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Luxy® Hair  - Our Top Heatless Curls Hacks on TikTok
Heatless Hairstyles

Our Top Heatless Curls Hacks on TikTok

It’s the lack of heat damage for us. Period.

It’s no surprise that TikTok has been responsible for some of the hottest DIY haircare trends lately. As users try to one up each other when it comes to their mane game, we are in awe of how many mind blowing tips we are discovering on HairTok.

We are especially loving how users are embracing everyday items in their household to create luscious heatless curls with minimal effort.

No one wants to damage their perfectly coiffed manes (yes, it’s time to give your curling wand a bit of a break) and all these haircare savvy influencers are here to show you the best way to produce volume, curls and enviable mermaid waves without investing in expensive hair tools.

Here are the top 7 TikTok heatless curl hair trends we’ve been loving featuring some hair tools you won’t expect!

1. Heatless Curls with Socks 

If you haven’t watched this video by Ally Kay yet, you must! It’s easy to see why this video went so viral. Who would have thought an ordinary pair of socks can transform your hair overnight? All it takes is a pair of socks (preferably clean ones) to achieve the #SockCurls look overnight. If you go into a sock curl rabbithole watching these videos, we don’t blame you. Tip: you’ll want to go with a longer pair of socks if your hair is really long!

2. Heatless Curls with Scrunchies

It turns out everyone’s favourite 90s hair accessory has another purpose besides holding your hair in place. If you own multiple scrunchies you already have all you need to execute the scrunchy curls trend.

@sophiasborinlife shows how she sections off her hair (can be dry or damp) before wrapping her hair around a scrunchie and rolling up. When she’s close to the crown of her head, she puts one end of the scrunchie over the other to hold it in place. The look will make you giggle but the next day you will wake up with seriously beautiful and bouncy curls. Who knew scrunchies were so multifunctional?


3. Heatless Curls with Velcro Hair Rollers 

Another hair trend on TikTok we are loving is the resurgence of hair rollers. For these velcro rollers we played around with different options (smaller rollers create a more intense curl, while large rollers create a beautiful beachy wave) to get this beautiful effortless hair look. You can also use these rollers on your bangs as well to give it a bit of a lift.

These hair rollers are super easy to use and this Velcro Roller set also comes with these cute creaseless clips to make the getting ready process so easy.

4. Heatless Curls with Tights


Similar to the sock curl trend, this works by using a pair of tights you have (you know the one you have lying in your closet all throughout quarantine). Place the pair of tights on your head like a headband with the ends on either side of your ears. You can use some hair clips to hold it in place. Divide your hair into two sections and then french braid on both sides. This method works best when the hair is still slightly damp. The next morning you will wake up with enviable beachy waves and a new appreciation for your tights.

5. Heatless Curls with a bathroom belt

Get out your bathrobe now because @natseleen will show you how your bathroom belt can also be used as a heatless tool for soft waves. What’s so neat about this item is that a bathrobe belt is very plus and soft making it the perfect tool to create a soft wave pattern without causing hair breakage.

Similar to the sock curls and tight method, drape your bathrobe belt onto your head before braiding both sides. Finish with a texture spray to hold in place before admiring your new hairdo.

6. Curling Ribbon

This handy little curling ribbon tool is making waves in hair care TikTok. Since it's made of mulberry silk it’s ideal for those with dry or brittle hair who are anxious about causing further hair damage. It’s also a lot sturdier which makes wearing this overnight a breeze.

Similar to the sock method you will want to wear this on your crown like a headband. You can use a claw clip to hold it in place while you French braid. We like how @lillyvanbrooklyn also used scrunchies at the ends to hold it in place so no strand is out of place. The result? Beautiful salon worthy waves.

7. Rainbow Heatless Curls

These colorful heatless curlers from Amazon are sure to catch your attention. @rocio.roses demonstrates how she uses these rainbow curlers on her damp hair. With a bit of styling mousse and hair spray she sections off her hair before putting these zanny looking hair tools to the test.

She uses a plastic tool with a hook to push sections of hair into these wavy shaped fabric rods. A few hours later: natural looking waves without the hair damage. Although you might have someone wondering what’s going on if they catch you wearing these!

Have you tried any of these heatless curl methods before? From socks to tights, we are looking at all our household items in a whole new light. Not only are these options better for your hair health but they are also incredibly affordable if you are on a budget, try them out and let us know what you think!

For more hair videos give us a follow on TikTok. We post new content every week sharing our best hair care tips. And don’t forget to tag us at @LuxyHair so we can see your Luxy looks!


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