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Luxy® Hair  - Accessories For Days: how to dress up the holidays with hair accessories

Accessories For Days: how to dress up the holidays with hair accessories

Hair accessories in 2020 have been a beautiful mix of classy, sexy and bougie and we’re here for it. From barrettes to pearlescent clips, padded headbands and more—there are so many hair accessory options that will style up your holiday szn outfits instantly. 

Think of these hair accessories like ornaments for your hair; a collection of hand-picked, curated pieces that you get to adorn yourself with this holiday season, whether it’s for a work Zoom party, Christmas dinner at your parents’ or a virtual hangout to bring in the new year.  

If your style is minimal, extra, or sprinkled with a touch of glam, these hair accessories can elevate your look on days where you don’t wanna get out of your pyjamas to days where you feel like Beyoncé. 

Your 2020 holiday agenda might look very different from last year. And if you’re feeling a little unsure about how to style your hair, and looks, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to see seven simple, trendy ways you can dress it up for the holidays with hair accessories.   

1. Chic headbands for virtual work parties

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

From plaid to plain to printed, headbands have been all the rage this year. Lupita Nyong’o, Alexa Chung, SJP and even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton were seen wearing these—what more reason do you need? 

If you love wearing your hair down but want to keep it out of your face, try a statement headband like this one to up the ante on any virtual work parties you might be attending this holiday season. Plus, you only have to look good on top, and these headbands will help you get there sooner than you can say ‘Cheers!’


2. Bring that bling to dinner

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

Family dinners are perhaps the best part of the holiday season. Catching up with old stories, game nights, taking a million pictures, filming a few TikTok dances, maybe? Add a little bling to the evening by glamming up your OOTD with statement gold clips like these. 


3. Spice up your cottage trips

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

A cottage trip during the holidays has all the trappings of a classic romcom, don’t you think? Once you’re in the midst of snow-capped mountains, cinnamon-scented candles et al, you know you’ll find all the opportunities to create those perfect photo moments. Accessorize your favorite winter outfits with a set of hair clips. A plaid shirt, or warm white sweater over a pair of black tights will be perfect to wear with pearly white clips. Mix and match ‘em to create a new look every time.


4. Sleepover Scrunchies FTW

Accessories for days

Staying in is cool—and while we continue to stay in and safe, take full advantage and amp up your holiday sleepovers and self-care days with accessories that are kind to your hair and look oh-so pretty all at once. 

Soft satin scrunchies that don’t pull or tug on your hair are perfect for late-night hairstyle experiments with your girls, plus comfortable enough to wear on days you just want to take time and read by yourself, lounge and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.


5. New Year Mood

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

As we gear up to bid 2020 goodbye, we all want to look and feel our best to welcome in the new year. So if you’re confused about what to wear for your New Year’s party this year, this set of hair clips has the ability to make any outfit look classy in a matter of minutes. So trade that LBD for a pair of sweatpants and a cute top and let your hair accessories steal the show.

If you live in monochromatic outfits then this is the perfect minimal, no-fuss accessory for you. The beauty of a set comes through even better when your hair looks big, bouncy and glamorous! Consider adding a set of hair extensions to your look as you bring in the new year. 


6. Amp up your family photos

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

Family photos have got to be one of our favorite holiday traditions. Sprinkle some 2020 trends in your holiday photos this year with elegant hair bands—think pearls for a timeless look. A couple of years from now you’re going to look back at these photos and love that you choose such a versatile and stylish accessory.

7. Make your Pony pop at Christmas

Luxy Hair Accessories For Days

If you’re celebrating Christmas this year, ditch those sparkly Christmas clips and put your hair up, Ariana style. Her XL, clean ponytail has been a trend we’ve seen on bloggers and celebrities through the year, why not end the year by adding it to your personal style file as well? 

Try out the 20” Luxy hair ponytail extension with the gravity-defying hair ties for that extra pony pop this holiday season!


Shop the look

Gravity Defying Hair Ties: Black


After Dark Ruched Satin Headband


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