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Luxy® Hair  - Movies for Days: your ultimate holiday movie guide

Movies for Days: your ultimate holiday movie guide

Luxy Hair is for big days, small days, and everything in between. And with the holidays looking a little (okay, a lot) different this year, we're bringing you the first of four Hair for Days series, to help brighten up your holiday. From movies to recipes to accessories and hairstyles, consider this series your guide to the ultimate holi-stay, no vacation required.

There is no shortage of classic holiday movies and thankfully, Hallmark, Netflix, and other networks bless us with a new selection of holiday themed movies to add to our annual watchlist every holiday season. Needless to say, with an endless supply of holiday movies to choose from, there’s a spirit-filled movie to suit every holiday experience—no matter the mood or situation. 

Read on for 9 must-watch holiday movies and our favorite looks from each one.

Day 1: cozy movie night in with your SO

Nothing says “holidays” quite like a cozy movie night in with your significant other. For the perfect cozy night in, you’ll want something with a bit of romance for her, but also some action and thrills for him to keep you both snuggled up until the late hours. 

Four Christmases

Holiday movies

Four Christmases is a vastly underrated Christmas movie starring Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon. This hilarious flick follows the events that occur when couple Brad and Kate (played by Vaughan and Witherspoon) aren't able to go on their annual Christmas vacation that’s gotten them out of celebrating the last three Christmases with their families. 

As a result, the couple is forced to attend four Christmases with four households (all four of their divorced parents), while trying to keep their insanity and holiday spirit intact.

The Look: Wispy Bangs 

Everyone loves a good bang, and Reese Witherspoon's wispy bangs are perfect for this boss-babe character. Take a note from Reese's book and try out clip in bangs to see if this wispy bang look is bang-on for you. 

Die Hard

Holiday movies

Say what you want but Die Hard is a Christmas movie — and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg would agree. Die Hard is a high energy movie that is great for cuddling and munching on some popcorn with your SO. After all, nothing says “Happy Holidays” like explosions and Bruce Willis kicking some serious ass. 

The Look: Voluminous Curls

It’s her ability to level her husband (protagonist John McClane) and stand her ground that makes Holly McClane a key character in the Die Hard franchise. That said, actress Bonnie Bedello’s thick curly hairstyle definitely brings that extra sass to her character. 

Day 2: after building snowmen all day

There’s nothing like cuddling up in a onesie with a movie and mug of hot chocolate after spending the day outside, building snowmen with the family.

Jack Frost

Holiday movies

After a chilly day of building snowmen, you’re going to want a heartwarming, snowman-centric story like Jack Frost. Just be prepared with tissues, because this one tugs at the heart strings. 

Jack Frost tells the story of a father (played by Michael Keaton) who dies in a car accident and then returns to life as a snowman to spend a last Christmas with his family. Needless to say, this movie will tug at your heartstrings, break your heart, and then put it back together again. 

The Look: Half Updo

The late Kelly Preston portrays Michael Keaton's wife in this heartwarming yet heartbreaking story and does so with beauty and grace. Each and every one of her character’s retro curly hair styles is a winner, including this half updo that is perfect for the holidays.

Arthur Christmas

Holiday movies

On a much lighter note, Arthur Christmas is another perfect movie to help you wind down after a day of strenuous snowman making. The animated movie (we have to have one on this list) tells the story of Santa's son Arthur who wants to prove himself as a worthy predecessor to his father. 

When his status and power-hungry brother starts preparing to take over their father’s role, Arthur takes it upon himself to remind the elves and everyone else why he, a true believer, deserves the job and all of its responsibilities. 

The Look: Pixie Cut

Animated characters can have great hair too, and this bad-ass elf is the perfect example. We love Bryony’s edgy pixie ‘do that allows for a more modern take on Santa's elves. No gift or hair colour mishaps happen on her watch!

Day 3: Christmas morning with the family

Nothing says Christmas morning like a big breakfast, gift opening, and a heartfelt family-centric movie. 

Home Alone 1 & 2

Holiday movies

The Home Alone movies are a Christmas staple that never gets old. Who would have thought that movies about a kid getting forgotten again (and again) would become a classic? 

The movies follow Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), the youngest sibling of a massive family who gets forgotten at home before a vacation. Then, in the second, he gets forgotten on the way back home from a vacation. Both times, Kevin's intellect saves him while simultaneously getting him into a lot of hijinks.

