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Luxy® Hair  - 25 scrunchie hairstyles for the modern 90's girl

25 scrunchie hairstyles for the modern 90's girl

Websites, magazines, trends lists – they all say the scrunchie is back, but did it ever leave? 

Walking down the runway at several fashion weeks, being featured in couture photo shoots, being worn by models, influencers and even actors like Jason Momoa, the scrunchie’s revival in today’s trend-obsessed world has made a mark. 

For those of us who wore them as little girls, we can now don them as grown women and have more options than ever before. From satin to corduroy, sequins and scarves, scrunchies are as versatile as they are functional. Whether you’re prepping for your next Zoom meeting (or are in your Zoom meeting), running out to get groceries or meeting a friend for brunch, the scrunchie can help style your hair easily, and when you don’t need it she’s a great complement on your wrist. 

Scrunchies also cause a lot less damage to hair than regular hair ties. As they are made of fabric, they pull and snag less on hair strands—it’s also why a lot of women find them more comfortable.

There’s more than just a high pony or messy bun that you can create with a scrunchie – while they are the best and most popular styles. But before we share our top 25 scrunchie hairstyles, a little background on the scrunchie itself.

Who invented scrunchies, anyway?

Romy Revson, a singer and pianist is credited with inventing the first scrunchie in 1986. Revson was looking for an alternative hair tie using fabric that would keep her hair pulled back without the plastic or metal pieces that kept damaging her hair. Revson often performed in clubs and needed a good hair accessory to keep her hair out of her face while belting out her tunes. 

Revson was said to be inspired by the elastic waistband of pants and made the first scrunchie prototype – in black and gold – by hand. Revson patented the design in 1987 and eventually sold it to the brand, scünci, who introduced the scrunchie to the masses.

Revson’s original prototype and her sewing machine are in the Smithsonian. Along with another famous scrunchie – one that has gone where no other accessory has gone before – space.  Space Shuttle Pilot Astronaut Col.  Pamela Melroy donated her blue scrunchie to the museum in 2004 after she wore it on missions in 2000 and 2002.

It was one small step for style and one giant leap for hair, but where will the scrunchie go next? The possibilities are endless. Case in point, we’ve put together a list of 25 scrunchie hairstyles you can easily pull off. 


Best scrunchie hairstyles for the modern day 90's girl

1. The scrunchie ponytail 

The go-to look with a scrunchie, the high pony is retro and modern all in one. Easily create this look with a messy ponytail for casual looks or dress it up with the right outfit. For a more office-friendly look with a scrunchie ponytail, comb and smooth your hair into the scrunchie for a cleaner sleeker look perfect for your 9 to 5.

2. The half pony

Another retro chic look and another perfect scrunchie hairstyle. The half pony, like the full pony, can be worn high and tight or messy and loose. This look is also great for incorporating hair extensions for more length and volume. What’s great about scrunchies is that they work well for long or short hair and unlike other hair ties, scrunchies don’t have to be tied several times or tightly to complete the look.

3. High pony and braid

A twist on your typical pony. Tie your hair up high and slick it smooth with mousse or styling product like gel. Secure the ponytail with a scrunchie and braid the ponytail. The braid can fall behind or to the side of your head and creates a fun new look that switches up the high ponytail on its own.

4. The top bun

Perfect for meetings, running out on errands or working out the scrunchie top bun is another favourite. Secure a tight or messy bun with a scrunchie (or two) and for a real retro look, leave a couple pieces of hair loose in front.

5. Side pony with braid

An easy look and one that’s great for in-between wash days. Lightly pull your hair off to one side and create a loose braid, secure it with your favourite scrunchie.

6. Scrunchie pigtails

Why use one scrunchie when you can use two? We love this pig tail look great for all hair types. Whether you make two parts using just the hair on the top of your head or gather all your hair into two parts this is a fun scrunchie hairstyle for you.

7. Multi-scrunchie ponytail

On that multiple scrunchie front, we wanted to share this look for a simple twist on the low ponytail. For those with long hair this is a great way to use your scrunchie collection or our Snag-Free Satin Scrunchie Set. Tie multiple scrunchies throughout your ponytail. 

8. Scrunchies and bubbles

Another look using multiple scrunchies, but this time with bigger hair. For more of a bubble ponytail look, lightly pull each section at the sides to make the hair between the scrunchies spread for a fuller look. For thicker looking ‘bubbles’, use hair extensions for a noticeably fuller and longer look.

