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Luxy® Hair  - 10 hair hacks we learned on social media (that actually worked)

10 hair hacks we learned on social media (that actually worked)

Social media has been our long time BFF now—giving us the funniest of memes, cutest baby animal videos, some gorgeous hair inspo and so much more. But one of our most treasured features about the world of social media is the plethora of hair hacks available. Whether it’s celebrity-inspired, an age-old homegrown recipe or hair styling tips from your favorite blogger, these Tik tok and Instagram hair hacks help us get by on self-care sundays, date nights and days where we need an extra bit of oomph in our look. 

So, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite social media hair hacks just for you! These range from styling tips, DIY masks and more—there’s a little bit of everything for everyone here. Keep scrolling to see.

1. How to unravel your twists with minimal frizz

While there are a ton of haters out there, we all know that frizz is the true enemy in our lives. And sadly, you are more prone to frizz if you have naturally dry, textured, and curly hair. But don’t fret, there is a hair hack available for this too! So while we love to see curly hair styled in the coolest ways, like this twist out, it is essential to do it in the right manner so that the frizz stays on the DL. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • While unraveling your twists, use a good hair oil to separate them gently
  • Start with the hair near the nape of your neck and work upwords
  • Lightly tug after the twists are fully unraveled 
  • Once done, gently rub your hands all over your hair to tame any frizz
  • Pick your roots with a wide toothed comb (this is optional)

And voila! This simple hair hack will help you get those shiny, Instagram-worthy twists in minutes.

2. How to grow your hair fast

Farah Dhukai has been one of the most popular influencers in the world of DIY beauty and hair care. So when we came across this video of her showing us how she grows her hair so long and strong FAST, we had to get in on the action. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Massage your scalp upside down for 7-10 minutes a day
  • Alternative you can also give yourself a head massage by brushing your hair upside down.

This method is said to improve blood circulation and get blood to the hair follicles that generates faster hair growth. She states that she grew 1 inch of hair per week when she did this hair hack consistently. Interesting, isn't it? We especially love that you do not need to purchase any products or special tools to make your hair grow long faster. Something we’re definitely going to try.

3. Hydrating Aloe Hair Mask 


Say aloe to ur healthy hair. 🌱 ##hair ##hairtips ##healthyhair ##hairmask ##beautytips ##naturalhair

♬ original sound - Jonathan Monroe

When we came across this viral hair hack video that has over 2 million likes and it included one of our favorite things—Aloe Vera! Aloe has properties that your hair loves—it restores, hydrates and even repairs dead skin cells. 

How to do the hair hack:

  • Scrape into a bowl and hand mix (or use a blender)
  • Pour this mixture into your hair brush and brush through from root to tip.
  • Then go in with your hands and douse some more on your scalp and work down to the tips of your hair.
  • Clip for an hour, wash and air dry.

Then say hello to soft, shiny hair! Who wouldn’t want to try an all-natural hair hack like this one? 

4. How to wear a cap with type 4 hair


🧢✨🤗 ##got2bhome ##naturalhair ##curlyhair ##hairhacks ##littlethings ##homeroutine ##blackgirl ##type4hair

♬ Love Songs x No Police Funk Mash Up - L.Dre

The struggles of having curly hair are REAL. While wearing a hat might not seem like such a daunting task, (or a task at all, really) to girls with straight or wavy hair, type 4 curly hair comes with it’s own set of challenges—including but not limited to putting on a hat. Luckily this hair hack exists on social media, making life easy for us all. 

How to do it:

  • Part your hair down the middle
  • Brush/lay it out to flatten completely
  • Tie a low ponytail/bun with a scrunchie
  • Take your hat and loosen the strap all the way
  • Then, take your ponytail/bun and pull through the closure 
  • Put the cap on and flatten your hair through and take the scrunchie out
  • Tighten the hat and rock your poof!

5. How to get different types of curls with a curling wand


##UltraSmoothMoves ##doakickflip ##hairtips ##hairhack ##haircurl ##curlyhair ##curlinghair ##fashionasmr ##hairstylist ##hairtutorial

♬ Vibe (If I Back It Up) - Cookiee Kawaii

One of our favorite types of hair hacks has got to be styling hacks. They help us save on time, energy and give us the results we want. If you wear hair extensions or have long locks, we’re sure you love a good curl in your hair. But did you know just how much your curling wand can do for you? Here’s how you can get five different types of curls with one wand:

  • Flat curl: hold your barrel at a 45 degree angle and unravel gently
  • Twist wave: hold your barrel upside down, release and then scrunch the hair
  • Beach wave: hold at a 45 degree angle, and curl your hair in sections starting mid-way from the root, leaving 2-3 inches in between
  • Flat wave: Hold your barrel upside down at a 45 degree angle, hold and release
  • Volume curl: Hold your barrel straight up at a 90 degree angle and keep twisting and releasing gently.

