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Luxy Hair  - 2020 hair horoscopes: the perfect hairstyle for your zodiac sign
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2020 hair horoscopes: the perfect hairstyle for your zodiac sign

If you've ever fallen victim to Mercury in retrograde, you'll know that astrology plays a significant role in our daily lives. And while planetary (mis)alignment may be attributed to things casually falling apart in your daily life, we like to use astrology to our advantage, making important decisions on hair and beauty according to the stars.

Whether you’re a vibrant Aries, an ambitious Capricorn, or sweet and gentle Pisces, the new year ahead is sure to bring a slew of ups, downs, and everything in between. While horoscopes usually predict whether that promotion will come through or whether you will meet The One, why not use your 2020 horoscope to influence your hairstyle this new year? We've gathered some of the most fabulous looks around and matched them with your astrological forecast to help you enter 2020 in impeccable style. 


Slicked back ponytail

You’ll hit the ground running in 2020, Aries. Your energetic nature will help fuel your ambitions and it’ll be full speed ahead towards the finish line. However, look out for a Mercury Retrograde during the months of March, July, and late October. Looking inward and figuring out the best way to approach a situation is your best bet in minimizing drama. Aries are known for having a bold person;.lality. So why not go for a super slicked back sleek ponytail for 2020. The look is strong and chic and easy to achieve- especially with such a busy year ahead.


Short, sleek bob haircut

You have an exciting and spontaneous year ahead of you that will benefit both sides of your personality, Gemini. It’s time to shed what may no longer be serving you and get a fresh start that allows for new energy and growth. Could that mean it’s time to kick off the new year with a major style change? We think a short n’ sleek bob haircut is written in the stars for you. Want a short yet volumized look? Have your extensions cut, and pop a weft or two in for instant volume. 


Relaxed, tousled waves

You can let your hair down this year, Taurus! There might not be smooth sailing for every single month this coming year, but you can totally expect plenty of easygoing energy for 2020. It’s time to let your hair down and be free! Relaxed, lightly tousled airy waves are fitting for your year ahead, inspired by supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd.


Parisian bob haircut 

Leave any setbacks and disappointments in 2019 and get ready to arrive in 2020 feeling refreshed and assertive. This newfound confidence and self-esteem may inspire a drastic yet oh-so-chic change with a Parisian flare. Go for a textured bob inspired by Olivia Culpo or bangs...or even both! New year, new hair! Oh, and if you ever miss your old locks, get long hair again instantly with hair extensions


Voluminous curls 

Change is the theme of your year, Leo. You’re ready to take charge and make the best of anything this year decides to throw at you. School? Work? Major projects? Whatever it is Leo, you’ve got this! This year, you will also shine on social media, focusing on highlighting good news and keeping your struggles in the shadows. Either way, you’ll always want to look and feel your best. Try a curly, volumized look with a re-vamped 80’s flair that goes along with your up-to-date style.


Slicked back, messy top knot

The beginning of the year will have you playing tug-of-war with your logical and emotional halves, Virgo. On the plus side, you can use these two dueling characteristics of your personality to your advantage if you figure out a proper balance. The keyword this year is duality! Staying balanced and level-headed with what 2020 throws at you is the best way to go about your year. This slicked-back top knot Kaia Geber sported down the runway is symbolic of the approach you should take in 2020. The clean slicked back look represents your logical side while the slightly tousled top knot is symbolic of your emotions. Together they create the perfect stylish balance.


Floral hair accessory

Great news Libra! You won’t have to deal with retrograde situations in 2020! The main focus of your year will be working on strengthening and repairing relationships. Your gentle Libra nature makes it easy for you to want to work things out in various relationships and strengthen bonds with friends and family. Come mid September you will feel more balanced and secure in who you are. Let your hair down and add a fresh flower floral hair accessory to embrace the new, zen you.


Double dutch braids

2020 is a big year for you, Scorpio, so don’t be afraid to set big goals and make them happen. Set your intentions high and manifest the good! Your ambition and drive will lead the way, so be sure to take full advantage of this positive wave of energy. This year brings a strong yet feminine vibe—we suggest going for a powerful yet stylish look with pulled back double dutch braids, and tons of highlighter, inspired by Victoria's Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes. Is there anything more commanding than a strong cheekbone and pulled back hair? We think not.


Half up, natural hair

This is the year of lessons, Sagittarius! You have a pretty great sense of who you are and what you believe in. When the Jupiter retrograde rolls around from early April until the early days of August, some self-reflection is needed. Use your time wisely during this period to revisit your personal beliefs and evaluate if you have been staying true to yourself. 2020 is about learning something new, so it’s important to keep your heart and mind open in order to be receptive to new information. Since this year is about new lessons and putting those teachings into practice, you’ll want to try a new-ish hairstyle you wouldn’t typically wear while still showcasing the natural texture of your hair. Whether it’s ultra-curly or pin-straight, embrace what you have. Remember it’s all about learning while staying true to who you are at your core. A half up hairstyle with your hair's natural shape is the way to go!


Natural hair with extra volume

You’ll be arriving in 2020 with a new moon and partial solar eclipse, Capricorn. As your zodiac is known for being super ambitious, a fresh start to the new year is the perfect time to set your goals into motion. Take advantage of opportunities Capricorn and keep your eyes peeled for signs that will help guide you. You can anticipate a Saturn retrograde from late April until mid September, so don’t let your stubborn nature get in the way—remember it’s okay to ask for help! Fortunately, your wise nature will help you understand any negative situation and navigate your way through it. Go for a bold look that matches your ambitious nature! Show off your natural hair and pop in some 
Luxy Hair extensions for ultra volume, and an effortless and glamorous look.


Retro high ponytail

Consider this a year of change, Aquarius, which is fitting for your unpredictable nature. It’s important to stay positive during your retrograde period from late April to mid September. This is the year of focusing on inner growth, so be sure to take time from your hectic schedule for some inward reflecting and keep your eyes peeled for any lessons you may learn in the coming months. Since inner change is the theme of the year and much of your focus will be on self reflection, try sticking to an easy yet old school look like a retro high ponytail with a scrunchie for an added vintage vibe.


Long, mermaid waves

Growth is the name of the game, Pisces. Due to Neptune being in retrograde during June through late November you may go through a rough patch that will actually help you to learn and grow. Regardless of what you have been through, Pisces, you will always maintain your empathetic nature and spiritual side—which are qualities you should be proud of! Take a page from fellow fierce Pisces Rihanna's book, with waist-long, flowing locks with mermaid waves. You can easily achieve this look with hair 
extensions to achieve that beautiful, long length.

What's your zodiac sign? Have you ever tried a new hairstyle according to your horoscope? Talk to us in the comments below, and if you recreate any of these hairstyles in 2020, be sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #myluxyhair. Happy new year!

Written by: Nadia Matar

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