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Luxy® Hair  - Music Festival Hair Care: The Ultimate Guide
Hair Extensions

Music Festival Hair Care: The Ultimate Guide

Good friends, good music, and great hair—that’s the sound of a weekend well spent! Music festivals are a total blast and looking dope with crazy outfits and out-there hair is just part of the fun. But during those festival weekends, you and your hair endure a whole lot, especially if you are attending a multi-day camping music festival like Coachella, set in the hot, dry desert. After all, we can't all afford that VIP experience! That's why It’s super important to maintain your hair health during those restless, sweaty, sleepless, and perfect weekends. We've teamed up with our lovely friend Daryn, to share five tips to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy despite harsh musical festival elements. Daryn has also put together a music festival-worthy hairstyle that you can rock all weekend, with ways to spice up the look as you party on through the weekend.

Before the music festival

1. Wash and pamper your hair before you go

Festival Hair

Chances are, you probably won’t have much time to get a good hair wash in during the music festival, so it’s super important to prep your hair for a long weekend. Try giving your hair a little extra love with a DIY hair mask, to hydrate and nourish your hair before a gruelling weekend. Haven't got the time to make your own hair mask at home? Just slather on some Coconut Oil throughout your hair, leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse off with shampoo to leave your hair super silky and soft. In fact, go a step further and bring a jar of Coconut Oil with you to the festival to use as a body moisturizer! After your shower, it’s a great idea to also spray in a nice leave-in conditioner to keep that goodness locked in throughout the weekend.

2. Pack a fresh set of Luxies

Festival Hair

Before you even get to the music festival, we recommend to add Luxy Hair extensions to your packing list. Trust us, a music festival without long gorgeous hair isn’t much of a festival at all—after all, you need that extra to whip back and forth to your favorite musicians! Whether you’re just wanting to add volume, or give your hair extra length, Luxy Hair extensions are perfect for achieving that. Better yet, try out the new Luxy Hair Seamless extensions. These are comfortable, versatile, and super easy to clip in and hide, which is great when your dressing room is a tent and small mirror for the weekend.

3. Curl your hair & extensions

Festival Hair

The key to achieving great hairstyles throughout the weekend is a good base. We recommend using a 1" curling wand to give your extensions and your hair a good curl before your leave on your adventure. You can then pack your Luxies neatly in their storage box, which will ensure that they stay curled until you need them. Be sure not to skip the heat protectant spray before curling, though! This is crucial to protect not only your hair, but your Luxy Hair extensions from the curling iron's heat. Your hair will be going through enough heat and dryness at the festival, so you want to make sure it's nice and protected. Once you’ve curled every tendril, give your hair a nice spritz of hairspray to lock the curls in tight for the weekend.

4. Pack your products...and don’t you dare forget the dry shampoo

Festival Hair

Most of us have our favorite “staple” products. You know, the ones you use almost every day and don’t really know how you’d survive without them? Yeah, those ones.

Daryn loves Argan Oil to smooth her hair, and tame those pesky frizzy hairs that tend to start making their appearance on two and three day hair. She also recommends to pack a good leave-in conditioner spray to keep your hair hydrated during those “no-wash” music festival days.

It’s a great idea to bring a little a comb to keep on you during the festival to tame your locks when necessary and work through some inevitable tangles after you’ve been jamming out.

Of course, the most crucial product for a festival weekend is dry shampoo! Do yourself a favor and pack two bottles—this stuff is going to be your new best friend. We just love this miracle product as it soaks up all the inevitable dirt and oils at the roots of your hair, while giving your hair a little bonus volume too!

5. All the accessories

Festival HairLet’s be real, the best part of any music festival hairstyle is the accessories. Whether it’s glitter, headbands, or a big flower crown, music festivals are the time to really take your style to a whole new level. Daryn loves flower crowns, as they are the perfect addition to any festival hairstyle or outfit. They add the perfect amount of fun and whimsy with a little bohemian touch that everyone loves. Daryn also loves glitter as a festival staple. Grab a tube and glitz it up!

At the music festival

The charm of music festivals is the creativity everyone puts into their looks. It’s a creative environment, which is the best to really rock a crazy new hairstyle, or wear the things you’d never typically wear on a normal weekend roaming about town. We just love Daryn's music festival hairstyle that transforms easily each day as your hair progressively gets dirtier and messier...because we know crowd surfing is no joke.

Festival Hair

This hairstyle screams Coachella. We love the simplicity of this one because it’s super easy to spruce it up each day, and like fine wine, it gets better with age. Here's how to get this festival hair:

1. Clip your Luxy Hair extensions into your hair

If you followed our prep guidelines, your hair and your Luxies should already be curled, which makes this step quick and easy.

2. Create two sections at the top of your hair, and shape them into space buns

Click here for a more in-depth tutorial on how to create space buns, if you need a refresher.

3. Add some small braids throughout

Festival hair

Once you’ve secured and fastened your buns, you can add as many small braids as you want throughout your hair. Daryn opted for just one braid that hangs near her face. Then, pancake the braids or pull them out a bit to give them that really messy look and add dimension to the style.

4. Accessorize with glitter (optional)

For this look, Daryn added glitter to the braid as well, for some extra glitz and sparkle against her dark hair.

5. Get daring with some face glitter (even more optional)

Festival Hair

For this style, Daryn chose to add some pretty glitter accents to her face as well to tie in the sparkle from her braid.

Overall this look is super simple to achieve, yet it looks so adorable and creative enoughfor a music festival. I love this look because there’s so many variations of it you can achieve whether you place the buns higher, lower, or maybe even adding more braids. There’s really no end to how you can make this look truly your own. Another perk to this is that it’s keeping your hair directly off your face which will help with the oil buildup as the weekend progresses.

Towards the end of the music festival

Festival Hair

The second or third day of the festival is a great time to add some of those accessories we were talking about earlier. They give your look new life, and hide the dirt buildup in your hair that’s most likely happening. Get liberal with your dry shampoo and work it through the roots of your hair to fight that oil and grease, and bruch your hair carefully from bottom to top to remove all the tangles. At this point, you can totally make this style your own! If your hair is still looking a bit too greasy, add a big flower crown to hide your oily hair. If your curls are falling out, just add a few more smaller braids and glitter to keep your hairstyle looking interesting. This is your time to get creative.

After the music festival

Festival hair

As your festival weekend comes to a close, you’re going to want to give your hair and your Luxy extensions a little love and attention when you get home. It’s a good idea to give your extensions a proper wash, and to deep condition them to restore their smoothness and shine. You can learn how to do that safely here.

Music festivals are a highlight of the summer, but your hair health doesn't have to suffer. Keep these tips and tricks tucked tight in your pocket, and don’t be afraid to be bold, and show your creative side. Get artsy, glittery and let out your inner festival babe. Alright, now let’s go jam!

Written By: Daryn Mae Stumbaugh

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