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Luxy® Hair  - Trendy ways to style gold hair clips this season

Trendy ways to style gold hair clips this season

You’ve got your trendiest matching loungewear set on, your Luxy Hair Extensions clipped in, your laptop ready for the zoom party you’re about to attend—and you think to yourself, how do I up the ante on this look? Three words: Gold hair clips! They might just be the trendiest hair accessory to step into 2021 with. 

Since comfort has become the anthem of fashion in our current world, accessorizing is here to balance it out, giving you the perfect mix of comfort and style. Gold hair clips have proven to be just as trendy on the red carpet as they are in your bathroom mirror selfie. So if you’re looking to add something new to your collection this year, might we suggest a few cute gold hair clips and accessories? 

One of the main reasons these gold hair clips have such a grip on us is because of how versatile they are—from acrylic, to gold leaf hair clips, rose gold and more, the options for you to choose from are plenty! Scroll on to see all the stunning options you can choose from!

10 Trendy gold hair clips to get your hands on: 

1. Gold leaf hair clips

If you’re looking for something that’s classy yet perfect for everyday wear, these gold leaf, acrylic clips are made for you. Pair them with a crisp white shirt, classic denims and you’re good to go.

2. Rose gold hair clips

For times you want to add an extra pep in your step, these rose-pink tinted gold clips are here to help. However, be mindful of how you pair these rose gold clips with other accessories. We suggest sticking to silver tones and white pearls to create a complete look, otherwise rose gold could end up clashing with your other accessories.

3. Geometric gold hair clips: Stars, squares and more

While these do have a true-blue 2012 Tumblr aesthetic, we can’t deny just how stylish they look even in 2021. Perfect for bad hair days where all you want to do is douse your hair with dry shampoo—these minimalistic geometric hair clips come in handy to create the effortless hairstyle of your dreams.

4. Minimalist gold hair clips: Small clips for thinner hair

A lot of ladies with thin hair shy away from wearing hair clips because it can sometimes expose their scalp more than necessary and make their overall ‘do to look limp. Moreover, some clips can even cause damage while taking off. We suggest wearing hair clips with a slimmer design that don’t pull or tug on your roots. Opt for gold hair clips that are thinner, or smaller in size to complement your hair texture and volume. 

5. Gold chain hair clips

Gold Hair Clips

The chain design has become widely popular thanks to a ton of fine jewellery brands, and we love how it has also been translated into a hair accessory in a sophisticated way. Gold chain hair clips are your ticket to a stylish hair look in seconds. It makes for a perfect addition to a sleek low bun or side part. 


6. Gold butterfly hair clips

Our moms knew what was up when they picked out a pack of brightly coloured butterfly hair clips to match everything in our closets back in the day. But now, these butterfly hair clips are making an elevated comeback and we’re here for it. These gold butterfly hair clips won’t just give your OOTD a nostalgic vibe, but also keep it super trendy with the times. They’re ideal for an everyday look when you want to pin up your hair, look cute and get right to work. 

7. Embellished gold hair clips: Diamonds, rhinestones and all things bling

This one is for all the Instagram baddies. Put your hair up in that Ariana-style ponytail and snap these embellished hair clips right on! Trust us when we say that these rhinestone clips are all you need to make a bold statement with your hairstyle of the day. If you love the OTT look, consider layering two of more of these clips for extra pizazz. 

8. Gold claw clips

Another widely loved 90s accessory, the claw clip is making a big comeback this year and we couldn’t be more excited. Claw clips are functional, stylish accessories that make us fall more in love with hairstyling. And you know it only gets better when there is a 2021 adaptation of it. Minimalist gold claw clips give you all the trappings of an ~aesthetic insta model you need. 

9. Gold and pearl hair clips

Pretty in pearl hair clips

These gold and pearl hair clips made their way into our lives in 2019 and it looks like they’re here to stay awhile. These are, perhaps, one of the most versatile types of clips because they fit the bill for everything from weddings, proms and virtual parties and more. They can be styled with anything from a slip dress to a structured black blazer and even a cozy sweater.


10. Gold bobby pins

Bobby pins are an essential for anyone with long hair. But before that 50 piece pack you just purchased magically disappears little by little, use them to create stylish looks for days. Whether you have access to three or thirty-three, gold bobby pins are a functional, versatile accessory that can help you style it up in various ways.

5 ways to style gold hair clips

Now that we’ve got the memo on the trendiest gold hair clips on the block, let’s get down to styling. There are a plethora of ways you can wear your gold hair accessories, but here a few of popular, trendy styles that we’re seeing everywhere.

1. Gold Clips with braids

Big voluminous braids never go out of style, top this off with a set of trendy gold hair clips and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. A great way to achieve this look is to clip in your hair extensions for that va-va-voom volume we all know and love. Add in your gold hair clips in a random manner or alternate between braids to create a look you’ll love for days.

2. Classy wedding low bun

If you’re a lockdown  bride, we understand the struggle you have to go through! This is the most special day of your life and everything from your hair, to your dress should reflect that. Pretty gold or pearl hair clips can elevate any wedding updo in minutes. So don’t hold back on the accessories. It’s the simplest way you can wear your hair pretty. 

Don’t forget to add a set of hair extensions that can serve you for everything from engagement photos, save-the-dates down to the big day!


3. Half Up-Half down 

The half-up half-down hairstyle has been a cult favorite for years now, but we love how new trends and accessories can refresh this classic hairdo pretty smoothly. To get this look, stack up your favorite clips vertically-you don’t need to be a hairstyle expert to achieve this look. Section your hair at the crown, twist and secure with bobby pins to anchor the section and then add your favorite gold clips to accessorize. We love how modernly this is styled, but you can also go for a more contemporary feel and add the clips in a random manner.

4. Ponytails for days

Ponytails could easily be christened the official hairstyle of quarantine. From a messy, unkempt one to a sleek, ponytail that Ariana Grande herself would be proud of, you can rest assured that this versatile hairdo will help you style a myriad of gold hair clips in nifty ways. Add the gold clips to the side of your head, to the base of your ponytail or even accessorize it with tiny butterfly clips all around—the options are all there for you. 

5. Side swept dreams  

Have you always wanted those dreamy beach waves, the ones every IG model has mastered? Well, we’re here to let you in on a secret. The new Luxy Hair Signature Curler can help you achieve that look oh-so effortlessly. To add to this, you can wear your favorite gold + pearl hair clips and switch up your look on the daily.

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