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Luxy® Hair  - Classic education: 7 reasons why Classic hair extensions are right for you
Hair Extensions

Classic education: 7 reasons why Classic hair extensions are right for you

Class is in session!

We’re going back to our roots with the collection that set the standard. Although you now have a variety of Luxy Hair collections to choose from including Halo hair extensions, Seamless hair extensions, and ponytail extensions, is there anything better than classic comforts? We think not.

If you’re wondering which hair extensions collection will give you longer, fuller hair that stands the test of time, read on. We’ve put together 7 reasons why Classic hair extensions are right for you. 

Classic hair extensions


1. Fabric stitched base

First things first. What exactly makes hair extensions Classic? While the Classics usually refer to Beethoven or Dickens, in Luxy Hair terminology, Classic hair extensions refer to extensions with a fabric stitched weft, as opposed to silicone or other materials. 100% remy human hair is stitched to a piece of fabric, then the clips are hand-sewn onto each weft. This makes the base of the weft thicker and flexible, meaning it is easier to work into a variety of hairstyles (more below), as well as add lift at the roots. 

Classic hair extensions

2. More volume at the roots

If you have thinner hair, your first inclination may be to opt for Seamless hair extensions as the wefts are thinner than Classic extensions. However, Classic hair extensions may actually be right for you if you have thin hair. Why? Because of the thicker fabric stitched base we mentioned earlier, this adds a bit of bulk to the base of the weft, giving you more volume at the roots and much needed fullness and lift.

Classic hair extensions

3. Thicker ponytails and updos

What’s more classic than a bouncy high pony or an updo for a special occasion? Although we do offer ponytail extensions, you may choose to create a longer, thicker ponytail with a full set of hair extensions for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your hair is too thick or too short for a ponytail extension, or the updo you have in mind cannot be customized with a one and done solution like a ponytail or Halo extension. In these cases, the flexibility of Classic hair extensions is a major advantage. The wefts can be twisted and bent to manipulate different shapes and styles that other styles of extensions may not be able to as easily.

4. Personalized weights and lengths

Classic hair extensions are the OGs of clip-in hair extensions, offered in a variety of lengths and weights to suit your hair type. Whether you have shorter hair and are simply looking for natural volume, or already have thick hair and are looking for bombshell length and thickness, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose 16 inch hair extensions if you have short or shoulder length hair and are just looking for more volume and natural looking length. Choose 20 inch hair extensions if you want extra length and volume, and choose 24 inch hair extensions if you want to channel your inner Lady Godiva. When it comes to weights, 16 inch comes in a standard 140g weights, 20 inch comes in 120g for fine hair, 160g for average thickness hair, and 220g for thick hair. If that’s not enough, Classic hair extensions are also available as Volume Bundles so you can turn up the volume as loud as Tchaikovsky’s cannons. No matter your hair type, there’s a set for you! 

Classic hair extensions

Not sure which Classic set is right for you? Take our quiz below for a personalized recommendation.


5. Ideal for short or thick hair

Have you ever tried a set of hair extensions and ended up with the dreaded stringy ends? This was likely because the set was too thin for your hair type. Contrary to what your instinct might tell you, the thicker your hair, the thicker the set of extensions you will need to blend them in seamlessly with your natural hair. Otherwise, you may end up with stringy ends with a noticeable end to your natural hair and beginning of the extensions. 

If you have short hair, Classic hair extensions are best as they are available in our thickest 220g set (or a Volume Bundle if your hair is short and thick or bluntly cut), whereas other collections are offered in lighter weights. For the same reason, we recommend to opt for Classic extensions in 220g or a Volume bundle if you have naturally thick hair, so that there is enough volume in the set for a seamless blend. Learn more about how to blend hair extensions with short hair here.

Classic hair extensions

6. Can be dyed

Although we offer over 30 different colors ranging from solid shades to balayage and highlights, your hair color may still be unique enough that you may want to dye your extensions to match. Luxy Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, and can therefore be dyed darker and heat styled like your natural hair. We do not recommend bleaching any Luxy Hair extensions as they have already undergone a chemical process during manufacturing and will likely get damaged if bleached. The weft type should be considered when dying the extensions. Since Classic extensions have a fabric base, the fabric can also be dyed to your desired shade. Seamless hair extensions have a silicone base, which do not take to dye, therefore, if you were to dye Seamless extensions, you would end up with a weft of hair that is one color and a base that is another color. If you plan on dyeing your extensions, Classic is best!

Thinking of dyeing your Luxies? Check out our dyeing do's and don'ts first.

Classic hair extensions

7. 10 weft pieces to customize hairstyles

As we touched on earlier, Classic hair extensions come in a set of 9-10 wefts, depending on the weight. 120g sets come with 9 wefts of hair, while 160g and 220g sets come with 10 wefts of hair. Volume bundles come with a full 220g set plus a 45g Volumizer Weft for added volume. This opens up a world of possibilities for different hairstyles, ranging from side braids, deep side parts, half-up hairstyles, voluminous braids, or even face framing pieces with 1-clip wefts in a different color! The hairstyle possibilities are endless with Classic extensions.

Classic hair extensions

We hope this helps you understand more about Classic hair extensions and why they might be right for you. If you’re still not sure, be sure to take our quiz to find out which Luxy Hair collection is right for you.

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