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Luxy® Hair  - Our secrets revealed: How to do the signature Luxy waves
Hair Extensions

Our secrets revealed: How to do the signature Luxy waves

Whether in beauty or in fashion, everyone has a unique look that turns heads. For us at Luxy Hair, it’s our go-to signature Luxy Signature Waves.

Long wavy hair

The glossy, thick,
wavy hairstyle is seen across all our marketing and social media content and you’ve probably seen the signature look applied to all the different Luxy Hair collections and colors. In fact, we are blushing over here—consider us flattered. You love the signature waves seen on all our platforms so much that so many of you have slid into our DMs, asking us how to re-create our signature curls look over and over again.

Long wavy hair

We’re ready to share our easy to follow steps to re-create Luxy’s signature hairstyle at home and we can’t wait to see you rock our most popular look. While we do recommend hair extensions to create a full, voluminous Luxy wave hairstyle, they are not absolutely essential to the look, but who wouldn’t want a little extra length, glossiness or oomph to really make waves unlike any you’ve ever seen?

In this tutorial, we're using 24 inch hair extensions for extra volume and mermaid length, as well as the Luxy Hair Signature Curler to achieve the perfect waves. The Luxy Hair Signature Curler features an extended barrel, so you can wrap loooong hair fully around the barrel, a heat resistant mat, and bonus heat resistant glove. We've also used a Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler to curl the extensions separately, quickly and conveniently.


There are a few tips and tricks behind Luxy signature waves. Here are the step by step instructions on how to achieve our signature hair look and perfectly blend your hair extensions at home every time. View the video below or scroll down for text instructions.

What you’ll need

To recreate our signature waves at home, you will need a Luxy Hair Signature Curler, Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler, heat protectant product, hairspray, hair oil, and of course your favourite Luxy Hair extensions.

1. Start with your natural hair

The first step many women over look is the necessity of curling your own natural hair first. This helps to blend the extensions and also creates a great base for fuller, thicker looking hair. Even if you have shorter hair, adding waves or curls to our natural hair will especially help to blend the hair extensions, and can even add a look of layering when you apply your hair extensions.

Brush out your natural hair to get rid of any tangles and smooth it out. Spray or apply heat protectant to your natural hair and grab a curling wand that is 1" thick.

Long wavy hair

2. How to hold your curling iron

Everyone has their own way of holding a curling iron or wand, the problem is many women won’t hold the wand or curl their hair the same way on both sides of their head depending on whether they are left handed or right handed. Ever notice one side of your head has tighter curls than the other? It’s probably because of the direction of the curl and how you’re wrapping the hair around the wand or barrel.

One tip we recommend—no matter if you’re a left-handed or right-handed—is to hold the wand parallel to the ground instead of having it pointed upwards or downwards.

Long wavy hair

Part your hair
wherever you’d like. Then, grab a section of hair about one inch thick and wrap it around the barrel away from your head. No matter which side you’re working on the hair should be curled away from your face, meaning both sides of hair are essentially being curled towards the back of your head. 

When you use this method of holding the curling iron parallel to the ground and always curling your hair in the same direction, the results will be consistent every time. 

Long wavy hair

When you’ve wrapped your one inch of sectioned hair around the curling iron, hold it for about 10-12 seconds before letting the hair loose from the wand.

Once you have your natural hair curled, brush it out for smoothness.

3. How to curl your Luxy Hair extensions 

To get the best and most consistent results, it’s best to curl your hair extensions separately before clipping them on. We suggest using the Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler to hold your extensions while you curl.

Long wavy hair

Luxy Hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and because of this highest quality, hot tools can be used on them, but should be set to a maximum temperature of 120C/250F to prevent damaging the extensions.

To ensure the hair extensions will blend with your natural, now curled hair, apply the same technique. Start with the wefts on the far left, grab a section of about one inch thick and wrap it around the barrel, holding the curling iron again parallel to the ground and working towards the middle. 

In fact, practicing this curling technique is especially simpler when using the Deluxe Styler, you’ll really get to see and feel how to hold the curling iron and the difference it makes in wrapping your hair in the right direction.

Once you get to the middle split of the extensions, start curling again from the far right and work your way towards the middle again. This keeps the direction of the curls consistent and will allow for the extensions to blend in much more easily with your natural hair.

Once the extensions are curled brush them out to loosen and smooth them out.

A little Luxy tip, hair extensions can maintain their curl, crimp or wave for a few continuous wears. After you’ve styled your extensions, roll them loosely before storing them, this will help hold the curl or wave a little longer, and they’ll be ready to go when you are without having to re-style them.

Long wavy hair

Some Luxy fans keep two sets; one straight and one styles or curled, this makes getting ready a snap with hair extensions already styled to suit your mood, outfit or event.

Remember to gently wash your extensions if using product after a few wears or every 30 days. Depending how often you wear your extensions, you may have to wash them more often—always be gentle and avoid sulfates or harsh chemical shampoos. Sometimes, just a little conditioner and cool water will do, be gently and avoid rigorous scrubbing. Always air dry your extensions or lay them flat to dry.

When styling your extensions often, it’s best to treat them carefully to ensure you get to wear them for longer.

4. How to blend your curled hair extensions with natural hair

Regardless of your set, you can use any type of Luxy Hair extensions to create this look. To apply Classic clip in hair extensions, use the Luxy Hair Application Kit, which comes with a rattail comb and alligator clips to section and separate your hair easily. 

Section your hair at the nape of your neck, clipping in a 3 clip weft. Section off the hair again an inch or two above that, and clip in a 4 clip weft. Keep working your way up your head using larger wefts for the widest part of your head. You can even double up the wefts for more thickness where you need more hair to be blended in. Finally, use the remaining 2 clip and 1 clip wefts around your face and the front of your head for face-framing length and volume. 

Long wavy hair

Where needed, curl your natural hair and the extensions 
together, using our signature technique above for more natural looking volume.

Once you’ve finished applying your hair extensions, use a Loop Extensions Brush or a safe paddle brush that won’t pull or snag on your hair or extensions and run it through your hair to smooth everything out and ensure the hair is blended flawlessly. 

5. Gloss the waves up

One of the most sought after features of our signature Luxy waves is that glossy shine that seems to attract light no matter the angle. 

To get the super shiny, healthy-looking gloss, apply hair spray for extra hold then apply hair oil concentrating on any frizzy parts and the ends of the hair. This little trick is the finishing touch that works every time and it is what really makes our signature waves pop in photos and in real life. The bonus? It also helps nourish the hair too.

Long wavy hair

Now that we’ve shared our tips and tricks behind our signature Luxy Waves we hope to see you rock it – don’t forget to tag us.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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Signature Hair Curler (Extended Barrel 1 inch Curling Wand)

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