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Luxy® Hair  - 10 hacks to go from everyday drab to holiday fab fast
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10 hacks to go from everyday drab to holiday fab fast

Ain't nothing like the holidays! The smell of the Christmas tree, the crackling fireplace, all the delicious desserts, and of course all the fun parties. But will the holiday season comes a pretty hectic schedule, not to mention, the inevitable dressing up! To help you streamline your getting-ready routine while elevating your look, we've compiled a list of our favorite pro tips below. Keep reading to find out how to create gorgeous holiday hair fast and with minimal fuss. 

Hack #1: For easier, quicker styling use the deluxe styler

holiday hacks

Want to style your hair extensions before you clip them in? Or better yet, want to have your Luxies curled and ready to go so you can create a polished 'do in minutes? Our Deluxe Styler (coming soon!) is perfect for washing, drying, and styling your hair extensions. It will hold your wefts firmly in place so you can style your hair fast and with minimal effort. 


Hack #2: Preserve your style with the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier 

holiday hacks

If the holidays mean lots of travel plans for you, then the Luxy Hair carrier is just what you need! Avoid having to re-curl your extensions multiple times and ensure your style stays in place for longer by hanging them in a carrier. This will also help prevent tangling while you're on the go. All you have to do is hang up the Carrier when you reach your destination! 

Hack #3: Create dimension with Balayage

holiday hacks

Craving a color change without the commitment? Our Balayage collection makes it possible for you to rock gorgeous highlights without the trip to the salon. The added dimensions will help showcase the intricacy of your hairstyle and best of all, you don't need highlights or balayage in your hair to have the color blend!


Hack #4: Double up on sets 

holiday hacks

Double down on holiday hair by doubling up! We know a multitude of holiday parties calls for an array of different hairstyles. If you're an avid hair extensions wearer, or if you just want to save some time, we recommend buying 2 sets of Luxies and leaving one curled and the other straightened, so you can create different styles with ease. Not only will this cut down styling time, but it also minimizes the amount of heat you use on your extensions which can help them stay in optimal health for twice as long! 

Hack #5: Elevate your ponytail with a 1-clip weft 

holiday hacks

Love a good pony but need something a little fancier for that office party? Simply tie your hair into a ponytail as you normally would and polish off the look by wrapping a 1-clip weft at the base of the ponytail, around the hair elastic. This look is super chic and elegant and looks great with a pair of ornate earrings or an open back dress.

Hack #6: Add some extra va-voom

holiday hacks

Feeling like your holiday look needs a little something extra? Use a balayage volumizer weft to add dimension to your existing solid set, braid, or ponytail. Along with giving you some extra height and fullness, this will also help add some subtle dimension which looks great when your hair is in a braid and in photographs! 

Hack #7: Embellish your hair with a statement accessory 

holiday hacks

No need to be a hair wiz or create complicated, intricate hairstyles if you're not in the mood. Instead, add a headband or barrette to an everyday hairstyle. If you have some extra time, we recommend curling your hair for maximum glamor. Hello, old Hollywood vibes! Try to look for hair accessories with pearls or rhinestones for a festive look! 

Hack #8: Mousse it up 

holiday hacks

Think mousse is an old school product? Think again! By adding mousse to your hair before blowdrying and styling, you'll help ensure the curls last all through that late-night dancing. Top it off with some hairspray for double the hold and you're all set to go! 

Hack #9: Style second or third-day hair 

holiday hacks

You might think that having freshly washed hair is the best way to go for a special event but it tends to not have as much grip when it comes to styling. In other words, hair that's a little lived in will better hold curl and shape than hair that's been freshly shampooed. To prevent your roots from looking oily while adding some volume (and letting you skip out on a wash) spray some dry shampoo the night before. This way, it'll absorb while you sleep to avoid any white residue!

Hack #10: Go deep or go home

holiday hacks

Embrace your classic side with a deep side part and some curls. Add some extensions for an elevated look that's universally flattering. To accessorize, we recommend a bold red lip for some holiday flair with minimal effort.


What's your favorite holiday hair hack? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from you! 

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