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Luxy® Hair  - 30 Self Growth Challenges

30 Self Growth Challenges

If there is one thing we know about self-growth, it's that, consistency is your strongest weapon in that journey. It doesn't happen overnight (although so many of us wish it did!) but is actually small, everyday efforts that help us achieve a life that makes us happy. 

And we want to help you get there! If you're feeling like you've become complacent and aren't tapping into your full potential—take this 30-day self-growth challenge to reset your mind, body, and soul. 

30 Self Growth Challenges

Day 1: Set a morning routine, the night before

The way you start your morning pretty much dictates how the rest of your day will progress. That’s why morning routines are so, so important. Some great ways to start off your morning include meditating, reading, working out, and even journaling. If you’re not a morning person, try prepping the night before to maximize your morning: pick out your work out clothes, set your journal aside, or keep your coffee cup ready on the counter.

Day 2: Declutter

Raise your hand if you have items in your closet/beauty cupboard/kitchen cabinets that you haven’t used in over six months! Decluttering will not only help you get more organized but decluttering your physical space leads to a decluttered mental space, helping you feel more calm and peaceful.

Day 3: Recite positive affirmations

Too many times do we scroll through our social media feeds and end up feeling like we’re not good enough. These negative thoughts lead to negative confessions, which in turn affect the way we see ourselves in the long term. Whenever you’re feeling down, stop and acknowledge these truths over your life:

  • I am enough
  • I am beautiful 
  • I know my worth

Start here and develop your own affirmations and you will change the way you look at yourself!

Day 4: Watch a funny movie

There is nothing that treats the soul like a good laugh! Especially when it comes from your favorite actor! Laughter is therapeutic, so why not incorporate a little humor into your day?

Day 5: Ask a friend for honest feedback

Call someone you love and trust and ask them for honest feedback about yourself. To start off, you can talk to them about career growth, your personal goals and overall mental health. It’s a difficult conversation to have, however, the opportunity for self-growth is immense.

30 Self Growth Challenges

Day 6: Forgive yourself 

Each of us carries baggage from our past, and sometimes this could affect our relationships, even the one we have with ourselves. Usually, we are our harshest critics and judge ourselves without any love—today, take some time to forgive yourself for things you did when you didn’t know better and let go of that baggage.

Day 7: Wake up 10 minutes earlier

Waking up early is good for your body, mind, and soul—it gives you a good head start to the day, reducing the anxiety of feeling rushed to get all your tasks done. If you’re not a morning person but you want to be one, start by setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you usually would. Getting a 10-minute head start will make a world of a difference. Once you’ve mastered 10 minutes, continue increasing this by 10 more minutes every few days.

Day 8: Do a social media detox 

Although we confess, we do love our TikTok and Instagram, we still believe social media breaks should be mandatory. Many of us lose track of reality, constantly watching others’ highlight reels. A social media detox will help you step out of the digital world and into the real world, which is essential to keep your mind and mood balanced and happy.

Day 9: Give someone a compliment

This could be the person who delivers your packages, your local grocery store vendor, or a friend you haven’t connected within a while. The outward expression of giving someone a compliment not only makes them feel good but also helps build your own confidence.

30 Self Growth Challenges

Day 10: Increase your water intake

Great for your skin, even better for your body! Increase your water intake slowly by 500ml every day and see how much lighter your body feels and plumper your skin looks.

Day 11: Keep your phone away from your bed

Who else is guilty of checking your phone first thing in the morning and until the wee hours of the night? and the? We can all agree that it’s not the best way to start or end our day. One simple way to get rid of this habit is to keep your phone out of reach and away from your bed. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Bonus: when your alarm goes off 10 minutes earlier, you’ll be forced to get out of bed to turn it off.

Day 12: Chart out a self-growth map

When we talk about growth, we talk about it holistically. Career, self, physical, family growth all have equal weightage. In order to stay on track and keep yourself motivated, chart out a realistic self-growth map. 

Day 13: Set realistic goals

Once you’ve charted out your self-growth map, set goals that are realistic and achievable. Setting goals may seem easy, however, we tend to get dreamy when we think about where we want to be in our journey. Setting realistic goals will help make them simpler to achieve and keep you motivated to reach even bigger goals.

