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Luxy® Hair  - TikTok hair routines we can’t stop watching

TikTok hair routines we can’t stop watching

While TikTok is known for funny videos and viral dance routines, the social media platform is also a treasure trove for hair care tips. Whether you are looking for genius styling ideas or want to update your hair routine, there are plenty of game-changing hair trends and hacks worth checking out. The hashtag #hairroutine already has over 130 million views and counting.

In these videos, users share their hair routines by demonstrating the steps they take to achieve beautiful hair in 60 seconds or less. They make luscious locks obtainable for every hair type, plus they’re super fun to watch. We’re sharing 11 of our favorite TikTok hair routines that will seriously change the way you take care of your mane. Keep scrolling to dive into the TikTok hair world. 

1. Curly Hair Routine

 TikTok is filled with curly-hair tutorials and routines that will help you embrace your natural curls. Take @louisarose213’s routine for example. She enhances her natural texture by applying a leave-in conditioner or styler after showering, followed by mousse to help hold hair in place. (She uses Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk mousse in the video). Next, she grabs a Denman brush to increase curl definition and then dries with a microfiber towel to absorb excess water and products. Finally, she diffuses her hair. The result is a full head of beautiful, bouncy curls. If you want to add some extra hold to your curls or exaggerate your curl pattern further, we suggest going over hair with a 1 inch curling iron


2. Wash day routine

Part 1 


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♬ original sound - ֆɦօʀɖɨɛ 👹


Part 2 


Here’s Part 2,But go like my pic on insta check bio & subscribe to my YouTube also check bio🥰 #fyp #fypg #foryoupage

♬ Feel The Same Way - Rod Wave

In this TikTok hair routine, @mariyetabadume_4 takes us through her wash day for natural hair step-by-step. First, she parts hair down the middle and brushes it out. Then, she wets hair on each side before washing with OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo. After washing and brushing her hair, she applies a conditioner and waits 10-15 minutes before rinsing. She then uses a curl defining cream and leaves it in for five minutes before styling. 

In part 2 of the routine, she applies a mix of conditioner and defining cream all over wet hair before letting it air dry. She then takes a brush and gel to perfect her edges for the finishing touch.

3. Curtain bangs routine


Reply to @kk11998 my hair routine 💁🏻‍♀️ #hairtutorial #hairroutine #curtainbangs

♬ Therefore I Am - Billie Eilish

Style influencer and TikTok star Brittany Xavier shares the secret to getting flawless curtain bangs in her TikTok hair video. The first step is to blow dry using a DryBar blow dry brush, which combines the hot air of a blow dryer with the structure of a round brush to create a shiny smooth blowout look. Then, she uses a smaller round brush for added volume. Once hair is dry, she sprays with Living Proof heat protectant spray and uses a flat iron to increase shine. The final step? A healthy dose of IGK texture spray.   

4. Full week hair routine


Weekly hair care routine! #hairoil #hairtips #oilingscalp #healthyhair #longhair #longhair #haircare #hairroutine #hairhacks #healthyhairtips

♬ Chicago Freestyle - Remix - Losfrms800

Want a full week of hair care? TikTok user @daniawiththegoodhair has got you covered with a week-long hair routine for her long, luscious mane. On Wednesday morning, she starts by shampooing and conditioning twice, then using products tailored to how she is styling her hair for the week. In the video, she goes for a blowout style. Thursday to Monday night, she brushes out product from her hair, then uses a lightweight hydrating oil on her ends to keep hair moisturized. Then, she massages a serum into her scalp to help her baby hairs grow and combs out hair using a wooden hair comb. And then she braids hair and ties it with a silk scrunchie before bed. Lastly, on Tuesday night her mom (the hero all hair care routines need) gives her a 15-minute head massage and applies rosewater to her scalp. Wednesday morning, the whole routine starts over again. 

5. Hair routine for braid maintenance 


My hair routine ❤️ #hairroutine #tresseafricaine #💙

♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE - Upside Down) - JVKE 🌩

Here, user @amenijeljeli is showcasing how she maintains her beautiful braided hairstyle. She first applies a handful of mousse or leave-in product to her scalp and roots, then covers hair with a bandana. Then, she freshens up the ends of her braids by trimming and redoing edges. 

6. Mermaid waves hair routine

TikToker @kaavikiwi’s hair care routine is perfect for getting bouncy, shiny waves. She first uses a hair mask made with coconut oil and aloe vera, warming it up in the microwave and then applying it to her scalp, before washing hair with Biolage
SmoothProof shampoo and Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance conditioner. After
showering, she brushes hair out and applies CHI 44 Iron Guard heat protecting spray before drying. For the final step she puts hair up into a twisty bun, and then removes it for perfect mermaid hair. 

7. Hair routine to keep frizz away


my go-to wavy hair routine to keep away the frizz hehe #foryou #wavyhair #ThatWitch #SFXMakeup

♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

Want to keep your waves frizz-free? Follow @livpamp’s TikTok hair routine. To start, she combs out wet hair and then applies leave-in conditioner and a few drops of hair oil. Then, she combs the product through hair and applies some lightweight gel for shape, scrunching it into her hair. She then plops hair with a T-shirt for 15-20 minutes and goes to sleep with hair still slightly wet, before waking up in the morning to smooth waves. 

8. Natural hair routine


#washday 60 seconds was up :( but i got to the end🤎 #foryoupage #haircare #naturalhair #washroutine #xyzbca #4c

♬ original sound - Jack Pesta⚾️🏒

TikTok user @laylaniashanti makes taking care of Type 4 Hair look easy with her
wash day routine. First, she gets hair completely wet and shampoos with Tresemme Botanique, massaging fully into hair. Next, she rinses out shampoo and conditions with Garnier Ultimate Blends Banana Hair Food. After rinsing, she massages an oil treatment into her scalp. For the final step, she rubs coconut oil to one small section of hair at a time and brushes it through hair. Finally, she braids each section before moving on to the next.

9. Super shiny hair routine


My updated shiny haircare routine💆🏻‍♀️!! Tag a friend🤍 #hair #hairchallenge #haircare #hairroutine #hairstyle #fashion #selflove #viral #tvd #fyp

♬ original sound - Tyler Gonnella

Achieving shiny strands is simple with user @zara.howey’s hair routine. She washes her straight hair with Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo and conditioner, and then lets it air dry or uses a blow dryer. That’s it!

10. Short hair routine


is it dramatic to say that the revlon hair dryer brush changed my entire life #hairroutine #blowout #revlonhairdryerbrush #BeautyEssentials

♬ original sound - danny

Want to simplify your short hair routine? User @kateebartlett says the Revlon hair dryer brush has basically changed her life. In her TikTok hair video, she applies a beauty protector oil to damp hair and then dries with the blow dryer brush, slowly drying one section at a time. If you want to take your short hair to the next level, you can also consider adding some of our best clip in hair extensions to complete your look. 

11. No-heat hair routine


#HairRoutine during #quarantine that no one asked for! #LOOP #sidehustle #celebratedoctors #foryou #hairtutorial #beautyroutine #hairstyle

♬ original sound - Julie Abcede

In this video, @juliaabcede showcases a healthy, no-heat TikTok hair routine. The two-day routine transforms her naturally straight hair into effortlessly loose waves. It begins with her taking a shower at night, then brushing hair out. Next, an oil or serum is applied into hair to reduce frizz (Julia recommends macadamia oil or Biosilk), and then it’s put in two french braids right before bed. The braids are kept in for the entire night and next day, before being taken out the following morning. The result? Beautiful, effortless-looking waves!

Written by Mikayla Uber

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