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Luxy® Hair  - 7 time-saving ways to coconut mask your hair

7 time-saving ways to coconut mask your hair

We’re not unfamiliar with just how much good coconut oil can do for your hair. It reverses the signs of heat damage and reduces breakage by strengthening your hair at the core—now who doesn’t want that? This age-old nourishing ingredient  has never failed to lead us to softer, shinier hair but we’re often hesitant to indulge in a coconut oil mask because of how long-drawn the process can be 

Although the process can be time consuming and messy, coconut oil is too good of a natural resource for your hair to be missing out on. So, what are some ways you can still enjoy all the coconut-y goodness, without giving up your time, messing up a t-shirt and keeping it cute? 

Like always, we’ve got you covered. In a day and age where time is of the essence, we’ve found a few ways you can maximize your time, up your multitasking game and indulge in self-care without the guilt. Here are seven time-saving hacks to coconut mask your hair. 

1. Do a slick back snatched pony or low bun with coconut oil 

Next time you go for an Ariana Grande-like snatched ponytail or J-Lo inspired bun, don’t be afraid to add in coconut oil to your styling process by swapping out your styling gel or wax for coconut oil. Use it at the top of your head for an extra sleek look and along the length of your ponytail to keep it shiny and straight. Additionally, it will also help tame flyaways and keep your hair in place all day long!

2. Braid your hair and apply coconut oil to ends of the braid

On days when don’t have the time to sit around masking, braids will always be there! You can choose to do a bubble braid, a basic french braid, or a simple three-strand braid and apply coconut oil to the ends for some extra goodness. The ends of your hair are more prone to dryness and damage so, this is an ideal way to make sure they’re getting that extra care and nourishment. This time-saving, trendy hair technique will always have your back when you’re running out of ideas and perfectly fits in space to add in some nourishment to the mix. 

3. Apply the mask before your workout 

Coconut oil is an inclusion you can easily make to your pre-workout prep. As you get ready for your work out, apply some coconut oil, and braid your hair or wear it in a ponytail to keep it out of your face. A lot of times, your hair can be a big inconvenience while working out, especially with exercises like mountain climbers and planks. Applying a coconut oil hair mask before working out, will not only keep your hair in place, it also helps you save an extra wash sesh since you’re going to wash all that post-workout sweat and grease anyway. Win-win, all around!

4. Apply it before bed and wake up to softer hair

We’ve often talked about creating a night-time hair care routine that goes beyond brushing your hair. A coconut oil hair mask is the perfect way to get you started on developing this routine. You can do this by applying a generous amount of coconut oil all over your head, scalp, and the ends of your hair. Brush out any knots and tie your hair in a comfortable braid or bun. Let the coconut oil work it’s magic while you sleep and wake up and rinse it out for softer, shinier hair!

P.S. Remember to lay down an old t-shirt or towel on to of your pillow before you sleep to avoid staining your pillowcase.

5. Apply it while tanning

To get the most out of your at-home tanning session, it is essential that you exfoliate your skin and keep the tan on for at least an hour. Use this waiting period to douse your hair with coconut oil, leave it in for a deep condition. In the meantime, you can throw on a hat and finish grocery shopping, chores around the house, or binge your favorite TV show.

Wash this mask off when you go to rinse your tan—now, you’ve saved time and also found your way to healthier hair. 

6. Use coconut oil when swimming 

Now that the summer is here, we’re all about (socially distant) beach days and hangs by the pool! Take advantage of this time by using coconut oil in your hair the next time you go swimming. It helps protects your hair from chlorine and salt water that often strips your hair of its nutrients and leaves it feeling rough and dry. 

7. Power up your conditioner with coconut oil 

Because of its natural healing benefits, coconut oil can boost up a basic hair conditioner. The next time you want to deep condition your hair, simply add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your regular conditioner and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off and say hello to softer, shinier hair! This is a simple way to power up your regular conditioner, without investing in expensive products. 

Now that we’ve helped you see simple ways in which you can add coconut oil to your hair care routine, we’re sure you’re excited to dive into all the nourishment it can bring. Whether you’re at the beach days, at home, or working out—coconut oil pretty much fits in like a perfect puzzle piece in every aspect of your life. 

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