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Luxy® Hair  - Turkey dump: How to use the dreaded Thanksgiving breakup to your favor

Turkey dump: How to use the dreaded Thanksgiving breakup to your favor

The holiday season is upon us and apparently, so too is the “Turkey Dump.” You may not have heard of Turkey Dumping, or you may be thinking of the time your dad literally dropped the turkey after one too many glasses of wine. A tradition as time-honored as pumpkin pie or a Thanksgiving Day football game, Turkey Dumping actually refers to the spike in breakups that happens around Thanksgiving. 

Turkey drop

The typical Turkey Dumper is a college freshman heading home for the holidays and returning back to school newly single. The treacherous weeks before Thanksgiving see many college students in long-distance relationships breaking things off with their high school sweethearts. While it may seem harsh to dump someone right before the holidays, it actually makes a lot of sense. Summer’s long days and nights are free of homework and other obligations, making it an ideal time for romance. While couples may promise to “make things work” at the end of August, by the time late autumn rolls around the words “I think we should take a break” become a common tune. Long-distance relationships are not easy, and the combination of being in a new environment on campus and having a completely new social circle causes many couples to do the Turkey Dump before they even take their first finals.

And the Turkey Dump is not only for college students. While the trend is typically associated with college freshmen, statistics show that couples of all ages experience a spike in splits before the holiday season. The winter season means many romantic holidays are on the horizon, and the pressure that comes with meeting family and buying fancy presents can cause couples to call it quits. This stressful and busy time puts a lot of relationships into perspective, motivating couples to end things before all the holiday hoopla begins. On top of that, as people start thinking about the new year, they may start to reconsider their relationships and decide to cut their losses. While brutal, being newly single in the new year makes many people feel lighter and ready to start anew. 

Turkey drop

Have you recently been Turkey Dumped? Feel like you’re decaying on the inside a bit? Remember you’re not alone, sister. You may be tempted to curl up in a blanket burrito, cocooned for a few days or weeks. And that’s ok. Once you break out of bed, a great way to remedy the breakup blues is to shake up your routine and try new things. Now is the perfect time to turn your breakup into something positive and take some me-time. Don’t let a Turkey Dump ruin your pumpkin pie! Here are some great ways to turn a holiday breakup into something awesome.

Pamper yourself with a spa day

A trip to the spa is oh-so comforting after a breakup. Go ahead and treat yourself with an indulgent massage session, aromatherapy treatment, or at-home facial. You will feel your past relationship literally be massaged away. 

Turkey drop

Get into the holiday spirit and give back

From volunteering in your local soup kitchen to donating clothes to charity, there are plenty of ways to give back to the community. And spreading the festive spirit will help you focus on something other than your breakup.

Take up a new hobby

Whether joining a gym or starting a podcast, a new hobby will keep your mind busy with something fun. Nothing beats the breakup blues like endorphins. Join a spin class or some other new activity you’ve always wanted to try, like aerial yoga. 

Shake up your hair routine

One way to move past heartbreak is to focus on your relationship with your hair. Whether it’s testing out a hydrating mask, developing your own morning hair routine or bleaching your entire head, there’s plenty of ways to shed the past with a fabulous hair makeover. Changing your hair can symbolize a new beginning— nothing says I’m moving on like a new ‘do. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and even Joe Jonas have all debuted new hair looks after going through tough breakups. On Instagram, the hashtag #breakuphair shows thousands of women who have all gone through inspiring hair transformations. Newly single hair is almost a rite of passage.

Turkey drop

Spend time with your girls

Being with people who love you unconditionally can be very therapeutic after calling your relationship quits. Set aside some quality time with your besties who you may have not been able to see as much while you were in a relationship. 

Get bangs (or don't)

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what you want to do with your locks yet. Maybe you don’t want to commit to a high-maintenance hairstyle, or go through the emotions of getting bangs

A great place to start is clip-in bangs. Our Clip-In Bangs collection will let you test-drive perfectly chopped bangs, making it easy to switch things up without picking up the scissors. Whether you want to give long ‘70s style hippie bangs a try or see how you look with blunt rocker fringe, there are plenty of different ways to style and wear faux bangs for an Insta-worthy look. Everyone from Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen to Lily Collins and Ariana Grande have been sporting clip-in bangs lately. And this celeb look is actually super attainable, even without a team of stylists on call to help. 


Grow out your hair instantly

Before you take the post-breakup dramatic haircut plunge, you may want to consider testing out a few different styles with the help of hair extensions. With hair extensions, you can achieve voluminous, butt-length, ponytail-whipping dream hair in minutes. Luxy Hair extensions are super easy to use and give you instant length.

Color your hair

Another hair game changer without the dramatics of a chop is color. Highlights and lowlights are a great way to add dimension and movement into hair that may otherwise feel flat and dull. A few well-placed streaks can accentuate your eye color, brighten your face, and even bring out cheekbones. If you’re craving a color change but don’t want to dye your hair, hair extensions can be a fun way to experiment with highlights. Our balayage collection will give your hair a sun-kissed glow instantly, no commitment required. 


Wondering how to wear hair extensions? It’s totally normal to feel nervous or unsure about applying hair extensions for the first time. But don’t worry — it’s easy to transform your hair in minutes, without causing any damage or pain. While figuring out the perfect way to wear your extensions takes practice, you will get the hang of it in no time. Our hair extensions look great with all hair types — straight, thin, wavy, curly, short and long. Our best clip in hair extensions will let you flirt with change before making a new hairstyle permanent.

Take a trip

If all else fails, just go traveling! Sometimes you just gotta go somewhere new to clear your head. Whether it’s booking a flight, hopping on a train or just staying at a cute Airbnb for a night, being in a new place can help you feel refreshed and recalibrated. 

Turkey drop

While no one is safe in Turkey Dump season, there are plenty of ways to overcome the dreaded holiday breakup. So, go ahead and carve out some time for yourself this holiday season.

Written by: Mikayla Uber

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