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Luxy® Hair  - Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

While your wedding day might feel like it’s all about you and your special someone, it’s also a major milestone in your life when you get to celebrate all of the female friendships you’ve acquired over the years. From childhood friends, college buddies, your work besties and everyone in between that have provided emotional support (and advice at 2am when you were having a quarter life crisis). 

And what better way to make your bridesmaids feel special than with a proposal box of their own? 

Bridesmaid proposal boxes have become all the rage in recent years as brides-to-be scour the internet for fun and interesting ways to ask their best gal pals the ultimate question: will you be my bridesmaid? 

If you are looking for ideas on what to put in a bridesmaid proposal box here are some of our top picks. We’ve included some pre-made gifting boxes as well as some individual items you can purchase if you want to go the DIY bridesmaid proposal box route. If you’re feeling crafty that is. 

The best part about a DIY bridesmaid proposal box is that you are in charge of the contents! It could be filled to the brim with all of your favorite things, useful items leading up to the wedding day or just some inside jokes you’ve accumulated over the years. 

What to put in a bridesmaid proposal box:

1. Aesthetic Candles 

    Who can say no to a cute candle? #Aestheticcandles have been trending online for a while now and with so many creative shapes and molds, you are bound to find something that speaks to you and your friend group and help you create that clean white candle aesthetic. 

    Some of our favorites are these stunning rose candles from Blush Candles for a more traditional bridesmaid proposal box and these cute knot candles to celebrate you tying the knot.

    2. Sheet masks 

    Sheet masks are super easy to find and allow your potential bridesmaid to have a fun selfcare night (or you can use these together the night before the wedding!) Some of our favourite sheet masks are Dr. Jart's Cryo Rubber Masks with Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize parched skin. 

    These are also great if you normally have dry skin and need an extra burst of hydration before your big day. The added hydration will help prime your face before make up application so you all look flawless. 

    3. Hair extensions

    If you already have a vision (or detailed wedding Pinterest board) for your wedding day this could be a great opportunity to gift some hair extensions so your bridesmaids can complete their special look. If you are still looking for bridesmaid hairstyle ideas make sure to read this post where we break down our top 10 bridesmaid hairstyle looks

    Regardless of whether you want to go with a chic bun or matching ponytails, all of our hair extensions can be used to add some additional fullness and volume so everyone looks picture perfect for your big day. 

    If you need help finding a hair color match for your bridesmaid, you can use our virtual hair tool or talk to one of our customer service reps who can help you find the perfect shade and style. 

    4. Personalized necklaces

    Who doesn’t love getting jewelry? A necklace can become so meaningful when it's gifted by one of your loved ones. Take that memento up a notch by gifting engraved necklaces to your favorite ladies. Mejuri offers the option of personalizing this gold coin necklace with the initial of your choice. 

    This simple and understated necklace is something they can wear everyday or during all the special occasions leading up to your wedding day! 

    5. Mini Champagne bottles 

    Time to pop some bottles and celebrate! These mini champagne bottles are perfect for bridesmaid proposal boxes and come in a range of flavors. These add a celebratory vibe to any bridesmaid proposal box. If you are looking for a non-alcoholic version, you can also opt for a non-alcoholic wine instead. 

    6. Candy 

    Do you all share a sweet tooth? Adding some of your favorite chocolate or candy is a great option. You can also use these in place of crinkle paper to be more eco-friendly. These Sugarfina champagne bears are a cute addition to any box and they have a wide selection whether you prefer something sweet, sour or fruity. 

    7. Haircare items like our Something Nourishing Hair Kit 

    Keeping a beauty regimen going before the wedding is key. Make it easy for your bridesmaids to take care of their hair with this nourishing hair kit. This includes a scalp massager along with a moisturizing hair mask so they can prep beforehand. This duo does a great job of exfoliating and hydrating your hair. 

    8. Hair accessories 

    Accessories like silk scrunchies, hair clips and hair bands are always crowd pleasers. We especially love these Something Pretty hair clips for a delicate floral finish. 

    9. Bath bombs, salts or bubbles 

    What better way to unwind after a whirlwind few months of planning than with some selfcare products for bath time? There’s so many options available like these LUSH flower bath bombs infused with jasmine, rice and ylang ylang for a soothing soak.

    10. Friendship bracelets 

    We love this grown up take on the friendship bracelet. These personalized Little Words Project bead bracelets come in a variety of colors and you can write any message you want with block letters.

    11. Polaroid photos 

    Print out some of your favourite memories and add some polaroid photos to your box. This is a great time to reminisce about all the great moments you’ve shared throughout the years and take you both down memory lane. 

    12. Bridesmaid Robes 

    We all know getting ready is the best part about going out. You can find some stunning options on Etsy which can also be personalized with their names too.

    13. Beauty Tools like jade roller or gua sha 

    Facial tools are all the rage these days and this Mount Lai rose quartz jade roller and gua sha spa set can help relieve facial tension, promote blood circulation and give you that snatched jawline you’ve always dreamed of. 

    14. Tumbler 

    Sip on your favourite beverage with these rose gold speckled tumblers from David’s Tea or get these trendy double walled glass mugs for an aesthetic touch. 

    15. A personal note 

    Before you say I do, it’s time to reach out to your girlfriends and ask them to be part of your wedding party. Here’s some tips on what to say if you are struggling to find the right words. 

    What to write in a bridesmaid proposal card? 

    This is time to tell your sibling, friend, or platonic soulmate how you feel and reflect on your friendship. Reminisce about the good times and tell them why you want them to be included in your big day. 

    In our Bridesmaid Proposal Set we include a blank card so you can include a personal note. You can also add some personal mementos of your own (e.g. concert tickets. Polaroid photos, stickers) to show how much you care. 

    When you are all done with creating your special bridesmaid proposal boxes, it's finally time to go over there and ask! If your friends don't mind being on camera we would recommend filming this moment so you can look back on it in later years. Your bridesmaids will be so touched by the gesture. Here's to female friendships! 

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