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Luxy® Hair  - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: A History Of Hair
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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: A History Of Hair

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most highly anticipated fashion events of the year, bringing together the most high profile supermodels to strut their stuff on a glittery catwalk. Consistently featuring the hottest lingerie looks of the season, signature glamorous hairstyles and renowned musical guests, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show attracts millions of viewers all over the world—in fact, almost five million viewers tuned into the show last year in the US alone! Considering the show costs a whopping $12 million to put on, it's no wonder Victoria's Secret is such a global phenomenon.

In anticipation of this year’s extravaganza airing on Sunday, we've decided to take a trip down memory lane, looking at the hairstyles and fashion the Angels wore since the show's conception in 1995 to today. While a pair of diamond-encrusted Angel wings are reserved for an elite few, these Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hairstyles can be recreated right at home so you too can look and feel like a supermodel—no Angel wings required. 

Tyra Banks, 1997

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

We start off our trip down memory lane with the one and only top model Tyra Banks, who walked in the third ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This vintage look is a sultry, sexy, sleek look that pairs well with the classic lingerie she’s rocking.

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To achieve Tyra's classic hairstyle, start off by blowing out your hair with a round brush and hair dryer, then use a hair straightener to get those strands looking sleek and smooth. Be sure to add a touch of hair serum for an added layer of shine and sparkle to the hair. Tyra's layers are key to this look, so this is the perfect time to visit your hairstylist and have gentle, long layers added into your hair. 

Trish Goff, 2000

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

In a world where long hair and curls rule all, Triff Goff shows us that short can indeed be sexy! Walking the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Trish's bold pixie cut is an enviable rich Mocha Brown color, paired rocker studs and lace. This look screams sexy...if you wear it just right.

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If you’ve been thinking about doing a big chop, or want a way to spice up your current pixie, this look is the perfect inspiration. The key to achieving the rocker-chic vibes exuding from Trish is to play with texture and layers. Don't be afraid to go heavier on the top and use a texturizing spray for even more volume. As a sidenote, we’d recommend going to a licensed professional for this hairstyle in order to make sure that this look comes off the exact way that it came off on Trish.

Adriana Lima, 2005

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

Having walked in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show since 1999, Adriana Lima walked her final show this year. Known for her bombshell bod and cascading curls, Adriana's hair remains similar through the years, however, we're crushing on her voluminous hair with a fierce middle part in the 2005 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

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Start with damp hair, then use a large round brush and a hairdryer with the nozzle attachment. Work in small sections and wrap the hair around the brush, pulling it taught while drying, to get those big, bouncy curls. If you haven't mastered your blowout technique just yet, use a set of velcro hair rollers to set in the curls, then gently run your fingers through your hair to soften the curls. Finally, use a few drops of hair oil for high shine throughout your hair. 

Naomi Campbell, 2005

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

Naomi Campbell's sleek strands with a blunt bang is a perfect signature look for this OG supermodel as she slays this look at the 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The super sleek strands and razor-sharp blunt bangs are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of edge to an otherwise feminine look, and are a great way to bring attention to your eyes. 

Get the look

The key to this look is long, healthy, shiny hair, so start off in the shower by applying a deep conditioning hair mask. Then, dry your hair using a hairdryer with the nozzle attachment and a round brush to achieve a smooth, shiny blowout. Next, clip in your Luxy Hair extensions for that added length, and finally flat iron your hair in small sections.

Erin Wasson, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

Big and bold curls are the choice for the evening at the 2007 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Erin gives us bold beauty and dramatic curls that take a look from Rodeo drive to the runway.

Get the look

These big, sexy curls can be produced in a varying number of ways, from large rollers to curling wands, but the key is to use hair extensions for that extra volume. Once clipped in, use a large barrel curling wand to achieve that big curl, then pin each curl down to set and cool. Once cooled, unclip all the curls and use your fingers to separate them and add volume. 

Chanel Iman, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

Not only did Chanel Iman rock this fabulous beach wave style at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but this was also the year she earned her wings! The deep middle part and soft beach waves framed her face beautifully, with elegant, soft curls at the end of her long strands.

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To achieve this look at home, start by creating a middle part. Then, apply hot rollers only up until the middle of the hair strand. Alternatively use a curling wand to curl only the ends of your hair, being careful not to wrap the barrel too high up. Remember that to recreate this look you want sleek strands paired with soft curls on the ends. 

Megan Puleri, 2015

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

These buoyant and loose waves are perfect for any occasion, especially on Megan Puleri at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The middle part adds a touch of playfulness with the effortless, loose waves blossoming out and framing Megan’s face beautifully.

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To achieve this effortless waves look, use a curling wand with a 1-inch barrel size. Then, curl each section around the wand, being sure to leave at least an inch in between each wrap around the wand. Let the curl cool in your hand for a few seconds before letting go. Next, curl your hair extensions the same way, before clipping them in. Finally, run your fingers through your hair to break up and loosen up the curls, leaving you with soft, effortless waves. 

Dilone, 2017

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair

This thick and heavy side bang is a trendy look on Dilone in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, heavily characterized by its sporty streetwear looks. A simple switch to your hair like bangs can change up your entire look, so take a page out of Dilone’s book at your next hairstylist appointment.

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The key to Dilone's heavy bangs is a deep side part and a flat iron to keep the hair smooth. Finally, smooth down flyaways by spraying a bit of hairspray onto an unused mascara wand or old toothbrush, and comb down any stubborn hair. If you’re not daring enough to cut your own hair into a thick bang, you can opt for a faux bang by using Luxy Hair extensions to add hair towards the front of your head to swoop into a bang. Click here for a full tutorial.

Bella Hadid 2018

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair 
The newest wave of Victoria's Secret Angels features socialites and supermodels with one of our favorites being Bella Hadid. Slightly edgier and just a little sexier than her older sister Gigi Hadid, we're crushing on Bella's long bob with signature Victoria's Secret curls, paired with classic black lace lingerie and royal blue wings. 

Get the look

Victoria's Secret curls aren't just for the long-haired beauties out there! Achieve this look by creating a side part and blowing out your long bob with a large round brush. Then, use a 1-inch curling wand to curl the ends of your hair away from your face. Since your hair is already quite short, be sure not to curl the hair any higher than a few inches from the end, otherwise, you will lose your length. Once your hair is curled, gather all your hair on each side and twist the hair away from your face so that the curls melt into each other. Finally, use a small clip to hold your part until you're ready to go.

Whether you're watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the lingerie looks, hairstyles, or just to spot your favorite supermodel, this year's show is sure to be the biggest one yet. Whose hairstyle are you crushing over? If you recreate any of the above hairstyles, be sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #myluxyhair. 

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