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Luxy® Hair  - Why The Wolf Cut Is Trending

Why The Wolf Cut Is Trending

Shag haircuts are officially a thing again. Affectionately known as the wolf cut or "shullet," this nickname combines two components of this trendy style -- the shag and (gasp) the mullet. With over 500 million views on Tiktok, #WolfCut is definitely the hottest online hair craze right now. 

Yes, the mullet has been resurrected from the dead, but don't panic just yet. The wolf cut will not make you look like an extra on Wayne's World or the lead singer of a 1980's hair metal band. In fact, this new take on the "business at the front, party at the back" style is being driven by trend setting women. With stars like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Gigi Hadid sporting their own versions of this shag cut, fashion forward females are flocking to their stylists to try out this bold new look.

Even the shag aspects of this cool girl haircut are very different from shags of the past, bearing little likeness to the manes of Rod Stewart or Tina Turner. No, this year's adaptation is new and fresh and like nothing you've ever sported before.

What does a wolf cut look like?

While the old school shag was as layered and choppy as humanly possible and often resulted in a porcupine effect, the modern version sports less layers and thinning out, creating a more natural look. And, unlike the David Bowie-esque mullets of the 1980's, this year's take sees less variance and more subtle graduations in length, meaning that the transition to the long part of your hair at the back isn't so extreme. Replace your image of Billy Ray Cyrus with Miley, sporting a pixie-ish modern mullet. And, thanks to this modern reboot, a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off is no longer required.

Why is the wolf haircut trending?

Adopting the shullet means saying goodbye to your all-one-length tresses by adding layers and bangs. For many, it requires a huge change. Why, then, are the masses willing to undergo such a radical follicle transformation? It turns out that many of us are tired of our extra long pandemic manes and welcome a huge change. Bye bye boring ponytail. Helloooo, hot new hairdo. Plus it looks amazing on Billie Eilish. 

Who is the wolf cut best suited for?

The modern day mullet is highly versatile and suits most face shapes and hair textures. Straight, wavy and even curly hair types can rock this short hairstyle. 

When creating a wolf cut, it is important to keep one's face shape in mind. This will help determine the length and degree of symmetry for your fringe, the amount of layering, and how much variance you need in your lengths. By working together with your stylist, you will find the version of this style that suits you best. In the meantime, you may want to try this quiz that helps determine which bangs are ideal for you.

The shag aspect of this cut requires bangs, but these bangs can vary from lengthy curtain bangs to a short blunt fringe. Rena Calhoun of Andy LeCompte Salon offers, "A fringe is very flattering and can be softening on most people, especially when cut to the correct length for their face shape." So, once again, the shullet shines as a look that can be adapted to suit anyone.

The shullet also comes in a variety of lengths. Ask your stylist which length suits you best. And, thanks to hair extensions, you can change up this style by adding length wherever you wish, whenever you want. And, if you grow weary of sporting this shag/mullet hybrid, it is super easy to grow out. Bonus!

How to style a wolf cut

One celebrated stand-out feature of the wolf cut is the fact that it really is a wash and go style. Associate Colour Director at London's Linnaean Salon, Craig Clark, offers, "The cut is completely designed around your personal hair texture, so no need to battle with heat styling." There are, however, a few tips that professional stylists offer to keep your shullet looking its best.

Add different colors

Are you drawn to this style's edginess? If so, you may want to pair it with a dramatic hue. Daring purples? Soft peaches? Or steely greys. This cut looks particularly fabulous when you use two or three colours for dimension. Does your personal style lean more towards conservative? No problem. Your stylist can achieve this same multi-dimensional look using two or three natural hair shades too. Celebrity hair stylist, Mara Roszak, does point out that since this cut is so heavily reliant on layering, any colouring should be done after cutting.

Turn up the volume

Are your follicles completely straight? Some stylists suggest getting a perm to add a bit of wave and texture to your shag mullet. If you wish to avoid chemicals, you could opt for a high quality set of easy-to-use and very popular velcro rollers and add your own curl. Seriously, these hair rollers are nothing like the ones your grandmother used to sleep in. These are comfortable and can be used with short or long hair. And, again, no chemicals or unpleasant odours!


Go the messy route

The wolf cut also lends itself well to a tousled beach look. By combing detangler through damp hair, spritzing with a sea salt spray, applying some texturizing spray, and making waves with your fingers, you can achieve a playful, casual style.

Yes, the wolf cut truly is easy to care for, extremely versatile, and reflects your fun-loving personality.

So kick your boring Covid hair to the curb. Now's your chance to put the former mullet-wearing men in your life to shame with your far superior shullet. And you don't even have to own a pickup.


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Written by: Kimberley Laws 

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