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Luxy® Hair  - Here's what summer did to your hair & how to fix it fast
Hair Care & Advice

Here's what summer did to your hair & how to fix it fast

With fall around the corner, it’s time to let your hair down. Cooler weather is a sign of new beginnings to your hair care routine. It’s time to undo the damage incurred through summer to ensure your hair looks and feels healthy and fresh for the new season. While summer is often paired with highlights, fresh cuts, and lighter hues, fall is the perfect time to reset and restore moisture and nutrients to your locks. 

Getting your hair fall-ready is all about swapping out the products you don’t need for cooler weather, getting rid of UV and color damage, and letting your hair down from updos and ponytails. As the temperature drops it’s also important to prep your hair for dryer air and other cold-weather problems like static and hat-hairHere are a few tips for your summer reset to get your hair perfectly prepped for fall.

Switch shampoos and conditioners

While maintaining your hair moisture is important all year-round, it’s essential for cooler weather when your skin and scalp get dry and sometimes, itchy. Look for nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as jojoboa or coconut oil in shampoos and conditioners or, simply check the labels and look for products made for dry hair.

Clarifying shampoos are also a great, healthy addition for your hair and scalp. While your trips to the beach, patio, or other locales may have left you with happy memories, they can also leave you with build-up at your roots which can cause greasiness. The combination of sweat, styling sprays, sunscreen, sand, and more can also leave your hair feeling limp. A clarifying shampoo works like a detox in a way for your scalp and hair, getting rid of any build-up and restoring natural nutrients. Bear in mind clarifying shampoos should only be used once every two weeks and it shouldn’t be used on colored-treated hair as it may strip the color. 

Incorporate a hair mask or a deep conditioning system once a week, especially as the temperature drops even further. While summer heat and humidity may have brought frizz, cold weather, hats, and scarves can bring the static and keeping your hair well-moisturized will save your hair from sticking to cold weather accessories. Be sure to rinse masks or deep conditioners thoroughly from your hair. You can also work with your stylist on a deep conditioning process before your next cut or trim.

For at-home hair masks or treatments, leave them in for 10-20 minutes depending on what ingredients you’re using. Consider this as preparation for those cozy, cold nights where all you want to do is hibernate and indulge in a little self-care time, or Netflix. DIY hair masks not only saves money and time, it’s a hair care step that can be incorporated anytime of year.

Grow out the color

While some love to color their hair with the seasons, why not give your hair a break and grow out the lighter colors from summer instead. 

It’s no secret permanent hair dye does wonders for giving us refreshed looks, but the products used in the coloring process (ammonia and peroxide) do serious damage in the hair – especially for those who dye their hair often. Colored hair is also more susceptible to breakage and dry hair. It won’t hurt to put a pause on your coloring process or opting for semi-permanent dye instead. Plus, letting your natural color grow out may even be a new look for you to try on this season.

If you just love color, highlights, or just giving your hair more dimension without the damage, use hair extensions. Incorporate the fading highlights and darker roots to create a balayage effect and you don’t have to wait to get that perfect balance of color. Consider using Luxy Hair Balayage hair extensions to help blend the lighter color with your natural hair, all while adding length and volume for a fresh look for fall. The mix of dark and lighter hues in the hair extensions will help maintain that sun-kissed look with a multi-dimensional effect that will still look great all autumn. As you’re your lighter color grows out, it also creates the perfect base for an ombre effect. Luxy Hair Ombre extensions will transform your hair and subtly blends darker and lighter tones toward the ends of your hair. 

Playing with different color hair extensions allow you to play and experiment with different looks and hues with no dye, no damage, and no commitment.  Why not try rich, darker hues such as chestnut or caramel, depending on your undertones and natural hair color, fall is the perfect time to experiment with darker colors that will transition well into the winter too.


Get a trim

Even with the rights products and avoiding hair dye, sometimes reversing the damage from summertime styling just can’t be done.  Trimming off dead or damaged ends will help your hair grow stronger and sacrificing a few inches of length will be worth it. Trimming your hair can also help prevent flyaways and frizz as split ends can sometimes travel up and damage the hair shaft. 

Let your hair down

As the weather gets cooler, we could all use a little warmth and letting your hair loose from months of ponytails, tops buns and updos can help – even just a little. While ponytails always offer a quick put-together look, they can sometimes cause friction and pulling at the roots depending on how tight and how often your pull your hair back. Ponytails and buns can also sometimes cause breakage. While we’re not saying give them up (how would anyone function at the gym?) we suggest a break. 

As the weather gets cooler, the air also gets dryer and this can also create damage and breakage, especially in a ponytail.

Letting your hair down after summer will give your roots and scalp a rest and will also allow you to show off your length. If your hair isn’t as long as you’d like it to be, incorporate Luxy Hair extensions for a quick and easy way to add length. Luxy Hair Seamless Collection is perfect for women looking for extensions that feel lighter and sit comfortably against the scalp, so they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. With a little more hair (or a lot, depending on the look you’re going for) sitting against your neck or back, it not only provides another layer from the cold, but gives you a fuller, thicker hair look. Luxy Hair extensions can easily be applied on short, medium and thin hair and with an array of colors to choose from, fall is the perfect time to experiment with new looks.

Play with hair clips or different styles for long hair to rejuvenate your routine looks for something new for the fall season. Instead of the go-to summer high ponytail, try a low-side ponytail or loose braids for the new season. Forego the elastic or hair tie and use the ribbon trend instead for something new.

No matter the season it’s always important to note sleeping in a ponytail is a big no-no. Instead, pin it loosely or use a lightly tied scarf to help prevent breakage and pulling.

Let it curl

Now that your hair doesn’t have to battle humidity, it’s time to let it curl. Add voluminous curls or waves to your hair routine or for those special night outs. Curls and waves hold better when not dealing with the hot and moist elements and frizz is also less likely.

Be sure to use heat-protectant, as always when using hot tools to prevent damage and frizz. Also, incorporate styling products or finishing spray for a little extra hold.

Luxy Hair extensions are the perfect addition for fuller, thicker looking curly or wavy hair. Your hair extensions can also be easily be curled the night or day before your plan on wearing them. Pin the curls before storing them in your carrier or box and you’ll have perfectly styled extensions when you’re on the go. Remember to use hot tools at a max. temperature of 120C/250F when using on your hair extensions to prevent damage. If using styling products often on your hair extensions, be sure to wash and dry them accordingly to ensure you get the most out of them.

Curls and waves always make for luscious looks that can take you from work to happy hour. By practicing your curling and wave techniques now, you’ll be prepped and ready for the winter months and all those holiday parties that will soon flood your calendar. 


New season doesn’t mean completely new hair

When it comes to changing seasons, it’s always essential to remember the golden rule: avoid going for drastic changes like a dramatic new color or sharp cuts. Subtle changes like a trim to rejuvenate hair growth, simply changing your hair part or incorporating hair extensions to experiment with color without the damage can all make for Instagram-worthy hair without radical, permanent changes.

How do you prep your hair for fall? Do you go for darker colors, add more length with extensions or use more hair accessories? Share your fall hair tips with us, we love hearing from you! 

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