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Luxy® Hair  - A large list of small pleasures, according to the Luxy Hair team

A large list of small pleasures, according to the Luxy Hair team

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the small pleasures in life. Although this Valentines Day may look a little different than most, there are always small moments to be grateful for. Whether you’re flying solo this Valentines Day or coupled up, we encourage you to create your own pleasure. To help, we polled the entire Luxy Hair team to give us their favorite ways to create moments of joy, and compiled all our favorites below. Scroll down for 43 ways to elevate your everyday. Because small pleasures create large feelings. 

1. Add vanilla to your morning coffee

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

2. Light incense before your yoga flow or meditation

3. Turning the lights off for your nightly shower and light candles instead

4. Use a heating pad while you snuggle up and read on the couch

5. Spray some de-stressing room spray

6. Light a diffuser or a candle

Small pleasures

7. Do a 2-5 min meditation before work to help focus

8. Enjoy a glass of wine after work while reading a book

9. Play your favorite TV show reruns in the background while you work

10. Fluff your pillows before bed and leave the window open next to them for the perfect cold pillow

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

11. Stick your favorite blanket in the dryer for a few minutes before wrapping yourself in it

12. Cuddle with your pet while watching TV with your significant other

13. Try a new recipe

14. Take a hot bath

15. Do a full 10-step skincare routine

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

16. Order flowers for yourself

17. Apply a luxurious hand lotion

18. Wear a matching sweatsuit set so you can lounge in style

19. Apply a face mask or hair mask while doing chores

20. Have a mid day dance break to your favorite song

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

21. Curate an epic vibey playlist to work to

22. Send a friend your favorite hilarious TikToks and laugh together (but apart)

23. Sit in the sun if it's shining into your home

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

24. Water your plants...and whisper sweet nothings to them while you do

25. Bake something yummy and let the scent fill your home

26. Add something simple like lemon or cucumber to your water

27. Fill out a gratitude journal everyday

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

28. Do a daily stretch in the morning by a window

29. Create an inspo Pinterest board and find new pins for it

30. Put on your fave perfume just ‘cause

31. Meditate and recite positive affirmations

32. Order in your favorite meal

33. Do nothing for a moment

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

34. Build a blanket fort

35. Take an evening walk to look at the moon or stars

36. Eat something nostalgic like a peanut butter sandwich or Kraft dinner (guilt-free!)

37. Make a fancy charcuterie board and pour yourself a glass of wine on a Friday. Or...any day, really, who are we to judge?

38. Reset your space before you go to bed so you wake up to a clean, organized room

Valentines Day Small Pleasres

39. Elevate your streaming activity with a Chromecast to watch your favorite YouTube and TikTok-ers on your TV instead of your phone

40. Get a shower speaker to listen to podcasts, or music when taking extra long showers

41. Give yourself an at-home foot scrub. Soak your feet in hot water, then use an exfoliating foot scrub.

42. Give yourself an at home blow-out just for fun

Valentines Day Small Pleasures

43. Make long walks more enjoyable by stopping at a local coffee shop and getting a little treat while you walk

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