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Luxy® Hair  - Success or fail: weird expert hair tips put to the test
Hair Tips & Tricks

Success or fail: weird expert hair tips put to the test

Want to give your hair the red carpet-treatment? We put some weird celebrity stylist tips to the test to see which tricks work best for the everyday girl without the glam squad. 

We all know it takes a village to get a starlet photoshoot or red carpet-ready and celebrity hair experts all have their own unique ways to create their signature looks...some more unusual than others. 


We’ve gathered three weird (or wonderful) hair tips from the celebrity hair stylists who work with everyone from Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande to Olivia Munn and put the expert tips to the test to see which ones are 5-star worthy and which tips are straight up flops. 

Have you always wanted an easier way to get beach waves, a faux lob, or even give your face a contoured look without the makeup? We have you covered.

Jen Atkin’s Beach Waves Braid Hack

Jen Atkin is the celebrity stylist behind all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. She’s also worked with the Hadid sisters, countless other celebrities, models, and she is also Chrissy Teigen’s BFF! Atkin is the founder of OUAI haircare, and her expertise is sought after all over the world. So, when it comes to one of the most popular hairstyles ever – why not turn to the best? Let’s face it, that effortless beach wave style actually requires more work than it looks and we’re always looking for ways to get it done quickly, while still looking flawless. Atkin has said this easy braid hack is something everyone can do, so we gave it a go.

What you’ll need:

Luxy Hair Extensions, 3-4 hair ties, a flat iron, styling product and heat protectant.

How to get the look:

For longer, fuller-looking waves, apply Luxy Hair extensions to start. They can be easily clipped in near your roots and instantly add length and volume – even before the wave process.

Next, section your hair into 3 to 4 parts and apply a styling product or heat protectant spray before braiding each part to the very ends, tying them off with a hair tie.

Take a flat iron and remember to set it at a maximum temperature of 120C/250F if wearing your Luxy Hair extensions and run the flat iron slowly over the braids. You can also press the flat iron down on each section of the braid like you would with a crimper. Repeat the process 3-5 times depending on how tight you’d like the waves to be.

Remove the hair ties and separate the braids with your fingers for that instant beach wave look. Finish with a holding spray to help keep the waves in all day or night.

The Verdict:

It’s no wonder Atkin is praised for the professional she is. Not only was this an easy hack to pull off, it also took very little time for such a big style return. By braiding larger sections of the hair and using the flat iron to hold the waves in, it saves a ton of time compared to using a barrel or curling iron. It’s also much easier for those who don’t feel as confident with those styling tools. This hack is a must-try.

Chris Appleton’s Faux Lob trick

Stylist to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry, Chris Appleton knows how to turn heads with his hair looks. From the red carpet to the afterparty, many of Appleton’s celebrities will sport long hair to one event and short to the next, and his signature faux lob is how he pulls it off. Appleton has used this hair trick on J.Lo (remember this year’s Oscars?) and actress Shay Mitchell. Good news? We have his tips so you can try a lob for yourself without a permanent cut.

What you’ll need:

Bobby pins or clips, hair ties, a curling iron, styling product and heat protectant.

How to get the look:

Appleton recommends taking the longest parts of your hair (usually the back) and braiding it. Pin the braid up and let your shorter hairs fall freely on top. Apply your heat protectant and curl the rest of your hair that covers the braided part that is now pinned. The curls don’t have to be perfect, and actually will blend in nicely as a lob if they are loose curls and vary in lengths.

The Verdict:

While this is a clever little tip for those who want to experiment with shorter hair without going under the scissors, we find this trick will work especially well for those with layers and medium length hair. For girls with longer hair, we recommend a bigger braid at the back and using bobby pins to clip longer strands back. The problem is, unlike the first celebrity tip, this requires a little more time with the pinning of the hair and the braid at the back that has to be secured and clipped up. If you’ve got the layers and the length do give it a try, but it may not be for everyone.

Josh Liu Snatched Face Hair Hack

Forget a snatched waist, get a snatched face – without going under the knife. Like contouring with makeup, Josh Liu’s “Snatched” face hair hack will help give your face that chiseled look to play up all your angles and may even have some people asking whether your new cheekbones are natural or not. Liu works very closely with the high ponytail Queen Ariana Grande and those tight ponytails also help with that snatched face look. Liu is a young, yet much sought after hair expert who also works with other beauties like Olivia Munn and Miranda Kerr.

Liu shared this hair trick on his Instagram and has had the hair and beauty-obsessed talking about it since. Want to give yourself a facelift without surgery or botox? The secret may be in the hair.

What you’ll need:

Tail comb, small elastics, a clip and hair spray. Optional tools and products include Luxy Hair Extensions, curling iron or flat iron, and styling products.

How to get the look:

Part your hair just above the top of your crown and clip the top hair up so it’s not in the way. Take the end of your tail comb and line it up with the edge of your eye (or where your eyeliner would end). 

Take a small section of hair from behind your hairline leaving a few loose strands out in front. Take the small section a braid it tightly in an upwards direction. You should feel a pull at your temples almost immediately. 

Use a small elastic to close it up and repeat the process on the other side. Take the two braids and use an elastic to tie them tightly together along the line where your hair is parted ensure to smooth out the hair underneath the braids, so it doesn’t get caught or tangled when you secure the two braids together. Smoothing out the bottom half of your hair will also help when it comes to taking the elastics out as it will help prevent tangles and breakage. 

You can also use a bobby pin to loop through one braid and pin it through the other to keep the two fastened down. Let the clipped hair loose and ensure it covers the braids. Leave your hair straight or, give it some curls and waves.

Luxy Hair's seamless hair extensions would work perfectly for this style. As the silicone base is thin and sits flatly against the head, the extensions will blend easily for more length and instant volume, which will also help in covering up the small braids. With a snatched face and voluminous hair, you’ll have that supermodel look in just a few easy steps. 

The Verdict:

This is an amazing and instantaneous hair trick that will not only take your hair from drab to fab but will even help transform the shape of your face to Hollywood glam status without the Hollywood plastic surgery. It’s an easy hack to pull off and it’s versatile, allowing you to style or finish the look any way you want. With this trick, you can also incorporate hair extensions to give your style some extra volume and length, which also helps to elongate the face. However, as this hair tip requires you to pull on the hairline, some may find it a bit uncomfortable, and even Liu himself said it isn’t a styling hack to use every day as you don’t want the tight pulling to cause any damage. 

Celebrity looks for everyone

While these weird expert hair tips may not be what you expect from celebrity stylists, they’ve been proven to work on everyone from actresses to models – so why not make them work for you? Let us know which expert hair tip you’re willing to try and share your looks or your own weird hair hacks with us.


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