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Luxy® Hair  - The Undoing hair tutorial: how to get Nicole Kidman’s curls in 5 Steps
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The Undoing hair tutorial: how to get Nicole Kidman’s curls in 5 Steps

Whether or not you’ve watched The Undoing featuring the iconic Nicole Kidman, there is one thing you need to take note of from her look in the show: her *chef’s kiss* curly red hair. This six episode mini series has managed to garner the attention of hair junkies and psychological-thriller enthusiasts alike—a combination we rarely see. So if you’re one of them, this show is definitely for you. 

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Other than celebrating Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman for the first time together on screen, we also noticed fans searching for things specifically about her hair from the show. Some of the most popular searches looked a little bit like this: 

“Is Nicole Kidman wearing a wig in The Undoing?”

“Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial”

“Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair extensions”

With so much interest around Nicole’s hair from the show, how she styled it, whether she wore hair extensions or not, we thought it would be ideal to give you the entire lowdown on her look. For starters, Nicole is wearing her hair completely naturally in a gorgeous shade of red, embracing her curls that she styled straight for many, many years. 

Since the ‘90s Nicole Kidman has served up hair goals, one after another—whether we’re talking about her short waves, everyday curls or classy hairstyles on the red carpet (especially her look from the 2007 Academy Awards). She’s given us short, sleek, natural and wild; in shades of blonde, brunette and now we’re glad to report that her 2021 look is all about big voluminous curls in red! You could equate Nicole’s look to a real life version of Disney Princess, Merida from Brave, IMO. Tumbling, bouncy, defined curls that are all you want on bad hair days.

We see Nicole wearing her natural curls on-screen in The Undoing after a really long time, and we are here for it; so many celebrities and influencers are also embracing their natural hair this  season and we couldn’t love it more. In the show, Nicole plays the character of Grace Fraser, a psychologist whose husband is a prime murder suspect. She wears her natural curls boldly through the show.

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Her hair has an unkempt yet effortlessly stylish appeal to it, which is a major reason for all the popularity it has right now—it almost has a “I woke up like this” charm to it, which makes it so much more fascinating for the everyday girl. 

If you have type 1 or type 2 hair, and want to achieve Nicole Kidman’s look that is all kinds of chic, classy and head-turning, here’s how you can do it yourself

Luxy Hair Style Tip:

To get this look, add in a set of hair extensions to create the volume Nicole Kidman has in the show and style them with the Luxy Hair Signature Curler for the perfectly tousled look. If you’re looking for volume, we suggest the Volume Bundle Clip-in hair extensions, for an extra dose of flounce in your look. 


5 steps to get Nicole Kidman's curls from The Undoing

Step 1

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Brush all your hair out to make sure there are no knots and part it down the middle. 

Step 2

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Begin sectioning your hair a few inches above the nape of your neck and start clipping in your hair extensions as you normally would. 

Step 3

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Take 1 ½ to 2” sections of your hair and begin tightly wrapping it around your curling wand, away from your face. Making sure to hold the barrel horizontally and leaving minimal gaps between each wrap-around. Continue curling all around till you’ve achieved voluminous curls.

We recommend using a 1 inch curling wand to achieve this look. 


Step 4

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Use a clean, dry hair brush to comb through, and give your curls a more effortlessly natural look. 

Step 5

Nicole Kidman The Undoing hair tutorial

Finish up with a hair oil to tame any frizzy ends and flyaways. According to the star herself,  Nicole uses PHILIP B Rejuvenating Oil overnight to nourish her natural hair.  

And that’s it! If you have type 3 or 4 hair, embrace those natural curls and sport them with pride! And if you have type 1 or 2 hair, this quick tutorial is all you need to do to achieve Nicole Kidman’s much-talked about hair from The Undoing. It’s all the talk of the town right now, and honestly, we couldn’t love it more. There is so much character in Nicole Kidman’s hair from The Undoing, and we love all the waves (pun intended) it has created in the hair space right now.

This is a hairstyle so versatile, you can wear it to your next coffee date, for a walk  around the park or simply to take some stunning photos for your Instagram account. Trust us when we say that these bouncy curls will only make your good hair days great. 

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