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Luxy® Hair  - I tried Sugar Bear Hair for 90 days & here's what happened

I tried Sugar Bear Hair for 90 days & here's what happened

My hair and I have been through a lot. We’ve been through countless break ups and make ups—from bad haircuts, chemical cuts from over bleaching, thinning, and what feels like a lifetime of growing my hair out to recover from the trauma. 

I’ve been bleaching my fine, light brown hair since I was 14, and truly forgot what it felt like to have healthy hair. I hit a point where I looked at my hair and realized the beachy blonde I deeply adored was not worth the lifeless, dull, brittle hair I had. After years of this love-hate relationship, I just stopped. I didn’t even bother to dye my hair back to brown, or blend the harsh roots to mitigate the transition period. My hair looked super wacky for a good year, until I chopped it off and decided to start fresh.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins work

I tried everything to reach my hair goals of growing long, healthy, strong hair after this, and have often been desperate to find a quick fix. DIY hair masks, Biotin supplements, chewable vitamins, head massagers...the list goes on! I even put raw egg in my hair once as part of a DIY experiment—gross! After all these “quick fix” methods continually let me down, I’ve become the ultimate cynic on improving hair quality beyond good old patience and genetics. It’s been 18 months since I decided to embrace a natural and shorter look, and my patience greatly paid off. 

Do sugar bear hair vitamins work

When I began this experiment, my cynicism got the best of me and I was super excited to debunk all of the hair growth claims I’ve heard and believed time and time again. While I love chewable vitamins and the fact that Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are vegan, I was also very skeptical of the brand’s bold marketing tactics. After all, I was once a vulnerable person who fell for similar “quick fix” schemes and overpriced products. Not to mention, a little insider secret: most of the influencers who advertise hair gummy products wear hair extensions

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workBeginning of the experiment.

I don’t think there is a magic pill (or gummy) that will solve hair loss or stunted hair growth, unless there is a bigger health issue, of course. Regular trims, a healthy diet, and cutting heat and damage is the cold hard secret to this mystery. My pre-existing thoughts on Sugar Bear Hair itamins had me entering this experiment from a biased perspective, but I promised myself I’d give it a fair shot. So, do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work? I tried them for 3 months and here’s what happened.

December 2019: Month 1 

From the first bite, I was charmed by these delicious little blue treats. The Kardashians were right about the taste, I’ll give them that. My boyfriend wanted to try them, and ended up eating 3 days worth of my supply. I had to scare him off, and got to a point myself where I Googled “Can you OD on gummy vitamins?” Turns out that consuming too many of these bad boys can actually cause some serious side effects, so I promised myself I’d stick to the recommended serving. 

I can’t really speak too much on my first month results, as the progress was minimal. I honestly noticed no difference. What I can speak to is that I found that forming a ritual geared towards loving your hair allowed me to create other healthy habits without realizing it. Consuming the gummies everyday made me feel so accountable, before I knew it I was cutting down on hair washing, embracing heatless hairstyles, and overall treating my hair with more kindness.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 1 vs Month 2.

January 2020: Month 2 

I started experiencing results in the second month, yay! My skin felt extra hydrated, especially in the cold Canadian climate. I actually wasn’t expecting an improvement to my skin while eating Sugar Bear Hair vitamins so this was a nice surprise. I also noticed that my hair felt stronger, had great elasticity, a nice shine, and was holding a style really well. I definitely got a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair looked, but no one noticed a difference in length. 

Like I mentioned before, taking these vitamins made me create a healthy hair routine in other ways. I was reducing my wash time, and using heat on my hair only once every 2 weeks, which is a huge win for me. Could these awesome results have been from my entire new haircare routine as a whole, or was it the magic gummies? I’m not totally sure.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workMonth 2 vs Month 3.

February 2020: Month 3 

In my third sugary month, I experienced the most promising results. I didn't think my hair had actually grown all that much, but after comparing my Month 3 photo to Month 1, I definitely noticed a difference in length. My hair also felt and looked a lot better! I noticed more weight in my hair, and my ponytails were looking super thick compared to normal. While I’d love to credit Sugar bear hair vitamins for these improvements, it’s hard to isolate this one product in determining the end results, due to the healthy hair habits I had also created. 

Does sugarbear hair workStart of experiment vs. end

So...do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work?

I found the results to be very similar to my experiment with Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, Nails gummies. Both greatly improved my skin, influenced healthier hair habits, and gave me a boost of daily essential vitamins, with some hair growth as a bonus.

Do sugar bear hair vitamins workSugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Compared to Nature’s Bounty, Sugar bear hair wins for me in the Vegan department, but Nature’s Bounty wins in terms of affordability (less than $10 USD for a month’s supply compared to Sugar bear hair’s $29.99 USD.) Both are equally yummy in my opinion, however, gelatin doesn’t bother me too much. If you want to avoid gelatin and chewables all together, you’ll be fine with a basic women’s multivitamin. 

In my opinion, when you purchase Sugar bear hair, you ultimately pay for the marketing and viral appeal. I’m sure you’ve all seen the infamous Instagram images of The Kardashian clan, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens and more, nibbling on these sweet treats. It works as well as other similar products on the market, but if you give into the big bear named Sugar, you get to be part of the “cool girl (bear)” club! 

In all honesty, I would never be able to recommend a product that does the same job as a basic women’s multivitamin. Take care of yourself, treat your hair with love, take your vitamins, and always do your own research before you give in to the hype. While I’m grateful for the 20 seconds per day of deliciousness I was blessed with, I will not be ordering these again.

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