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Luxy® Hair  - Best New York Fashion Week Hair Trends For Fall
Hair Tips & Tricks

Best New York Fashion Week Hair Trends For Fall

Often when thinking about New York Fashion Week, the first thing that comes to mind is the glamorous runway fashion and street style outfits. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the trendsetting beauty looks from the week!

Just as designers are intentional with every piece of clothing they pair together, the same goes for the makeup and hair they select for the show. The runways are known to dictate the trends for the coming season, so staying in the loop with the hairstyles on the New York Fashion Week runways is a great way to predict the trends. For all your fall hair inspo, follow along as we round up our 10 favorite hair looks from this year’s New York Fashion Week runway shows:

  • Michael Kors x Wet Look

  • Gigi Hadid walked the Michael Kors runway with soft, beach-inspired waves that looked like she just finished taking a dip in the sea. The “wet hair” look was a huge trend across the entire Michael Kors show and is a look we can definitely imagine being popular transitioning from late summer and going into fall. Who doesn’t love looking like they just spent the day at the beach?! Chic and natural is the name of the game.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: Elle.com

    Get the look

    To achieve Gigi’s wet-look, soft waves, we recommend creating heatless curls for an ultra-natural, effortless look. Once you achieve the curls, use a mousse or gel-based product to mimic the look of slick, wet hair, letting your layers do the talking. If you’re looking for added volume, Luxy Hair extensions can do wonders for creating runway-worthy hair just like Gigi’s.

    Ralph Lauren x Sleek & Straight

    Kaia Gerber strutted confidently down the Ralph Lauren runway with sleek and straight locks. Straight hair has definitely been making a comeback in the past few months and the Ralph Lauren runway confirmed this. The key to Gerber’s look is parting the hair in the middle, flat-ironing the hair straight and using a high-shine serum to mimic the silky look of her brunette tresses.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: hawtcelebs.com

    Get the look

    To achieve Kaia’s sleek and silky locks, check out our Luxy hair routine for achieving straight hair. We give all the tips and tricks for achieving a straight, shiny look just like Kaia’s. Straight hair tends to look thinner when styled, so be sure to add a few wefts of Luxy Hair extensions to mimic runway volume at the ends.

    Tom Ford x ‘70s Head Scarf

    The Tom Ford runway was filled with ‘70s-inspired head scarfs this year at NYFW which was a unique hair trend, unlike any other SS19 show. Among others, high-profile models such as Kaia Gerber were spotted strutting down the chic and sophisticated Tom Ford runways with little hair showing and wrapped up in muted colored scarves. We love how posh and unique this hair trend is, which definitely makes it worth a try going into the fall season.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For Fall

    Get the look

    A full ‘70s-inspired head scarf on a daily basis might not seem achievable, but there are definitely variations of this look that can give off the same vibe. Try a thicker headband made of fabric and let it sit boho-style on top of the crown of your head, or try a few of our headscarf hair tutorials for a more wearable look.

    Tom Ford x Slick Bun

    There was one look on the Tom Ford runway that didn’t feature a ‘70s head scarf and we couldn’t help but take note. Gigi Hadid strutted down the runway wearing a sophisticated all-black outfit with a classy hairstyle to match. She wore her hair in a polished low bun with a sharp side part. The sleek bun has been huge with influencers and bloggers this year, which is why we weren’t overly surprised to see Gigi rocking the look at Tom Ford! The low bun adds instant elevation and sophistication, not to mention how well it highlights the cheekbones by pulling all of your hair out of your face.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: enews.com

    Get the look

    To achieve Gigi’s sleek bun, choose the most flattering part for your face shape and pull all the hair back into a low ponytail. Twist the hair and pin into the bun to hold in place. We recommend braiding the hair before twisting if your hair is extra thick. Oh, and here's a little secret: if you haven't washed your hair in a few days, use your oily hair to your advantage to create this sleek bun.

