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Luxy® Hair  - How to glow on Facetime

How to glow on Facetime

Staying home is the new Saturday night, brunch with the girls, 9 to 5—it is our new norm, for now.

With stay at home orders across the country, we are connecting online now more than ever. FaceTime, Zoom, House Party, and Google Hangouts video conferencing is how we are getting work done, catching up with friends and family, starting new hobbies, and for some, even dating. 

While sweats and top buns may be your go-to lately, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cute on FaceTime calls. Whether chatting with your boss, having a glass of wine with friends, or going on a virtual date there are plenty of ways to up your video call looks. 

We’ve put together our top tips on how to look good on FaceTime.

How to look good on Facetime

The set-up

Find a comfortable place in your home to set-up your work and conferencing space. While staying in bed may seem appealing all day, experts say it’s best to separate the space where you sleep and where you work. 

Ergonomically speaking sitting on a bed with no back support may not be comfortable, so find a space and chair that can help you get comfortable and conduct your calls with ease.

How to look good on Facetime

Raise your camera or computer to eye level—this can easily be done with a desk-riser, or a shoe box or books. Just like taking a photo, this is all about angles, you don’t want your co-workers or your friends to look at you from under your chin or nose as this casts an unflattering shadow and no one wants that.

With your camera at eye-level you can look directly into it just like you would when participating in an in-person meeting. You can always tell who on the call is looking at themselves and not the rest of the group. How to impress your boss and peers? Easy tip: Eyes up, talk directly to the camera making “eye contact” it looks professional and also gives off the most natural view of you.

Don’t forget, posture up. While your friends may take you as you are, you don’t want to be slouched or lying back on a work call. Save sloth mode for after work calls. Having your camera on eye level will help you to straighten up and you may find less pressure on your lower back after a day’s work of sitting.


How to look good on FaceTime

The key to how to look good on FaceTime is to ensure the attention is rightly on you and the best way is to make sure your background is not distracting. A plain wall, or one with few clean photos or items in the background is best. If you're in your bedroom, makes sure it's clean and tidy! 


How to look good on Facetime

Just like the angles of your camera, do not situate yourself directly under an overhead light—again, this casts unflattering lighting and can wash your background out typically creating an off-color hue, or that hooded villain look.

Natural light is great during the day when possible and be sure the light is on your face. Putting your back to the window or light again casts a shadow and your colleagues or friends won’t be able to see you. It may also be time to invest in a ring light. They’re not just for influencers or TikTok-obsessed creators. There are many sizes of ring lights now available including ones that can fit directly onto your cellphone or your laptop camera. This brightens your appearance and darkens the background, ensuring the focus is on you. A desk lamp can also help if properly situated around your camera, but the best way to find your ideal lighting is to test your video ahead of time, experiment with placement and lighting type to find what works for your space and your angles. 

How to look good on Facetime

Plus, if you do get a ring light, you’ll also up your selfie game ten-fold. If it works for the Kardashians, it can work for you!

Easy makeup and hair for your next FaceTime or Zoom call

These are the two things you have probably ignored over self-isolation, along with other things such as bras, and your makeup bags. We’re not saying you need a full face and a blowout everyday, or even that you should follow your daily beauty and hair routines (unless you want to and it brings you joy, please do you). If you want to master how to look good on video, there are simple makeup tips to help freshen up your natural beauty and will absolutely help you slay your call.

A little concealer goes a long way. Dab some concealer under the eyes for a brighter look. To make your eyes pop a bit more, apply mascara. For those who prefer defined eyes, apply some eyeliner and call it a day. As you’ve already learned our trick of speaking right into the camera, putting emphasis on bright, rested eyes will make you look great (and put together).

How to look good on Facetime

You can also use concealer or powdered foundation to even out any discoloration or redness in the skin. With the right lighting, a smooth complexion will even make your video callers think you have a filter on (and if you do, good on you!) 

If you can’t be bothered with foundation but still want a little color, pop on a light blush on your cheeks or go for a light sweep of bronzer. Just because you haven’t left the house in weeks doesn’t mean you have to forego that sun-kissed look completely. What’s makeup for anyway?

Now it’s time to talk hair. Let’s be honest, when’s the last time your brushed it? It wouldn’t hurt to pull it out of that scrunchie once in a while and running a brush through your locks to ensure now tangling. Having your hair up all the time also increases breakage and we know you’re not trying to come out of quarantine with less hair.

A polished ponytail hairstyle always looks professional but wear your hair down once in a while too. If you don’t want to go through the work of blow-drying, all good. Use a butterfly clip or hair tie for a half-up look, no one is going to see the back of your head so do as you please to keep the hair up. For more easy social distancing hairstyles, we have you covered here.

How to look good on Facetime

If you typically wear hair extensions, put them on for your FaceTime calls for instant volume and length. If your hair feels or looks a little dull, hair extensions will easily give you some new oomph. Perfect for work Zoom calls or FaceTime date nights. 

How to look good on Facetime

Another easy styling trick with or without hair extensions? Accessories! Put on a headband or tie a scarf on to give your hair a little je ne sais quoi. You don’t even have to brush your hair.

Plan a night out or girls’ night online and get all your friends glammed up, another excuse or rather, opportunity to do your hair and makeup and have fun with it.

While working and playing from home is our new norm for now, technology is helping us stay connected. Reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in a while, check in with elderly neighbors or family members, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself too. Dress up everyone now again or throw on a bold red lip just for fun—this can make a world of a difference to how you feel, which in turn will show through your camera. 

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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