6. Hat Hair Hack


🤫Nobody’s🤫Gonna🤫Know🤫“hat hair” hat from my love @tgtdyh 🤍zested it up with some ##balayage ##clipinhairextensions from ##bellamihair ##hairhack

♬ how would they know bad girls club - Chris Gleason

Hair extensions aren't just for fancy date nights anymore. This hack shows us how hair extensions can be our saving grace on those not-so-good hair days, when all you want to do is cover your bad hair day up with a hat. 

Here's what you need to do:

  • Tie your hair in a bun
  • Grab your favorite hat and clip on your hair extensions to the inner layer of the hat
  • Flip it over your head, adjust and brush your extensions through for a sleek, effortless look
Genius, isn't it? 


    7. Top Knots for Short Hair


    How to get a messy bun with short hair! ##hairhack ##hairhacks ##messybuntutorial

    ♬ Fashion - Jacob Latimore

    We stan this queen for having the back of every short-haired girl out there and keeping the world of top-knots open to them as well. Top-knots are cute, effortless and a go-to hairstyle for every girl we know. But how do you hack this when you have short hair? With these 3 simple steps, you can transform your short hair into a top-knot in minutes without the dreaded short bits sticking out at the nape of your neck.

    • Start sectioning your hair at the nape of your neck and create small ponytails, adding the first one into the next till you reach the middle of your head
    • Grab a scrunchie and make a high ponytail
    • Take another hair elastic and wrap it around the base of your ponytail and tuck as needed

    8. How To Tie a high puff  


    ##hairhack ##hairhacks ##highpuff ##washngo ##naturalhairstyles ##naturalhair ##type4hair ##4cnaturalhair ##4bnaturalhair ##hairstyles ##healthyafrohair

    ♬ original sound - Healthy Afro Hair

    Type 4c hair is beautiful and one of our favorite ways girls wear it is the high puff! This cute style has been all over our TikTok feed for a while now and we found a hair hack that will perfect this hairstyle for you in a matter of minutes. Check it out.

    • Take a pair of tights and cut of one leg right at the top and also snip at the toe section
    • Start by placing this band at the back of your hair, then bring the two ends to the front, cross them and hold at the nape of your neck.
    • Gently push the band upwards, till you reach the height that you want your puff to be
    • Tie it at the back and tuck it in underneath the band

    9. Hair Plopping


    posting part 2 ##hairplopping ##curlyhair ##fyp ##foryoupage ##sikeeee

    ♬ original sound - sparkle bandaid

    Every curly haired girl’s hair care routine is simply incomplete without hair plopping! If you haven’t heard of what hair plopping is, don’t worry, we’ll give you a quick rundown. Here’s how you can plop your hair:

    • Take a microfiber towel or soft cotton t-shirt and lay it out on a flat surface
    • Apply your serum/curl creams to damp hair
    • Then, bend over and slowly lower your hair on to your towel or tee
    • Tie up your towel or t-shirt while you’re still bent over and secure tightly
    • Leave this on for 20-30 minutes for best results

    This hair hack has been loved by curly haired girls around the world! But now even ladies with wavy hair are trying this trick to get more defined waves.

    10. Cardi B’s Hair Mask 


    @iamcardib + me have this one thing in common now 💫 ##diy ##hairmask ##haircare ##foryou

    ♬ Gimme clout pls - Tik Toker

    In the midst of quarantine, Cardi B showed us her ✨extra✨ DIY hair mask for natural hair, we knew we had to test it out, and we did! This 7 ingredient hair mask recipe was rich in texture, abundant in nutrients and so, so good in helping restore all the hydration and moisture lost because of heat-styling. So what does this hair mask include? 

    Here’s what you’ll need: 

    • Avocado 
    • Banana 
    • Castor Oil
    • Olive Oil 
    • Argan Oil 
    • Mayonnaise 
    • Egg 

    Simply blitz all of these ingredients together, apply generously on from root to tip. Keep it on for about 20-25 minutes and wash off thoroughly. Once your hair is dry you’ll find it more soft, shiny and frizz free—which is the ultimate dream, IMHO!

    These are only 10 of millions of hair hacks on the interwebs right now—and we are so grateful for each of them. These hair hacks lead us to healthier, more stylish hair in minutes and we love ‘em! Which one of these hair hacks will you try first? Let us know! 

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