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Luxy® Hair  - How to Grow Out Bangs: Tips, Tricks, and Hairstyles
Hair Tips & Tricks

How to Grow Out Bangs: Tips, Tricks, and Hairstyles

We've all been there. You take the plunge and decide to get beautiful, blunt bangs cut. They look totally bomb, until they start to grow out and suddenly get to that awkward stage where they aren't long enough to blend in your hair, but aren't short enough either. Your hair is in your face, your style is all over the place, and you're stuck Googling how to make your hair grow faster. What a nightmare!

Well not to worry, we're here to help. Read on for our favorite tips for how to grow out bangs that will have your hair looking on point until your bangs are ready to cooperate.

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1. Trim your bangs regularly and keep your hair healthy

Just like when you are growing out short hair, it may be tempting to just have your bangs cut short again when you are trying to grow them out. Don't give in! This is just going to set you back to square one - instead of putting off the inevitable, you have to deal with it as it comes. While it may seem counterproductive, scheduling regular bangs trims with your hairstylist will ensure that your bangs stay healthy, which means they can absorb more vitamins, moisture, and other goodness to help the hair grow faster. Try to have your bangs trimmed every 6 weeks, and this will also ensure that the bangs grow while blending into the rest of your hair. 

Be sure to use a deep conditioning mask on your hair every week to keep your locks moisturized and nourished. The healthier your hair, the faster it will grow, and the quicker you can say "Bye, Felicia!" to your awkward bangs.

2. Turn your awkward bangs into side bangs

Once your bangs have grown out past your eyes, it's time to turn them into side swept bangs. This will help disguise the awkward length that the hair is at, while keeping your hair out of your face. Whichever side you choose to sweep your bangs to, be sure to part your hair on that side too and ditch the middle part for now. We recommend to use hair wax or pomade, which has a strong hold, to keep the hair in place and avoid those annoying shorter hairs from sticking straight out. Check out our Hair Products 101 blog post for information about these hair products.

3. Get creative with pins and barrettes 

90s fashion is back, and that means cool hair clips, exposed bobby pins, and barrettes, are also back in style. Use bobby pins creatively to hold your bangs down by brushing them to the side with hair wax or pomade, and pin the ends with a cute barrette, hair clip, or bobby pin. Check out these creative ways to use bobby pins that will have your hairdo looking anything but basic. Psst! By the way, did you know that the correct way to wear a bobby pin is with the wavy side down? This actually holds the hair much more securely and looks cleaner too!

How to grow out bangs hairstyles

4. Twists and Braids

These are possibly the easiest, and most stylish way to gracefully grow out your bangs. There are so many hairstyles for growing out your bangs or fringe, that your awkward bangs will soon be a thing of the past.

French braid or Dutch braid your hair tightly down one side, and right along the hairline to ensure that no short hairs escape, and your hair is kept out of your face. Again, use hair wax or pomade if needed to really hold the hair in place. Another option is to tightly twist your bangs along the hairline, and securing the hair with bobby pins. 

Growing out bangs hairstyles

How about French braiding the middle of your head a la Gigi Hadid? Remember, the tighter the braid, the less likely those pesky shorter hairs will come undone. Another super trendy hairstyle that is great for hiding awkward bangs is the half-top knot. This hair style is so cute, no one will ever suspect that you're trying to hide your bangs! Here's a tutorial for how to achieve the look. 

6. Double Dutch braids

Okay, so we could have put this hairstyle in the category above, but we love Double Dutch braids so much we thought they deserved a category of their own! Double Dutch braids are so easy to do, fun to wear, and super practical for keeping bangs that are growing out in check. The trick here is to make sure that the braids are as tight as possible and as close to your head as possible. While it can take some practice to perfect this style, once you get it down, you'll never want to go back! You can even add hair extensions to your braids like in the tutorial below:

5. Slick your hair down

The Kardashians have made super slick hair a thing of the present again. Why not take advantage of this chic style and slick your bangs down? First, use a spray bottles to dampen your hair and get that "just stepped out of the shower" look. Then, apply a generous amount of medium to strong hold hair mousse, to the front of your hair. Use hair wax if needed to ensure that no tiny hairs slip away. Then, use a comb to either comb your hair back for a high fashion look, or part your hair down the middle and slick each side down for that Kim K vibe. Gorgeous!

Growing out bangs hairstyles

 6. Use headbands for their intended purpose

We know, the hippie chic look is just too cute, but so is the classic hair-pulled-back-with-a-headband hairstyle. Whether it's an elegant, skinny headband or a more vintage, jewelled styled, headbands are a super easy way to get those bangs out of your face and hidden away. Here's a tutorial for how to DIY a beautiful, Dolce & Gabbana runway inspired headband. 

Tired of constantly dealing with that awkward grow out phase? Give clip-in bangs a try! They're a zero-commitment, zero-hassle way to experience having bangs without making the chop to your real hair. Check out clip-in bangs here. 

Do you have any hacks for growing out bangs? Comment below and tell us!

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