9. Mix and Match accessories

Fall style and trends are synonymous with wide brim hats, why not incorporate your scrunchie style with it? Tie a low ponytail under your big brim hat. For contrast, choose a scrunchie with a pop of colour so it stands out. 

10. Large and in charge

Why use a regular scrunchie for all your bun looks when you can switch it up with a large scrunchie? Secure your bun with a large scrunchie for a statement bun. 

11. Long and loose

Low ponytails create less pulling on your hairline and scalp which are great reasons to switch up from the typical high pony. But the low pony also doesn’t have to be boring. Create a thick, loose braid with hair extensions. The braid doesn’t have to be perfect and it adds texture to use thicker and thinner sections to create the braid for a unique look.

12. Stacked Curls

Scrunchies come in all sizes and the small ones make for great versatility when it comes to hairstyles. Layer your hair in a top bun using multiple small scrunchies. These can also be used to create a multi-scrunchie look with a ponytail.

13. Braided buns

For a double braided bun, part your hair into two sections (half up and down). Once you have the top half, part this into two sections. Create a French braid to the top of your head and secure the rest of the hair into a bun with a scrunchie, repeat this step for the second bun and voila, two braided scrunchie buns.

14. The tuck-under

Use any size scrunchie for this simple ponytail look. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail and instead of letting the last part hang loose keep it tucked into your scrunchie for a kind of half bun look.

15. Scrunchies and box braids

For natural or Type 4 hair, protective hairstyles like box braids are a surefire way to keep delicate hair strands tucked away during colder months. Pair box braids with a scrunchie to keep your hair out of your face for a casual look. 

16. The Bridal Scrunchie

Oh yes, the scrunchie has gone formal. This veil scrunchie is perfect for the bride who wants to mix things up. Mixing the satin scrunchie with the veil makes for a fun, formal look. Create a loose bun or an updo with the scrunchie to let the veil flow behind.

17. Accessory party

Two trends are better than one, right? When the scrunchies re-emerged so did hair clips and berets – the 90s hair trends came back strong and really, we’re not mad at it. For days where styling may not be your thing, throw on a couple hair accessories with your scrunchie to make for looks that really pop.

18. The multi-twist

Using mini scrunchies you can recreate this half up look with a simple pull through. After tying your hair in a loose half pony pull the hair up and under the ponytail. Tie this section into a mini scrunchie and repeat the first step. Depending on the length of your hair you can use multiple scrunchies.


19. Fishtail scrunchie

Add more oomph to your fishtail braid by finishing it off with a scrunchie. Fishtail braids are a head-turning twist to a regular braid and we love the look for long and medium hair. If you haven’t tried a fishtail braid yet or want to hone in on your braiding skills, check out our fishtail braid tutorial.

20. Scrunchie scarf

Scrunchies have changed since Revson first introduced her prototype in the mid-80s. The different sizes, fabrics and now, renditions of the scrunchies have changed to suit any woman’s style. Whether more formal or in fun prints, this scrunchie style can be used for ponytails or buns.

21. The multi twist

Great for short or mid-length hair styles use one scrunchie to tie your hair into a ponytail and a second scrunchie to create another tied up look. Aligning the scrunchies behind your head make for a twist or figure eight type of look.

22. Center on your bangs

Whether you have fringe bangs or loose, layered bangs, scrunchies put them front and center. Whether you tie all your hair up or half up, scrunchies keep hair out of your face and let your bangs take front center – literally and figuratively. Let bangs have the style spotlight!

23. Zoom scrunchie

Put together or not, business on the top, pyjamas on the bottom, we love this loose, messy updo tied together with a scrunchie. We love this look for when you’re about to jump on a video call or virtual meeting. It’s style and business all wrapped up in one.

24. Short and sweet

Scrunchies aren't just for long ponytails and braids. If you have a lob or shorter cut, a scrunchie can be a playful addition to your style. Opt for a high half pony with beach waves to finish the look.

25. Sparkles and scrunchies 

The multi-trend look has made several appearances on this list, but none shine brighter than this glitter and scrunchie look. Part your hair into pigtails or just down the middle and tie with a scrunchie for a low pony. To complete the look, add glitter to wherever your hair is parted for a little sparkle – perfect holiday look.

Scrunchies are more than just your typical hair tie. They have the versatility and the style to match yours, no matter what type of look you want to create. 

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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