    Zimmermann x Side Part

    The placement of a hair part can make a huge difference in the appearance of the hair and how it frames the face. Zimmermann proved this at New York Fashion Week by having their models, like Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill, wear their hair in a deep side part while strutting the runway! Wearing a deep part is a great way to show off an interesting earring like the ear cuff worn by Taylor.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: actressinbollywood.com

    Get the look

    To achieve Taylor’s Zimmermann look, curl the hair in loose, beachy waves and part the hair deeply to one side. On the side with less hair, tuck the hair behind the ear for the most flattering and elegant look possible.

    Brandon Maxwell x Blown Out Volume

    Gigi Hadid looked every bit the supermodel on the Brandon Maxwell runway where she wore a windswept, voluminous hair look. Maxwell’s show was an all-American, Texas-themed affair, so it makes sense that he opted for big, teased hair for the models in his show.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: celebpot.com

    Get the look

    To achieve Gigi’s big, voluminous hair, be sure to blow out your hair using our tips and tricks to blowout your hair like a pro. Then, take sections of your hair with a round brush and begin pulling the hair from the roots to the ends. Next, clip in Luxy Hair extensions to give the look more natural fullness and volume. Lastly, tease around the crown of the head and smooth backward to achieve the “blown out” effect.

    Rodarte x Floral-Inspired

    Rodarte easily had the most swoon-worthy hair looks of the entire SS19 New York Fashion Week. They took to nature for inspiration and the result was a hair masterpiece complete with pounds of oversized fresh roses dotting the hair in colors that coordinated with the outfits. The floral work of art hairstyles with cascading waves and flower petals added a romantic and ultra feminine feel to the show.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: HerCampus.com

    Get the look

    For an everyday look, these oversized floral creations may not be realistic, but we can still most definitely take inspiration from these styles! Try adding a couple dainty flowers into a twisted braid or updo for a special occasion as an extra whimsical touch. To achieve a similar look, check out our quick and easy Luxy hair tutorial with flowers. Or, you can turn your own hair into a floral masterpiece. To make your look more fall-esque, try to use darker, more earthy colored flowers.

    Marc Jacobs x Colored Hair

    Marc Jacobs debuted a pretty pastel collection this year for their spring collection, which meant varying shades of baby blue, pink, green and yellow. He took this theme up a notch by dyeing the models' hair soft washes of pastel to match the color of their outfit. Reportedly, the color change was so extreme that the models went through five or six coloring sessions to perfect the muted, vintage-inspired wash of color that Marc Jacobs had their heart set on.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: allure.com

    Get the look

    If you’re someone who loves colored hair but hates the commitment of it, try to get the Marc Jacobs look with a temporary hair dye. Often these give a similar pastel tint to the hair without having to commit or cause any unnecessary damage.

    Coach x Messy Texture

    The Coach runway was all about the bohemian, western vibes this year, so naturally, the model’s hair was styled to match. Rather than anything super curated or styled, Coach opted to keep things effortless by embracing the model’s natural texture and going for the messy look.

    Best NYFW hair trends for fallSource: hollywoodreporter.com

    Get the look

    Luckily, achieving this look is super straightforward -- simply embrace your natural texture! Use a styling mousse to tame flyaways or unmanageable hair, but play up the messy, bed-head vibe. Follow our tutorial for effortless waves to get the super natural looking texture just like the models at Coach

    Badgley Mischka x Slicked Texture

    The Badgley Mischka SS19 New York show featured soft pastels, delicate embroidery, and subtle beading. To match the feminine vibe of the show, Mischka opted for the models to wear their hair slicked back to show off their chiseled cheekbones and jawline, but only until behind the ear. This trick was to add the high-fashion feel of sleek hair and also allow the statement earrings of the show to shine.

    Best NYFW Hair Trends For FallSource: seattletimes.com

    Get the look

    Hair that's been slicked back when styled gives a super fashion-forward feel like something straight off the runway. To achieve the look, you must ensure your hair is smooth and sleek using a bit of hairspray. Then, use a small comb to slick your hair back. You can also try a middle part with sleek hair down the sides for a variation on this style.

    We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best hair looks from New York Fashion Week. Hopefully, this helps you predict the coming hair trends around the corner and helps you find inspiration to try something new with your hair this fall.

    Written by: Olivia DiPede

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