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Luxy® Hair  - Top 10 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Top 10 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are SO many things to take into consideration...the venue, the cake, the invitations, the DJ, the guest list, the food, the bridesmaids, the Maid of Honour, the wedding dress, the bridesmaids' wedding dresses, the wedding hairstyle, the bridesmaids hairstyles...it's exhausting just thinking about it!

Bridesmaids hairstyles

Where do you even start?

When choosing your bridesmaid hairstyles, we recommend to first choose your own wedding hairstyle. Once you know what theme you are going with (glam, boho, natural, traditional, etc.) you can then think about how you would like your bridesmaids to look to complement that style. 

A big trend this year is coordinating bridesmaids, but not necessarily matching them - this can be applied to their dresses as well as their hairstyles. Keep in mind, what may work for one bridesmaid's hair type may not work for another. Take each bridesmaid's personal style, hair type, hair length, and level of comfort into consideration to ensure all your girls are looking and feeling their best.

Here are our favorite bridesmaid hairstyles and hair ideas for the upcoming wedding season this year to ensure that it's one thing you won't have to worry about.

1. Low, sleek ponytail

This is a super graceful and romantic look that can work on many types of hair. To create the look, create a middle part, and use hairspray or pomade to slick each side down. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail... and that's it! This is a super easy, yet sophisticated hairstyle that your bridesmaids can even create themselves. To spice up the look, clip in 2-3 wefts of Luxy Hair extensions to add thickness to your ponytail, as shown in this video. You can also add soft curls to the ponytail, tie the hair with a feminine ribbon, or add a piece of hardware like in the third photo.

Bridesmaids hairstyles

2. Slick low bun

In keeping with the sophisticated, elegant theme, a slick low bun is a great complement to the low ponytail above. Your bridesmaids will all "go" together, but won't look like exact copycats of each other. This is a classic style, timeless updo hairstyle and is also super simple to create. Just like the sleek low ponytail, divide the hair into a middle part or side part, use hairspray or pomade to slick each side down, and gather the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, take a hair donut, and spread the hair evenly around the donut, creating a perfect bun, and secure the excess hair underneath with bobby pins. Check out the full tutorial video below. 

3. Sleek and sexy side part 

Here's a stunning third look to add to the bridesmaids hair ideas above. Some ladies, like myself, prefer wearing their hair down, and that's okay! Again, you're looking to complement, not copy. To create this bridesmaid hairstyle, use a rattail comb to create an extreme side part in your hair. To get the sleek effect of this hairstyle, be sure to part your hair at least 2-3 inches down the side. Using hairspray, pomade, or hair gel (for a more wet look), slick the hair down and ensure that the part will hold. Add soft waves at the bottom for a romantic look or keep the hair straight for an edgier feel.

Bridesmaids hairstyles

4. Glam Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves are super charming for bridesmaids, and is perfect for a classic, traditional themed wedding. This hairstyle evokes a timeless elegance from old Hollywood, and can with a few twists, can work for a bridesmaid of any age. This look features big, loose curls that tumble ever so softly, framing the face beautifully. To get the look, apply a holding hair mousse to your damp hair, and use a large round brush to blow-dry your hair in sections, creating big volume. Then, using a 1.5 to 2 inch barrel curling wand, wrap large sections of hair around the curling wand, let each curl cool in your hair, and clip it to your head. Next, unclip each curl, tug gently to loosen, and voila! Big, glam, sexy, gorgeous old Hollywood waves that are perfect for any bridesmaids. Watch our full tutorial below.

5. Deconstructed side braid

It's no secret that effortless, bohemian vibes are totally trendy right now for weddings, and this goes for bridesmaid hairstyles as well! We're obsessed with these boho, undone side braids, which can be customized for each of your bridesmaids' hair type. The trick to creating this look is to leave loose pieces around the face, and to tug at the braids to loosen them and create a deliberately messy look. Here's how to create a three way fishtail braid, a super cute bubble braid, and a bohemian fishtail braid, all using Luxy Hair extensions for added volume. 

6. Milk maid crown braid

We love this braided crown updo hairstyle! It's perfect for any fairytale, boho themed wedding. Pretty fishtail braids wrap around either the nape of the neck or the top of the head, creating that unconventional, yet oh-so pretty bridesmaid hairstyle. When creating this look, ensure to "pancake" each braid by pulling each section to fluff up and loosen the braids and give the braids volume. Looser braids are also easier to bend and style, ensuring that this updo hairstyle doesn't look too overdone.

7. Beachy, natural waves

Nothing screams "I woke up like this" like beautiful, beachy, textured waves that are just the right amount of messy. This hairstyle is perfect for low-key bridesmaids or for a beach wedding. Think soft, flowy dresses, pastel pinks and whites, and lots of flowers. For those bridesmaids who prefer keeping their hair au natural, this hairstyle for bridesmaids is just the thing! No fussy pinning, no headache at the end of the night, and no worrying about updos falling out. Just pure, beautiful, natural hair. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Here's how to get the look. For extra long length and added volume to tousled tresses, we recommend to clip some hair extensions in.

Best wedding hairstyles

8. Half up hairstyle with braids

A great way to spice up the wedding hairstyle above is to add some braids! We're obsessed with this half up half down bridesmaid hairstyle, with fishtail braids wrapped around. You can create this hairstyle for bridesmaids with a 3 strand French braid or a twisted rope braid as well with beautiful results. Add a jewelled hair piece or some flowers, and voila! Your bridesmaids will look picture perfect and wedding ready. 

Best boho wedding hairstyles

9. Messy updo

Is there anything more lovely than an updo that looks easy and uncomplicated, yet ornate enough for bridesmaids? The key to getting this updo hairstyle for weddings is loose curls, flowing pieces of hair, and a few braids here and there to keep things interesting. Check out this tutorial to learn how easy it is to recreate this wedding hairstyle.

Best wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids

10. And last but not least...boho flower crown

Okay, we know. The flower crown thing isn't everyone's cup of tea, but hear us out! What is more romantic that your beautiful bridesmaids standing around you with gorgeous fresh flowers in your wedding colors adorning their hair? Flower crowns are especially exquisite for boho themed weddings, and each bridesmaid can wear a crown suited to her own personality. Check out our fave inspo pics below, and check out this tutorial for more ways to wear flower crowns.

Boho wedding flower crown bridesmaids hair ideas

What are your favorite bridesmaids hairstyles? We'd love to see your wedding photos and hear your hair ideas for more inspiration! Be sure to leave your comments below.

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