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Luxy® Hair  - We tried viral Instagram hair products...here's what happened

We tried viral Instagram hair products...here's what happened

With so many unique hair tools trending on the internet, it can be difficult to know what products are actually worth buying. It seems like every week there’s a new hair product becoming a cult favorite.

Just search for the hashtag “hair tools” on Instagram and you’ll see an endless array of photographs of hair straighteners, curlers, and other funky looking gadgets that all promise better hair days. Discovering the right gadget for your hair is a great feeling, but it can definitely be time-consuming to dig through everything online and select the right ones...so we ay Luxy Hair did it for you! 

We got our hands on some of the coolest (and weirdest) hair tools on Instagram and did the dirty work for you by trying them all out. From curling irons and hair dryer holders to drying and styling hybrids, we experimented with a handful of popular hair tools.

Check out the video below for our opinions on what wowed us and what left us unimpressed. Plus, keep scrolling for a full breakdown on each of the viral hair tools that we put to the test. 

Cover Your Gray Hair Touch Up Stick

Upon noticing your first gray hairs, you may feel a few different emotions. Perhaps you accepted them as part of the aging process, or maybe you felt a little panicked by the idea of getting older. More and more women are embracing their grays these days, while many also choose to cover them up. If you prefer to keep your grays covered, you probably know that the cost of frequenting a salon for color maintenance can add up quickly, and you might want to try a cheaper, at-home alternative.

The first product we tested out was the Cover Your Gray hair touch-up stick. To use, apply directly to the hair area that you want to touch up, then blend with surrounding hair. For us, the texture of the product was a bit waxy and did not go on super easily. Cover Your Gray might be a good option for covering up bald spots or for hairstyles that show a lot of scalp, but we think it can be a little difficult for everyday use. 

Our rating: Thumbs down

Bonnet Dryer Attachment

You’re probably wondering how the Bonnet Dryer Attachment works and whether or not it’s supposed to be used as a winter hood. We put our detective skills into action and discovered that the bonnet is actually supposed to be used to dry your hair more efficiently.

Whether drying hair after washing a weave or setting locks with velcro hair rollers, deep conditioning or color treating, the bonnet can help you achieve a fresh from the salon look. If you can figure it how to use it, that is. Our bonnet didn’t come with instructions so it took a little trial and error just to get it up and running.  The verdict? We think we'll pass on this one.

Our rating: Thumbs down

Dodo Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Curling Iron

For soft, beachy waves, look no further than this curling iron. The beaded iron may look peculiar, but it heats up in seconds and will give you a full head of dreamy curls. It also comes with a heat-resistant glove for safer styling. Just wrap your hair around the grooved, tourmaline ceramic beads, hold for a couple of seconds, and you have effortless waves! You won’t get a full curling iron wave or a flat iron wave, but a softer, looser wave. We were obsessed with the results we got from this curling iron. If you’re the type of person who likes to change up your look on a regular basis, then this tool is for you!

Our rating: Thumbs up


Clamp Hair Brush

Save some time with this handy little brush designed to detangle hair and speed up the drying process.  For best results, we recommend pairing it with a blow dryer. Start by clamping the brush down near the roots of your hair, then work the brush down the entire length of hair, holding the blow dryer up to the brush. The vented design lets air flow through to eliminate frizz. You may have to go over each hair section a couple of times, but the brush will give you smooth and straight hair in a matter of minutes. The extra shine will also make it look like you just stepped out of the salon. 

Our rating: Thumbs up

Volumizing Hair Dryer Brush

To give your hair that extra oomph, turn to this volumizing hair dryer brush. The unique oval brush shape straightens and dries hair while the round edges create va-va-voom volume. The brush heats up quickly and is super easy to use. Start from the root of your hair and roll the brush up to the ends and outwards. To curl your ends, place the hot brush under the ends and hold for two to three seconds before turning it. Our one qualm? It’s really loud. Even with the noise however, this brush was our favorite product of the whole bunch we tested out. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Our rating: Thumbs up 

Hair Dryer Holder

What is this seemingly unnecessary piece of equipment you ask? A hairdryer holder holds your hairdryer in place for you while you are drying your hair. The wall mount suctions to the wall and the hairdryer can be placed securely in the holder. Turn it on and dry your hair hands-free or use your free hands to wield a curling iron or other styling tool. There are also plenty of alternative uses to consider, including photoshoots. This tool will be a game-changer for uncoordinated folk and those who struggle to use a hairdryer and a styling tool at the same time. While this is certainly not a must-have, it can be helpful to add to your arsenal. 

Our rating: Thumbs neutral 

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