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Luxy® Hair  - Olivia Rodrigo Inspired Hairstyles

Olivia Rodrigo Inspired Hairstyles

If you have Olivia Rodrigo hair envy, don’t be sour, the emerging new Princess of Pop has the type of hair looks that are not just super trendy, but also super easy to recreate yourself.

Even before Olivia Rodrigo burst onto the music scene and charts this year with Driver’s License, the actress and songstress had already made her mark with Disney and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Olivia showed us her grown up and mature side with her hit song and then her full album, Sour. While her music climbed the charts, eyes and ears turned to more than just Olivia’s music, but her fashion, beauty and hairstyles too.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Instagram is a source for style inspiration, not to mention a behind the scenes look into what she gets up to on and off the stage. One thing we love most about her socials? The hair! When it comes to celebrity styling, Olivia definitely has a ton of looks that aren't just for Hollywood, but your everyday runway – no matter what that is.

Whether you’re an Olivia Rodrigo fan or not, her long, brunette locks are top of the charts. From her signature brunette to her iconic Sour album cover, we have your Olivia Rodrigo hair tutorial covered. From long waves to messy top knots and all Olivia’s hairstyle in between, here’s how to recreate some of her most iconic hair looks so far.

How to get Olivia Rodrigo’s hair color 

Olivia Rodrigo

The signature of any Olivia Rodrigo hair look has to be the color. Brunettes are applauding this one, as Olivia’s deep brown locks very rarely change in hue. To get the same brunette hair, visiting your stylist and colorist will help, but if you’re looking for a non-chemical, non-permanent solution, clip-in hair extensions will work just as well. For that warm, rich, true Olivia brown look, try the Seamless Dark Brown Clip-ins and if you love brunette, but want to keep it a little lighter, try the Seamless Mocha Bronde Balayage for a dark, but sun-kissed look. Brunette is super versatile and even if Olivia is your inspo, you can still make the hair color your own.

How to get Olivia Rodrigo’s hair length

Olivia Rodrigo 

Another signature piece to Olivia’s hair? The length! Olivia keeps it pretty simple and consistently keeps her locks long. If you don’t have long hair but want to match your favorite songstress, clip-in hair extensions are your solution for easy to achieve, natural-looking length. If you’ve already got long locks, but are looking for more volume, clip-in hair extensions also have you covered for fuller, glowing hair that looks au naturel. It’s clear Olivia loves to play with her lengths, whether it’s pigtails, braids, dead-straight or waves (more on this below), Olivia plays up the length with different ways to wear long hair.

Long hair don’t care, might not be a song on Olivia’s latest album, but maybe it’ll make it on the next record!

How to get an Olivia Rodrigo inspired Sour album look

Grab a pack of stickers, a couple necklaces, a cute fuzzy pink crop top and your curling iron. To get Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album cover hair look, all you need is some heat protectant product and your curling iron. We love these effortless waves tutorial, that will help you replicate this look. If you want to limit your hair’s heat exposure, try this heatless wave tutorial. While brunette is her go-to color, waves appear to be Olivia’s go-to style: 


And who can blame her when she has all that length to play with?

To get Olivia’s album waves, create a middle part and apply the styling techniques in the tutorials in the links above. Be sure to run your fingers through the waves after styling to keep them loose and fresh like Olivia’s – stickers and tongue pout optional.

Olivia Rodrigo inspired bubble pigtails

Olivia Rodrigo

How did you wear your hair to prom? We remember a lot of updos and curls. Trust Olivia to put her own spin - or bubble on the prom hairstyle. For her SOUR Prom concert, Olivia had her hair in layered bubble pigtails, two on top and two at the bottom. The bubble ponytail is super easy to recreate; grab a few smaller elastics and four hair ties. Part your hair down the middle and tie pigtails on both sides of your head. Section off your first “bubble” and secure it with a smaller elastic - repeat as needed! Create as many bubbles as you like.

How to get an Olivia Rodrigo inspired hair clip look


Like Olivia Rodrigo herself, hair clips are having a big moment, or depending on your age – a comeback. Whether it’s pearl hair clips, gold hair clips, or letter ones like Olivia Rodrigo’s hair clips, these nostalgic hair accessories add some spice to any hairstyle. A hair accessory that’s functional and trendy are must-haves in our books and clearly, in Olivia’s too. Add them to a parted updo, use them to fasten baby hairs in place, or clip in parts of your hair to the side or the back of your head for a half-up, half-down look – no matter how you use them they will always look great. For a more retro feel, grad those butterfly clips and fasten one on each side of a middle part. 

Olivia Rodrigo inspired curtain bangs


Like their name suggests, curtain bangs frame your face in the same way that drapes frame a window. Curtain bangs tend to be shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. One of the best parts about curtain bangs is that they are low-maintenance. Thanks to their longer layered length, they look great right after a cut and even a few weeks later when they’ve grown in. This means less trips to the salon, and an easy bang style to maintain even if you do it on your own at home. Curtain bangs are also versatile enough for any hair type and face shape, the cut of the bangs help to frame the face and can be styled to suit each hair type. It’s no wonder then that our girl, Olivia loves them too. As mentioned previously, Olivia keeps her hair looks pretty simple and it’s no different even when it comes to styling her bangs.

The Olivia Rodrigo inspired top knot


With the summer heat now upon us, and with so many of us working or attending school from home, the top knot is essentially the daily hair uniform. The top knot is also the signature, I haven’t washed my hair yet, but we digress. Top knots aren’t just for your casual days, they can certainly be dressed up too. Case points, Oliva’s top knot and killer pink dress in this Instagram post.

To get Olivia’s messy, tousled top knot look hair volume plays a key role. If you’re looking for the perfect layers to level up your messy top knot, consider adding a few hair extensions or a volumizer weft. Be sure not to tie the bun too tight if using a hair tie and let some wefts hang loose or stick out, for that messy yet, chic look. If you want more control of how loose you want your strands, use bobby pins instead of a hair tie to secure the bun.

Singer, actress, hair icon – there is little that Olivia Rodrigo can’t do and it looks like she’s just getting started. As she continues to top the song and style charts we have to ask, which of Olivia Rodrigo’s hair looks do you like best? And which Olivia Rodrigo hairstyle are you going to try next?

Let us know in the comments or on social media! We can’t wait to see your Olivia Rodrigo-inspired hair.

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Written by: Rosalyn Solomon 

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