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Luxy® Hair  - How to survive Mercury retrograde

How to survive Mercury retrograde

Alas, dreaded Mercury retrograde is upon us once again. If you haven’t already heard, Mercury retrograde has a pretty awful reputation. It’s the equivalent of a Monday morning without coffee or the world’s worst traffic jam. Since Mercury is the ruler of communication and technology, when it goes into retrograde life seems to go a little crazy. If you find yourself saying the wrong thing at the worst time or getting lost four times a day, you may be getting Mercury retrograded. Keep reading to learn more about this tricky astrological time.

Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet appears to be cruising backwards from Earth in its orbit. According to astrology experts, this cosmic event is thought to mark a period of misfortune here on Earth. Everything from miscommunication issues, technology breakdowns, and financial headaches occur more frequently. If anything is out of whack in your life during this time, Mercury retrograde is probably the culprit.

In astrology, each planet is believed to have a unique influence on us and the world. Mercury rules your intelligence, mind, memory, and all forms of communication, from texting to talking. At a wider level, the planet is responsible for commerce, computers, telephones, transportation, and air travel. So during the time Mercury is in retrograde, communication of all types goes haywire. Passing information from one person to another may become confused and your mental processes are less on point. Making big decisions like moving in with a new roommate or making a long-term commitment is risky. Experts say to avoid accepting or starting a new job. If you’re traveling, you should expect last-minute delays, cancellations, and lost luggage. And that’s just the start. 

Mercury Retrograde

When is Mercury Retrograde? 

This year, Mercury will be in retrograde three times. Yikes! The planet’s retrograde motion will start again on February 17 and rage on through March 10. It will also occur from June 18 to July 12 and October 14 to November 3. During these times it’s good to think about the way you operate your life so that you can avoid common problems and effects of Mercury retrograde. This also applies to your beauty routine. During retrograde, there is a lack of clarity around efforts to improve one’s appearance. If you’re thinking about trying a different hairstyle, starting a makeover or purchasing a new wardrobe, you may want to wait until Mercury goes back to normal. 

So what can you do to survive Mercury retrograde? Retrograde is the perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect on the past. You can try picking up old hobbies, reevaluating your routines, and maybe even reconsider old flames. Just don’t make any rash decisions and rock the boat during the planet’s reverse. Here are some beauty do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid the perils of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde

How to survive Mercury retrograde 

1. Don’t get a new haircut

Mercury retrograde is not a good time to initiate anything—including new hairstyles. If you suddenly have the crazy urge to cut your hair into a jawline bob, don’t. Odds are you will end up with a hair disaster on your hands. Wait until retrograde is over to commit to a new look or you may need to go back to the hairdresser for some major hair repair. 

2. Revaluate your current beauty routine

The silver lining to Mercury retrograde is that it can also serve as a period of personal review. Capitalize on the energy of this unique time by thinking about your current beauty routine. Are you using the right products for your hair type? Maybe you want to add something new like a scalp scrub into your routine or switch up your shampoo and conditioner. While you don’t need to try anything new just yet, you can evaluate how well your current routine is working for you and what, if anything, you would like to change once Mercury retrograde is over. Learning how to make small adjustments to your routine can make all the difference in navigating the s**t-show that a retrograde can be.

Mercury Retrograde

3. Don’t commit to bangs 

Simply, do not make any big decisions right now. Since thinking faculties are a bit off during the retrograde, it’s not a good time to make a commitment that you might regret the day Mercury stops going retrograde. Do not make a hair commitment of any kind, including chopping fresh bangs. Take a deep breath and put down the scissors until Mercury straightens itself out. 

4. Try clip-in bangs or clip-in hair extensions instead

A risk-free way to switch up your hairstyle during this inauspicious time is to add a few inches to your hair with clip-in hair extensions. Extensions are a dream addition to your hair, improving its overall density and appearance. Whether you wish to add extra volume to your roots, extreme length (hello Rapunzel), or want to see what you look like with clip-in bangs, hair extensions offer a fun and safe way to play with your look without making a permanent style change — the last thing you want to do during retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde

5. Don’t switch up your hair color

Mercury’s backwards spin tends to make people sentimental and reminisce about the past. So if you find yourself daydreaming about the time your hair was jet black, don’t even attempt to turn this dream into a reality. Dyeing your hair during retrograde is almost always a bad idea. Most likely you will end up with patchy brown streaks in your hair, running around the supermarket searching for another box of dye to cover up your mistake, only to end up making it worse. 

6. Reflect on your hair goals

As mentioned, Mercury retrograde is prime time for reflection, reevaluating, and rethinking. This slower period means you will be able to freely contemplate your future hair goals. Want to devote more time for self-care and pampering? Or do you want to take a break from heat styling tools and spend less time getting ready in the morning? No matter what your specific hair goals are, now is the time to take a more mindful approach to any changes you want to make to your locks. Try out this 30-day challenge for a complete hair reset.

7. Don’t even think about a makeover

Just before Mercury retrograde ends, it sails past Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy. Comprehension is especially foggy and romanticized during this period, so you could easily find yourself doing a cosmic facepalm if you invest in a new wardrobe, make-up, and other makeover supplies. If you want to avoid getting Mercury retrograded, wait to make decisions that could effect your future until after the communication planet stops moving in reverse.

Mercury Retrograde

Arguably everyone’s least favorite time of year, Mercury retrograde is a time when things go topsy-turvy. While surviving this cosmic roller may seem a little scary, remember that this too shall pass. Take the time to reflect on your hair care routine, experiment with commitment-free looks with the help of hair extensions, and strategize how best to achieve your goals moving forward. Once retrograde is over, you will be able to see matters with 20/20 vision. This new knowledge will help ensure you’re making clear decisions, in your beauty routine and beyond. And remember, even if stuff does hit the fan, at least you have Mercury to blame.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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