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Luxy® Hair  - 12 pearl hair clips to add to your cart

12 pearl hair clips to add to your cart

When a trend has managed to last for over two years, overcoming our 30-second attention spans, you know it’s here to stay.  Pearl hair clips and accessories are one of these—the kind of trends that have taken over everything from street style, runways and even haute couture. Pearl hair clips are one of the biggest things to happen to hair and we love that their staying power have made their  way into 2021 too. 

The reason for their long lasting appeal lies in their versatility. Whether it’s a wedding, a date night or a work event; you can rock a set of Pearl hair clips pretty much anywhere and fit the memo. Thanks to the Audrey Hepburns, Marilyn Monroes and Carrie Bradshaws of the world, wearing pearl accessories also brings an undeniable elegance along with it. So if you’re looking to add these beauties to your bag, keep scrolling through to see some of our favorite pearl hair clips and accessories.

12 best pearl hair clips to add to your cart

1. Clustered Pearl Hair Clips

These pearl hair clips were the one of the first to make their way into our hair and hearts—these speak elegance and style and are oh-so easy to use. They’re an elevated way to wear barrettes, and can be styled with everything from summer dresses to cozy winter sweaters. 

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2. Clustered Pearl Hair Pins

For the girls who live for a minimal aesthetic, these Luxy Hair Pretty in Pearl hair clips are it. Slide them on as singles or wear the whole trio together, whatever be the case, you’ve definitely got yourself a hairstyle for days.


3. Padded pearl headbands

When the padded headband trend meets pearls, you know it’s going to be a noteworthy style moment. Headbands have been our savior on bad hair days for eons now. Add pearls to this mix and you’ve got yourself an accessory that can save you from the worst hair days, and also add an undeniable flare to your OOTD.

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4. Single Pearl Hair Pins

These singular pearl hair pins have been a hot favorite in the wedding sphere for a while now, and for good reason. Individual pearl hair pins give you the freedom and ability to style it to your liking, place it to suit anything from a ponytail to a low bun or even an over the top bridal updo.

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5. Pearl hair scrunchie

Scrunchie szn is here to stay and we’re living for it. With lockdown, we’ve found a whole new love for scrunchies—whether it’s velvet, soft satin or decked with pearls. It’s perfect for no-fuss  working hours when all you want to do is keep your hair out of your face.

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6. Pearl Headpiece

What more can we say about a headpiece that is sure to turn heads? Let’s just say that this is the only hair accessory you will ever need to make a bold statement. Pop this baby on over a classy satin dress or a pretty lace dress and you’ve got yourself a look that will never get dated.

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7. Pearl Wedding hair pins

For brides who want a tasteful look on their big day, these adjustable pearl wedding hair pins are exactly what you need. Place them in sporadically to a messy bun or half-up ponytail and adjust to your liking. We love the usability of these—plus you can also use them in singles to style your hair after your wedding!

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8. Pearl Claw Clip

If you’re not a claw clip girl yet, we’re sure these pearl claw clips will make you want to  jump on  the bandwagon real quick! They effortlessly lend a sweet Parisian aesthetic to pretty much anything you wear. Got a pair of beige sweats on? Throw your hair up with this pearl claw clip, pull a few strands of hair out in front of your face and you’ve got a vibe no one can deny.

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9. The classic pearl hair clip

Widely worn (and sold) in duos, these rectangular pearl hair clips made their way into every blogger's mirror selfies back in 2019 and still continue to. Made for everyday wear, these clips are sturdy, stylish and keep your hair put through the day.

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10. Individual pearl hair pins

For the ladies who love a messy bun, these individual pearl hair pins are the ideal accessory. A claw clip or bobby pin can sometimes manipulate and change the way a messy bun looks, but these hair pins, with various sized pearls are here to elevate it without changing its shape of form—win, win amirite?

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11. Geometrical Pearl Clips

Circles, squares, stars and more—just like gold hair clips, pearls also showed up in the geometrical hair accessories space. Leaning towards the more minimal style of pearl hair accessories, these clips are #blessing for the ladies who struggle to style their hair. Clip one of these on to side-parted hair, or wear your hair half-up, half-down and see the magic happen. If you’re a hair styling rookie, we suggest you get your hands on these!

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12. Floral Pearl Clips 

It’s all in the little details! At first glance these might look like any other pearl hair clips, but we love the floral details on these. If you don’t want to wear the basic set in your hair, these floral beauties are a great alternative. They’re on-trend yet set you apart from the rest. 

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How to style your pearl hair clips and accessories

Over the top clips

If “the more, the better” is your life’s motto, this over the top style is made for you. Break out all your favorite pearl hair clips and stylishly clip them into your low bun. We love a great mixed and matched look, it ups the ante on any OOTD instantly.

Suit it up

Who says formal wear and pearls don’t go together. A power suit, teamed with your natural hair flowing open and free; pearls can only up the boss girl factor in this look. Next time you’re suiting up for a work meeting, don’t shy away from wearing pearls in your hair. You can rest assured that it will only add more fire to your already stylish look.

Simple low bun 

Raise your hand if a simple low bun has been your go-to lock down style! This fuss-free hairstyle can be easily elevated for any occasion with a set (or two) of pearl hair clips. We love how it’s clipped in right above her bun, making this a look that will be on-trend for a long, long time.

Self-care style

Self care style is real, ladies. If you’re not a fan of fluffy headbands that keep your hair out of your face when it’s masking time, your pearl hair clips will do the trick just fine too. They’ll hold your hair back, and also make for a great photo opportunity for Instagram. Wins all around!

Handpicked Pearls 

On days you want to let your hair down, these minimal pearl hair pins are here to serve. Depending on the kind of vibe you’re going for, add as many or as little as you’d like and space them out to create a high-fashion look.

Pearl Ponytails

Want to elevate your basic ponytail instantly? Here’s what we suggest: Add in a ponytail extension for that extra volume and wear it high up top, so it pops Ariana-style. Add in a pearl scrunchie to the base and you’ve created a look you can wear to a wedding, a date night and even for girls night!

Pearl Swirls

We like to think this is the pearl version of the bubble ponytail, and we’re here for it. Swap out your regular scrunchies and wrap a string of pearls around your ponytail. Tie your hair up in a ponytail, and curl it all together with a 1” curling wand to create the perfect swirl. Wrap it with pearl scrunchies or a string of pearls to recreate this look.

Wedding updo

If you’re a bride who wants to have classic elements tied into a modern wedding look, pearls will help you get there easily. With pearls, when done tastefully, there is no such thing as too much or too little. Add some to a messy updo, or opt for adjustable hair pins to create a look you will always love. 

So there you have it! The whole lowdown on the trendiest pearl hair pins and accessories to get your hands on this year. There is a reason these babies have been trending since 2019, and now you know. What we especially love about them is how they’re evolving as hairstyles evolve through the years. So if you haven’t got your hands on one yet, it still isn’t too late. Pearl hair clips are versatile enough for you to style no matter the season, or occassion. 

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