Day 14: Try out a new recipe 

While we all love to dive into a cheeseburger with a side of coke and fries, take today to treat your body with love and eat a delicious home-cooked meal. It could be a cuisine you’ve never tried before, or an at-home version of your favorite restaurant dish—the possibilities are endless with this one!

Day 15: Write down 3 things that you’re most proud of

Today, take some time to reflect on 3 things that you are most proud of. You’ve come so far...be proud of all that you’ve achieved! Write it down on a note, put it up where you can see it, and be reminded of all that you have accomplished each time you look at it.

30 Self Growth Challenges

Day 16: Wear your favorite OOTD

Wearing your favorite outfit is the ultimate mood-booster (especially during current times) and it doesn’t just stop there. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good, and this gives you the confidence to trust yourself more. Take today and wear your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite lipstick, and even top it with your most-prized accessories. 

Day 17: Go for a technology-free walk 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed today and want to feel at peace, go for  a walk and leave your phone behind. Take in your environment without the distraction of notifications popping on your phone—sit at a park bench, or walk around a new neighborhood. A change of scenery isn’t just refreshing to the eyes but also to the mind and body. 

Day 18: Create a playlist for every mood

Curating your own playlist for work, walks, and everything in between helps you set the right mood. Your morning playlist could be made of motivational tracks, a cooking playlist that’s got the funkiest dance tracks, and an easy, calming playlist for when you’re going to bed.

Day 19: Eat an indulgent dessert (guilt-free!)

Self-growth doesn’t necessarily always have to be about continually challenging yourself. Sometimes, it’s also about treating ourselves just because. Today, take some time to eat something indulgent and not feel guilty about it. You’ve been doing so well, so far. Today, take time to celebrate all that you’ve achieved.

Day 20: Learn a new skill

This could be a skill that helps you in your career, your personal life, or something you pick up as a hobby. How to find a new skill? For starters, think of the first thing that comes to mind when you think of one thing you’d want the world to know you for. It could be podcast-ing, blogging, or starting your own cooking YT channel!

Day 21: Go one day without using negative language

While we’re not asking you to ignore the negative circumstances life throws at you, today, take the time to approach everything with a solution-oriented attitude. This will help you look at your problems in a way that doesn’t drag you down but keeps you motivated. 

Day 22: Stretch for 30 minutes

A good stretch will leave you feeling refreshed and keep you strong, flexible, and healthy. Bonus points if you add a healthy meal after this stretch. See Day 14 for more on this. 

Day 23: Ask yourself a hard question

As someone who has taken on the challenge of self-growth, it is essential that you take time to sit and ask yourself some hard questions. To start off, take a moment of introspection and answer the following:

  • What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?
  • What do I need to change about myself?
  • What worries me most about the future?

Then make a plan to tackle the answers to these questions.

30 Self Growth Challenges

Day 24: Do a check on your finances

Managing your money will help you live a stress-free life. Take note of credit card payments, recurring subscriptions like Netflix, or start a savings account. Being fully aware of your financial situation will help not only help you plan your life better, but reduce the stress and anxiety that many people feel when it comes to their finances.

Day 25: Do something to make yourself feel extra comfortable

Now we understand that these tasks are quite taxing, so today, take the time to make yourself feel extra comfortable. Draw yourself a bath, watch your favorite rom-com, or stay in bed for that extra hour. 

Day 26: Tell someone how much you love them

This could be for your co-worker, your mom, or your best friend—tell someone you love them! 

Day 27: Do one thing that scares you

Growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. Today, do one thing that scares you, trust us when we say that there are good things waiting on the other side of that fear. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Ask for constructive criticism from your boss or coworker
  • Compliment someone who isn’t expecting you to
  • Ask for forgiveness/apologize to someone you’ve hurt

Day 28: Read a book and take notes

Read a good book, but don’t stop there. While you read, take time to make notes about words or phrases that stand out to you. This will help you remember what you heard and apply it to everyday life situations.

Day 29: Buy yourself a plant

You’re almost done! Reward yourself with a beautiful indoor plant—one that you can take care of, nurture, and be responsible for. It can also serve as a reminder of this challenge that you completed so wonderfully.

Day 30: Rest & Reflect

Now that you’ve made it so far, there are some tasks that you probably excelled at, some you didn’t do so well—don’t worry! That’s exactly what makes us human. Rest it out and reflect on what your strengths and weaknesses were. This is just you getting a whole lot closer to who you want to become.

30 Self Growth Challenges

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