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Luxy® Hair  - The Faces Behind Luxy Hair: Aleksandra, Product Development Coordinator

The Faces Behind Luxy Hair: Aleksandra, Product Development Coordinator

Aleksandra's Luxy Hair story starts way back in high school when she stumbled across our YouTube channel, eventually purchasing her own set of Luxies. When she learned the company was hiring a Customer Experience Specialist, she says the role sounded too good to be true! 

What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

When I arrive to the office, I either make myself a warm London Fog (made with Earl Grey tea and soy milk) as a quick pick-me-up or pour myself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Next, I take a look at my assigned tasks for the day and proceed to work through each of them. These tasks can vary from social media platforms, live chat, our email help desk or various review platforms. 

  • Where are you from?

  • I originally came to Canada from Moscow, Russia when I was five. Since then, I grew up in the eastern part of Toronto.

  • Three hair products you can’t live without?

  • Color Wow Dream Coat—This is the only product that prevents my hair from becoming frizzy, as I dye my hair constantly! It gives me the sleekest and silkiest hair I have ever hoped for. The best part about this product is that it lasts up to 2-3 washes after the initial application so I don’t have to worry about blow drying my hair after every wash.
    Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier—This has been the only leave-in conditioning spray that seems to work for my fine, damaged, and bleached hair. I completely swear by it and I will never change this step in my hair-care routine. It weightlessly conditions and detangles my hair, unlike other products I have tried in the past. 
    Carina Organics Citrus Extra Gentle Shampoo—I find it hard to find natural sulfate-free shampoos that don’t strip and tangle my hair. This shampoo is super gentle on my bleached hair and smells amazing thanks to the tangerine oil. I try to be as conscious when I buy products, so an added plus is that this shampoo is cruelty free, synthetic free and 100% biodegradable.

  • What is your favorite book?

  • My favorite book has to be my Art History textbook, 'Art: A Brief History' by Marilyn Stokstad and Michael W Cothren. During my first year at an Art and Design University, I found it really interesting to learn about the oldest and most famous surviving works of art and how the representation of the human figure changed as humans and artistic expression evolved. 

  • Favorite day of the week?

  • My favorite day of the week while I was growing up was always Wednesday. Even today, Wednesday is special because it’s when we have our healthy catered lunches at the Luxy Hair office. I am always grateful to be able to sit down with the team and have some good laughs

  • Favorite Luxy perk?

  • My favourite Luxy perk would definitely have to be our gorgeous office space. I am definitely someone whose surroundings affect their mood and performance. From the fresh flowers, background music, and essential oil diffuser, to the lovely incoming natural light, it is everything I could have hoped to have in an office. Not to mention our kitchen, stocked with healthy snacks and organic fruit—it always keeps me in a great mood. I always feel relaxed and cheerful!

  • What’s your office uniform?

  • My usual office uniform is super casual and consists of a chunky sneaker, oversized wind pants and a 3/4 zip pullover.

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