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Luxy® Hair  - 25 Summer Hair Trends for 2022

25 Summer Hair Trends for 2022

As we step into the season of sunshine, (socially distant) outdoor brunches, picnics, and more we can’t help but think of all the hairstyles you can sport. Summer hair is all about no-fuss looks, but not without the glam! We’ve listed down 25 of our favorite summer hairstyles that will up the ante on any look you wear this season. Whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between—there’s a hairstyle for you. Scroll on to see.

Summer hair trends for 2022

1. Sleek Braid

A hairstyle that will have everyone saying ‘Yasss girl!’ This sleek braid is a clean, confident look that you’ll want to wear all summer long.

2. Bubble Ponytail 2.0

Take your bubble ponytail to the next level by adding statement clips or ribbons instead of simple hair ties this summer. It's a simple yet stylish way to elevate a classic summer hairstyle.


3. Face framing braids

A super cute and easy style to do when you can’t think of what to do with your hair. These face-framing 90s style braids are trendy, cute, and oh-so Instagram ready. Get this look with Seamless 16" Luxy Hair extensions in Off Black.

4. Bandana Away

One of our summer faves! Bandanas are the biggest trend right now and we love all the waves it’s creating all over our social media feed.

5. Double Messy braids

Nothing says summer-ready as braids do, so why not double it up! A classic summer hairdo, the double messy braids never disappoint. Get on the double-braid bandwagon with 160g Luxy Hair extensions in Dark Brown.

6. Claw Clips

Another 90s accessory that we’re here for. Need to run an errand? Claw clip your hair. Need to focus on work? Claw clip your hair. Looking for a simple date night accessory? Claw clip your hair! @blogistiana wears her Chocolate Brown Balayage Luxy Hair extensions to create this gorgeous look.

7. Sky High Ponytail

The Ariana Grande ponytail is here to stay and we’re not complaining! If your hair isn’t long enough for this look, consider adding a Luxy Hair Ponytail extension to get this sky-high ponytail in minutes.

8. Half-Up Snatched Pull

Take that half-up ‘do the next level with this snatched version! Can we talk about how this look is so versatile? Perfect for the beach, at home or a quick run to your favorite restaurant.

9. Messy Braided Low Bun

We love a cute low bun and this one gets extra points for the braided addition. The braid gives it that extra summer feel, don’t you think?

10. Chic Low Ponytail

Summers are for ponytails—messy and chic. This one is a top favorite because of it’s clean no-fuss mood, perfect for those summer date nights.  


11. Natural Crimped Waves

Nothing says summer vibes like naturally crimped hair—just the right amount of styling and volume will give you a look that you’ll want to wear all summer long! Don’t forget to add your hair extensions in for that extra volume.

12. Matching Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a staple in all our beauty closets right now. This summer when you pull ‘em out, make sure to match them with your pants, skirt or accessories to keep your OOTD trendy.

13. 90s Hair Clips

Dig out all those middle-school accessories because these 90s hair clips are making a major comeback! While the possibilities to style these are endless, they wearing them right above your forehead is so on-trend right now.

14. Au Naturel

Women all over the world are embracing their natural hair like never before and we love it! This summer, give your hair a chance to be free, away from the heat styling—wear it in it’s best form, naturally. 

15. Peekaboo Hair 

Experiment with color this summer with peekaboo highlights! We love how this low maintenance style can make you look festival ready in an instant. Peek our peekaboo collection which comes in three lovely shades: lilac, aquamarine and bubble gum pink. 

16. Wrapped braids

Music festivals may be postponed for now, but that doesn't mean you can't still rock the look! Whether it's box braids, fishtail braids, or a messy 3-strand brand, spice up any braid by wrapping the ends with leather or colorful strips of cloth. 

17. The Butterfly Ponytail

We had to share this gorgeous hairstyle with you the moment we came across it! It might look complicated but it isn’t. Simply start with a low ponytail, take a section from the top-middle of your pony and wrap it with a colored thread or ribbon and voila! 

18. Statement Hair Clips

Over-sized tortoiseshell or pearl-encrusted hair clips have been around for a while and we’re glad to report that they’re here to stay for the summer! 

19. Ribbon Braid

We love this updated take on a basic French braid. Next time you want to braid your hair, add a ribbon in your favorite color to the mix. P.s. you can even do this with a regular 3-strand braid!

20. Sleek Bun

On days you’re feeling extraaa add in a few hair extension wefts and embellishments to create this glamorous sleek bun. Nowhere to go? No problem! Invite your girls (and guys) over for an at-home glam affair.

21. Effortless hair scarf

There’s something so effortless about this look! This no-fuss half-pony held up by a scarf is all you need to make a statement this summer.

22. Swirled Ponytail

A lil something to honor all the ice cream cones you’re going to eat this summer! A low ponytail modernized with a simple swirl—don’t you love it?

23. Face Framing Highlights

Can you tell we love anything 90s and face framing? Chunky highlights are back for 2020, with a modern twist. Instead of highlighting your full head with thick stripes, ask your stylist for only a couple of face framing highlights. 

24. Hair Band Scarf

An easy way to elevate any updo, wear your scarf as a headband to instantly bring some chic vibes to your OOTD.

25. Mini Bubble Ponytails

We love, love this combo of sweet pigtails with a bubble ponytail. Face-framing layers add to the look to come together in this summer-ready look!


Don't be afraid to get playful with your hair this summer! Styling your hair is a great form of self-expression and experimentation, so get out there and wear your hair proud. Whether it's as simple as putting on a hair scarf, your favorite scrunchie or throwing it way back with those 90s clips—the floor is yours.

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