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Luxy® Hair  - Transformation Tuesday: Samantha
Hair Extensions

Transformation Tuesday: Samantha

Why do we love Luxy Hair extensions? Because they're a great way to experiment with adding colour to your hair with NO damage!

On this week's edition of Transformation Tuesday, Luxy Hair Customer Support team member Azra transformed our lovely intern Sammy's already long hair with beautiful, instant highlights and added thickness using our new Seamless Ombre Chestnut Luxies. 

Step 1: Choose your ideal Luxy set

Sammy already has long hair, however, her hair is on the thinner side, so Azra decided to use our new Seamless Luxies since the base of the wefts are super thin and lie totally flat against the head. This ensures that not only are the wefts virtually undetectable when worn, but they're super comfy too.

For va-va-voom volume, you can opt for our 220g set, which is specifically designed to add diva level volume for a serious hair boost. Not sure how to pick your ideal Luxy set? Click here for some help. 

Our Ombre Chestnut set transitions from Mocha Brown at the top to Chestnut Brown at the top - since Sammy's natural hair colour is a perfect Mocha Brown, this set was ideal to blend in Sammy's hair, while adding a pop of colour at the bottom. 


Step 2: Clip your Luxies in

Seamless extensions can be clipped in just like our Classic collection, as the clips are hand-stitched to the base of the wefts. Need a refresher on how to clip in Luxy Hair extensions? Check out our tutorial here. As you can see, our Seamless wefts are 50% thinner than our Classic wefts - look how flat the wefts lay against Sammy's head!

Step 3: Curl the hair

Luxies can totally be worn straight, or, to add even more volume and drama, you can curl the extensions. Remember to use a maximum heat setting of 120C/250F when curling the hair, however, as anything higher could risk damaging your lovely new Luxies. Check out our super help blog post here to learn some tips and tricks to ensure that your gorgeous curls last all day long. Azra used a 1 inch curling barrel to create Sammy's big, sexy curls. Pro tip: alternate curling the hair in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. This will ensure that the hair has more body and the curls look more natural.

How to curl hair extensions

Step 4: Brush the curls out

This step is optional, however, Azra decided to brush out Sammy's curls to give the hair those beautiful, soft, waves. 

Annnddddd she's done!

Before and After transformation with Luxy Hair extensions

Have you experimented with colour using hair extensions? If you'd like to try out adding highlights to your hair without the commitment of dyeing, just send over a photo of your hair taken in natural lighting to [email protected]. The Luxy Hair Support team will be happy to make a recommendation. 

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