Hair Care: Summer Hair Guide

Oh, the summer months. Filled with tans, cold drinks, cute swimsuits, and possibly some summer hair struggles? We have all faced them...greasy hair from the hot sun, damaged hair from going lighter and from chlorine filled pools. Stressing over our hair is so last year. This summer, the only stress we need is over choosing which perfect bathing suit to tan in.

If you're like us, you know the hair struggles we're talking about. That's why we've created this summer hair guide outlining some of the most common hair care problems we all face during the hot weather, as well as solutions to combat these issues. Read on.

Summer Hair Problem: Sweaty, Greasy Roots

This might be one of the most common problems most ladies face during the hot summer months. As the sun beats down on top of us, the first place to start sweating is the top of our head, leading to greasy roots. But don't sweat it (get it?)...we've got the solution to this summer hair care problem.

Solution: Dry Shampoo And Cold Hair Dryer

Summer Hair Guide

Make it a habit to keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your purse...we guarantee, this will be your bestie for the summer. If you start feeling those roots getting a bit too greasy for your liking, pop into the washroom and add a quick spray of dry shampoo to the roots. This helps soak up any of the natural oils built up and dries up that pesky grease and sweat right at the roots.  

If you want to go a step further and have access to a hair dryer, after using the dry shampoo, blast your hair dryer on cold and quickly blow out the roots of your hair. This will help dry up any extra moisture left over at the scalp, while giving your hair a quick refresh.

Feeling like getting crafty? Check out this article to learn how to create your own DIY dry shampoo. 

Summer Hair Problem: Faded, Sun-Damaged Hair

In the peak of summer, the sun’s UV rays can be extremely damaging to not only our skin, but also our hair. Similar to our skin and using sunscreen, it is important to protect your hair from this damage. Protecting your hair from the heat not only maintains your hair's fresh, vibrant color, but also maintains its life into the summer months.

Solution: Wear Hats, Use SPF Conditioners, and Reduce Heat Styling

Summer Hair Care

The best way to avoid damage from the sun to your hair is to literally have something stopping the UV rays to your hair strands. Wearing hats, bandanas, or headscarves are great solutions, as a literal sunscreen for your hair. And hey, they make super cute accessories as well. Not sure how to rock a hat or headscarf? Check out the article below for inspiration.

Next, we suggest applying a deep conditioner that contains SPF directly to your scalp, to protect your hair from any further damage and to use a UV protection spray on the ends of your hair. These products work just as sunscreen does for your skin, protecting your hair from the sun's harmful rays. 

Lastly, ditch your hot tools this summer and embrace your natural hair. We recommend to heat style your hair as little as possible in general to maintain its health, however, the summer months are the best time to start experimenting with a heatless lifestyle. Instead of curling your hair, try applying some sea salt spray for effortless beach waves. And who needs a hair dryer when you can air dry your hair quickly using the natural heat outside? If you need some inspiration on how to achieve quick and easy hairstyles with no heat, click here

Summer Hair Problem: Untamed Frizz

Summer hair guide

Frizzy hair is possibly our worst enemy during the summer, especially for the ladies with thick or curly hair! At times frizz can become uncontrollable if you don’t have the right strategy to tame it, but don’t worry, we're here to help. Say goodbye to your frizzy hair, because it's staying back in summer 2017 where it belongs.

Solution: Shampoo & Conditioner with Hair Oil, Pomade/Serums

Most people are typically familiar with using hair serums and hair oils after washing their hair to tame frizz. Using a shampoo and conditioner infused with antioxidant-rich hair oils like argan oil, however, may be your ticket to frizz-free hair. After using an oil enriched shampoo and conditioner, you can follow with a pomade or hair serum to tame away any remaining frizz. Keep a small bottle of hair oil in your purse for those times that you feel the frizz coming on, and you'll be set for the summer.

An extra tip: rather than using hair brushes, which end up causing more frizz, use a wide tooth comb to brush through your hair while wet, helping to minimize frizz and maintain your natural curl.

Summer Hair Problem: Salt Water & Chlorine Damage

We know, there's nothing more amazing than diving right into the refreshing water on a hot summer day. We want you to go for it, but also take care of those luscious locks, as salt water & chlorine can do a ton of damage to your hair. Salt water causes your hair to dry out, while chlorine also causes dryness and can cause your dyed hair to turn green. Yes, for real, green! 

Solution: Wash Hair Before & After Swimming and Use Weekly Hair Masks

Summer Hair Care

When it comes to salt water, the key is to rinse your hair right after coming out of the water. Use a hydrating conditioner right after swimming to restore moisture back in your hair. If you are an avid beach-bum, make sure to apply a weekly deep conditioning hair mask to save your hair from drying out this summer. 

Summer Hair Problem: Damage From Dying Your Hair Lighter

Summer Hair Care

Dying your hair lighter for the summer months is so tempting. Who doesn’t want that beachy glow and sun-kissed brightness to your hair when it’s sunny out? While we do agree that light hair for the summer is great, the chemicals from the dye cause your hair to be more prone to damage. As long as you take the right steps to protect your newly dyed hair from the sun, we say to go for it! 

Solution: Color Protecting Hair Products

If your hair is colored, we recommend to go for a shampoo specifically designed for color treated hair. Check the product's pH level and ensure that it is between 4.5-5.5 to prevent color from fading. Great hair products for dyed hair will also include ingredients like oils, sea kelp or algae, in order to lock in color and protect your hair from damage. 

For more tips to maintain your hair's health this summer, click hereDo you have any special summer hair care tips? We'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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