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Luxy Hair  - Hair Trends You Must Try in 2019
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Hair Trends You Must Try in 2019

New Years Resolutions aside, there’s nothing more exciting than trying out the freshest trends and new styles of a new year. While last year’s platinum blonde and pixie cuts were all the rage, it’s officially one month into 2019 and we can't wait to upgrade our `dos with the latest styles.

We consulted some of the hottest fashion bloggers, celebrity hair stylists, and our most reputable sources to get the scoop on what hair trends and styles everyone will be obsessing over this season. Here’s our ultimate hair guide to hair trends in 2019 and how to pull off each look:

Super High Ponytails

best celebrity hair trends bella hadidSource: Bella’s Instagram

The cheerleader’s high ponytail is making a big comeback in 2019 but with a couture twist. A-Lister and high fashion model, Bella Hadid, regularly rocks a high pony in a super slicked back fashion. We love how fierce and practical this chic look is with keeping our hair out of our faces and feeling ready to take on the world.

Instead of hiding in a hat or throwing your hair all back in a messy bun, try the high ponytail the next time you’re having a bad hair day. Use a fine tooth comb with a little gel or hairspray to tame any flyaways then go!  

khloe kardashian hairSource: Khloe’s Instagram

We also love how the high hair look is super versatile. Khloe Kardashian shows us how it’s done two ways. Channel your inner diva goddess and use a thin barreled curling wand to create volumized textured waves like Khloe. For our full guide to achieving those fierce Beyonce waves, we’ve got you covered here!

Fringe Bobs

hairstyle inspiration 2018Source: Brydie

Can't decide between long and effortless beach waves or a sleek modern bob? Have your cake and eat it too this year because the fringe bob is officially here. Celebs like Nina Dobrev, Jourdan Dunn, and Selena Gomez can’t get enough.

Use a texturizing or sea salt spray to get that beachy look and go ahead and rock that ultra-flattering lob. We love how low-key this look is (bed head anyone?) with easier maintenance than a blunt cut. Now excuse us while we book our next hair appointment...

Head Scarves

hair trends 2018Source: Girl Meets Glam

Think of this trend as the chic older sister of the floppy hat. If there’s one accessory we absolutely have to have in our closets this season, it’s silk head scarves. We’re obsessed with this vintage Parisian look; simply wrap the silk scarf around your head and tie below the neck. Actual hair styling not needed. So easy!
To amp up the chicness, add some vintage oversized sunnies and you’re good to go. Fashion blogger, Julia Engel, has been brought back this old Hollywood look in the summer, but now we’re seeing it back on the runway for 2019. What’s not to love?

Big Natural Curls

curly hair trendsSource: Ashley's Instagram

2017 was all about embracing your natural texture and that trend is here to stay. Curly girls, this is your moment! Instagram model Ashley Moore and Zendaya have been rocking the natural look lately and it’s oh so refreshing.
Leave your relaxer at home and embark on your damage-free hair journey. Our tip for rocking this trend: avoid brushing your hair when styling to help preserve the shape of your natural curls. For more details on maintaining your curls and getting the best look everyday, you can refer to our extensive guide here.


nyfw hair trendsSource: Vogue

Versace debuted the look on its 2018 Spring runway in Milan and we still can't get enough. Remember the million barrettes we used to pin our hair with as kids? Well here’s the more polished and adult version.
Try parting your hair down the middle and pinning both sides with a barrette or embellished bobby pin. Done and done.

The Slicked Back Wet Look

gigi hadid hairSource: Pinterest

Prabal Garung favored the look for it’s Spring 2018 show and made us remember why we love this look so much! There’s something so mysterious and intriguing about the slicked back wet look. Maybe she just went swimming? Maybe she ran out of dry shampoo? Who knows? We dig it.

The key to this look is working a dollop of a great hair gel from root to tip with a wide tooth comb focusing mainly on the roots. You can really accentuate that ‘just emerged from the pool’ look by adding length to the back of your hair. We recommend clipping two to three layers of Luxy Seamless Hair extensions to the lower back of your head to achieve the look - full tutorial here.

Wrapped Low Ponytail

nyfw hairstyle trendsSource: Pinterest

There’s something about wrapping your hair in a silk scarf that just feels expensive. With so many patterns and colours to play with when it comes to silk scarves, it’s a style that can match any outfit. We’re just loving this luxe look for 2019.

model hairstylesSource: Fashionista

If you’re daring enough, take a hint from Chanel this season and try wrapping your pony with a clear plastic tube. According to high fashion hair stylist, Sam McKnight, it took a vacuum (yes you heard that right!) to get the model’s hair pulled into this pony as shown on his Instagram here. Maybe this take on the trend is better left for the professionals ;) 

Golden/Honey Blonde

blake lively hairSource: Pinterest

It seems like everyone was dyeing their hair peroxide and platinum blonde last year. But this year we can hold the bleach and save our strands. Thank Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively for the tone. These Hollywood A-Listers have pretty much stuck to this super flattering and natural looking blonde for most of their careers and we don’t see a reason to change that.

jessica alba hairSource: Stylecaster

Not a natural blonde? Take notes from natural dark haired beauties like Jessica Alba and Beyonce who both have rocked golden blonde highlights/lowlights. You can also achieve the golden look without having to commit to fully dyeing your hair with clip-in ombre blonde extensions. We love how seamless and gentle the extensions work with brown hair to transform your look.
What looks can’t you wait to try this year? Let us know in the comments below


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