The Look: Wispy side bangs

Before Catherine O'Hara served looks and sass in Schitts Creek, she was Kate McAllister, screaming for Kevin in the Home Alone movies. We love her short, fiery red locks with those wispy side bangs that make her look effortlessly chic when trying to get back to her son...who she forgot. Twice. 

Day Four: That Weird Period Between Christmas & New Year’s (A.k.a when you don’t know what day it is)

When you’ve been in Christmas or holiday mode for so long, it can be hard to switch gears to the idea of celebrating the New Year. The best way to do this? A New Year’s themed movie. 

New Year’s Eve

Holiday movies

New Year’s Eve is one of those quissensential star-studded movies where a lot of big name actors come together to tell a handful of stories that intertwine in the end. This one stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Lea Michele, Halle Berry, and more. 

The Look: Swanky Waves 

The standout ‘do of this movie goes to Hilary Swank’s character Maia whose entire plot line revolves around organizing the big ball-drop event in Times Square all while maintaining perfect, soft, wavy curls

Day Five: Netflix Online Party with Friends

If you can't see 'em in person, see 'em online! With Netflix's new Teleparty features, all your friends can link up and watch a synchronized movie so you can laugh, cry, and be merry together, even though you're apart.

Holiday movies

Christmas Prince Marathon

Nothing says Christmas quite like cheesy movies, and Netflix’s A Christmas Prince trilogy starring iZombie’s Rose Mciver has the perfect balance of heart, Christmas spirit, and good ole cheese. The movie series follows a reporter whose coverage of the fictional royal family of Aldovia results in three movies featuring an accidental entwinement with the Royal Prince, mishaps, misunderstandings, and holiday cheer.

The Look: Half Updo (Ft. A Mary Kate & Ashley Flip)

Surprisingly, one of the most recent movies on this list features one of the most nostalgia-inspired looks. We love a good half updo at Luxy Hair, and Rose Mciver’s character, journalist Amber Moore, really takes it back with this look featuring a Mary Kate and Ashley-inspired curl flipped outward at the bottom. 

Day Six: Getting Ready for a Zoom Holiday Party

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Us too! A classic rom com is a surefire way to get you into the holiday spirit before an online party.

Holiday Movies

The Holiday 

We all love The Holiday. Honestly, it's hard to not love a movie starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black. The movie follows two women who, for different reasons, switch homes for the holidays to get a new environment and escape from their current lives, 

The Holiday is the perfect getting ready movie because, on top of being easy to watch, it's full of giggle-inducing moments to get you in a good Zoom-party mood.

The Look: Trendy Lob

Everything about Cameron Diaz’s character, from her cashmere pajamas to her voluminous lob, screams chic. The ends tuck in perfectly and that bang piece is so effortlessly stylish. Honestly, does Cameron Diaz’s hair ever not look perfect? 

Day 7: A Solo Date Night With A Glass Of Wine

When Christmas and New Years are over, it’s hard to switch gears after over a month of getting yourself in the spirit. The good news is that you don't need to let it go just yet. Instead, treat yourself to a solo home holi-date.

Love Actually

Holiday movies

Love Actually wasn't on Netflix for the longest time, but we are so glad it is now. That said, the movie is probably one of the most polarizing holiday classics. People tend to be pretty divided over if the star-studded films intertwining stories are charming, or just problematic. 

The movie starring Keira Knightley, Martin Freeman, Emma Thompson, the late Alan Rickman, Colin Firth and more, follows various stories. In this movie, everyone can find at least one couple's story that they are invested in or relate to. 

What we love most about Love Actually is that not everything ends in a fairy tale and, at least a handful of plotlines are actually a pretty realistic depiction of real life relationships. Well, except Hugh Grant’s story line...but we forgive him because, well, he’s Hugh Grant.

The Look: 90’s Updo 

Nothing says the 90s quite like a messy bun updo with long wispy pieces in the front. This nostalgic ‘do is exactly what Keira Knightley's character sports for a majority of this movie while trying to make sense of the advances of her fiancé’s best friend. Needless to say not all of the movie’s plotlines aged as well as others.

We hope these movie recommendations will keep your spirit alive during the holidays. Be on the look out for the next instalment of our Hair for Days series for some more festive fun.

Written by: Brittany Rodriguez

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