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Luxy® Hair  - Holiday gift guide for her: hair, beauty, wellness, fashion
Hair Extensions

Holiday gift guide for her: hair, beauty, wellness, fashion

The Christmas Tree is twinkling, the hot chocolate is warming, the chestnuts are roasting, and the fireplace is on (or the Fireplace Channel if you're a city dweller with no fireplace). Everything is serene when it suddenly dawns on you...December didn't go quite as slowly as you imagined it would, Christmas is almost here, and you haven't even begun to think of Christmas gifts for your loved ones, let alone start shopping!

Your relaxing night of Christmas coziness just turned into a night of Christmas shopping, and while some may get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of Christmas gift ideas for her and choices out there, we've done the legwork for you. We've rounded up the best Christmas gift ideas for her in the following holiday gift guide, so all you have to do is match the right person with the right category, and shop away. 

For the hair lover

1. A low heat hair styler 

If you follow Luxy Hair, you'll know that we usually prefer heatless hairstyles to preserve the health and integrity of your hair. While there are many ways to achieve heatless curls and waves, most require a few hours to let your hair air dry—until now. Known for its innovative homeware gadgets, Dyson recently forayed into the world of hair, and just released its second product—the Dyson Airwrap—a hair styler that curls hair with the power of air, to manipulate hair strands using a maximum heat setting of 302 F. While definitely a premium product, this Christmas gift idea for her is a long-term investment in healthy hair.

2. A silk pillowcase

Have you ever gone to bed with perfect curls, only to wake up the next morning with messy, tangled hair? This may be due to the type of fabric on your pillowcase. Traditional pillowcases are made of cotton, which dries the hair out and twists it at the root, causing bed-head, long-term damage and thinning. Slip pillowcases are made with pure 100% silk, which has a unique glide and "slip" to it—your hair is treated gently while you sleep, allowing you to wake up with a fresher 'do and even fresher skin. This Christmas gift idea for her is endorsed by the Royals themselves (the Kardashians), so we're definitely giving it a try.

3. A Microfiber Towel

A microfibre towel is key to keeping your locks healthy, preventing split ends, and minimizing frizz when drying your hair. Regular terrycloth towels do not absorb water well and are roughly textured, which leads to damaged and frizzy hair when rubbing your hair dry. Microfiber towels are made with fibers that are even thinner than a strand of silk, leading to a smoother surface and better water absorption. DeVa Curl's DEVATOWEL is a smooth towel that will ensure your hair dries frizz-free, so if you have any curly-haired friends or family out there, this is the perfect Christmas gift for her, however, the DEVATOWEL can be used for hair of all types.  

4. A line of 100% natural, organic hair products

We have mentioned in previous blog posts the negative effects traditional hair products have on your hair. Laden with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohols and sulfates, these products eventually lead to dry, damaged hair. Love Hair's line of hair products is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients like Lavender, Pracaxi, and Jojoba, penetrating hair strands from within to strengthen and nourish them from the inside out. Ranging from shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair oil, and dry shampoo, Love Hair treats all your hair problems naturally and effectively. Plus, made with sustainable packaging, the Love Hair's product line is not only a Christmas gift for her but a gift to the environment.

5. Extra volume for their hair

Chances are, your loved one already owns a set of hair extensions, if they're immersed in the world of hair. Sometimes, however, they may just need that extra boost of volume. Luxy Hair's Volumizer Wefts are the perfect Christmas gift idea for her in this case, as each weft is made up of 45g of hair and can be worn with a set of hair extensions or on their own. 

6. Bonus Stocking Stuffer: The Invisibobble


If it isn't already, the Inivisibobble needs to be a staple in any hair care lover's repertoire of hair accessories. Regular drugstore brand hair ties are harsh on the hair, leading to hair breakage and kinks when your ponytail is removed. The Invisibobble is specifically designed to apply uneven pressure around the ponytail, which ensures that your ponytail is held firmly without your pony feeling too tight and without those pesky kinks. This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for her to stuff your loved one's stocking. 

For the beauty lover

1. Sparkling body highlighter

If you've been paying attention to the world of beauty, you'll know that Rihanna released her own makeup line Fenty Beauty last year to raving reviews. Inspired by Rihanna's crystal gown worn to the CFDA Awards in 2014, the Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil by Fenty Beauty is made with a unique jelly powder that melts into the skin, letting your loved one sparkle and shine throughout the holidays and beyond! If you know anyone who loves to glam up, this is the Christmas gift idea for her!

2. Kylie Jenner Eyeshadow Palette

Starting off her beauty empire with lip kits, Kylie Jenner recently branched out Kylie Cosmetics, introducing eyeshadow palettes. Including a collaboration with older sister Kourtney Kardashian as well as releasing palettes in color families like bronze, purple, blue and green, this Christmas gift idea for her is ideal for the beauty lover and can even be used during the holiday season for those holiday parties.   

3. Korean Beauty Sheet mask set

Any beauty lover knows sheet masks are all the rage to accelerate the process to healthy, radiant skin. Give your loved one the Christmas gift of beautiful skin this season. Using advanced Korean skincare technologies, Dr. Jart+ work alongside expert dermatologists and artists, forging the way in innovative skincare. This innovative sheet mask set includes six of Dr. Jart's bestselling masks, including two rubber masks and four microfiber masks addressing skin issues from dryness, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores.

4. Retro clear Lip Gloss 

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Cult makeup and beauty favorite Glossier takes it back to the 90s with their bestselling clear lip gloss. Enriched with Vitamin E, this lip gloss glides on easily, giving your lips a juicy, glassy finish while staying hydrated all day. Use it either on its own for extra shine or on top of your favorite lipstick. The best part? At only $14, this Christmas gift doesn't break the bank so go ahead and buy one for yourself as well.

5. This exquisite room diffuser

Known for their perfumes, scented candles, and bath products, British company Jo Malone is the epitome of elegance. If you're looking to splurge on your beauty lover, this Christmas gift idea is the perfect way to spend those dollars. This Jo Malone Room Diffuser not only makes a gorgeous decorative piece in any room, but spreads luxurious scents like Red Roses, Pomegrante Noir, and English Pear & Freesia.

For the Wellness Lover

1. S'well Bottle

As you may already know, staying hydrated is key not only to the health of your body but your hair and skin as well. S'well bottles are perfect for the on-the-go girl, and made with stainless steel, reducing the need to use plastic bottles. The best part? S'well bottles keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, so whether it's winter or summer, this Christmas gift will keep on giving.

2. Five Minute Journal

It's been scientifically proven that expressing gratitude helps you feel more positive emotions, which leads to better well being and happiness over time. We love the 5 Minute Journal, as it takes only, you guessed it, 5 minutes every morning and night to help you practice mindfulness and to remind you that there is always something to be grateful for in life. Not only is the 5 Minute Journal a Christmas gift for the mind but for your home, as with its ivory fabric cover it makes a great coffee or bedside table book. 

3. