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Luxy® Hair  - 10 reasons why you've got this

10 reasons why you've got this

If you find yourself in the fetal position come Monday morning, just remember: you’re not alone. Plenty of people experience the dreaded Monday Blues, otherwise known as that sad and anxious start-of-the-week feeling. But Mondays don’t have to suck. In fact, there are plenty of amazing reasons why you’re about to slay this week and make it a great one. Whether it’s the fact that you have the perfect list of danceable songs queued up and ready to play, or that you woke up early and started your day with a refreshing jog, you are well on your way to showing Monday who’s boss. Even doing small things, like holding the door for someone or treating yourself will put you on track for a great day. Here are 10 reasons why you’ve got this. 

1. You dragged yourself out of bed this morning and went for a run

While exercise may be the last thing on your mind when your alarm clock jolts you awake, a jog can work wonders on a Monday morning. Instead of hitting the snooze button, lace up your running shoes and get outside. Not only does a workout increase endorphin levels, but it also helps boost your confidence and focus. Even a 10-minute workout will make you feel better and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you. If you aren’t able to go out for a run, you can also try a short online ab workout or yoga class at home.

2. You know how to stay positive (even when life gives you lemons)

While Monday and fun aren’t two words that are often paired together, having a positive attitude can help diminish those Monday blues. We all struggle at times, but maintaining a positive mindset in the face of challenges is more important than people realize. Even when times are tough and it feels like a million things are going wrong, you know how to navigate life’s twists, turns, and unexpected curveballs. Science has shown that keeping a smile on your face (which releases endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happier and more positive) and having positive emotions help us improve mental productivity, concentration, and our overall health. 

3. You swapped your daily sugar-filled Caramel Macchiato with a healthier turmeric latte

Unfortunately your morning macchiato probably contains more sugar and calories than you imagine. These drinks can have around 500 calories, the same number as a small meal, and account for one-third of a woman’s daily recommended fat intake. If you want to start your day off healthier, try replacing your macchiato with a turmeric latte or opting for a whole milk alternative like almond or soy milk. Turmeric lattes, aka golden milk for those in the know, are a traditional ayurvedic drink thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are made from a mix of cold-pressed turmeric juice and almond, cashew or coconut milk, and have been shown to improve one’s complexion and brain function. The spice is especially effective for those suffering from psoriasis and acne scarring.

4. You remembered to treat yourself

To avoid feeling burnt out, it’s important to treat yourself regularly. When we treat ourselves, we feel more energized, cared for, and content. If you are constantly working hard without any sort of reward or time for yourself, you will start to feel exhausted, drained, and in a bad mood. Reward yourself for making it through your Monday with something that makes you feel special. If you love art, take a ceramics class. Or, focus on self-care by buying some new bath products (few things are as luxurious as a well-crafted bubble bath) or spending time in the great outdoors. 

5. You have the perfect pump-up playlist 

Music has the amazing ability to improve any mood and lift up your spirits. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your headphones at home. Start your Monday off right by pumping up the volume and putting on a mix of high-power jams. Whether you’re getting in the mood to work, tackle school or simply clean your room, a curated playlist with some badass songs can give you the needed motivation and boost your productivity levels. A good tune can also give you the perfect mid-day boost. 

6. You’re not afraid to try new things

While it’s easy to get stuck in routines, there are so many benefits to getting out of our comfort zones and trying new things. New experiences can help you overcome fear and stimulate creativity. Some great ways to mix things up include learning a new sport, cooking for a week or trying out a new hairstyle. Hair extensions are a fun and easy way to experiment with new looks. Before taking scissors to your sacred strands, consider playing with our best clip-in hair extensions. They will give you new bangs, length, or color in an instant.

7. You made someone else’s day

A great way to make Monday suck a lot less is by focusing on someone else’s happiness. Doing something for others actually does something good for you too. Research links random acts of kindness with well-being throughout life. Being generous can activate a part of the brain called the striatum, giving us a feel-good feeling. Doing simple things like holding the door for someone or bringing coffee and donuts to work can help you make stronger connections and friendships, which is a definite mood-booster. 

8. You got a good night’s sleep

Getting quality shut eye is an essential part of our daily routine. The better rested you are the more happy, energized, and healthier you will be. Sleep provides tons of health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, repairing skin cells, and improving mental health. The best way to catch some quality Z’s is by making time to wind down in the evening with a good book and calming music. It’s also a good idea to drink some soothing chamomile tea about 30 minutes before bed and put phones and tablets out of sight. 

9. You’ve dressed to impress

It’s totally true that when you look good, you feel good. And feeling good is half the battle on a Monday morning. Wearing something you love can give you the perfect pick-me-up on a tough day. If you feel tired or groggy, putting on sweats or something sloppy will only make you feel worse. On the other hand, picking out something that makes you feel good and comfortable, like a favorite pair of jeans or freshly washed shirt can help boost your confidence and mood. Monday is a great time to wear that new outfit or 

10. Only four more sleeps until Friday

When all else fails, just remember that Friday and the weekend are not too far away. Plan something fun for the end of the week to look forward to. You can even make a list of three things you are excited about for the week on Sunday evening. From happy hour with the girls to a relaxing weekend getaway, there are plenty of fun plans and activities you can fill the week with. This will help you feel motivated and positive all week long. And when you have exciting plans ahead, you’ll find that the week goes by much quicker.

So, if you're feeling down about the state of the world and you need a pick me up, remind yourself of the above 10 things and remember, you've got this!

Written by: Mikayla Uber

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