whether you choose pastel Green, lavender or bright pink, this edgy yet feminine hairstyle trend is catching on for anyone who’s not afraid to stand out. If you’re having a hard time committing to it because your Luxy’s are blonde, no worries, you can dye them to match.

Thin Face Framing Streaks

A dose of minor commitment just might be what you’re looking for to get into the E-girl trend. Try dainty thin face framing streaks of any color to test the waters. Whether you start with blonde and contrast it with jet black hair, or add a touch of teal or hot pink, you’ll be sure to feel like the coolest girl on the block, or the internet. This is the perfect E-girl hair that can translate into any style without committing to a full head of color!

Neon Front Streaks

Trending in hair colours is neon blue and green. This may be an ode to Queen Billie herself, but these intense shades have been seen all over our feeds lately. Instead of dying your chunky face framing highlights platinum, go for a rich teal or a neon green to contrast black hair. This striking combo is anything but ordinary.


#fyp #egirl #hair

♬ original sound - Side

If you’re into these hairstyles run to your hair salon, or local store to grab all the hair dye and accessories you need to get on top of this viral trend! Whether you want to add more of an edgy look to your style, or a feminine and cute touch, the E-girl hairstyle options are endless. Pairing these styles with colorful makeup, winged eyeliner and most importantly confidence!

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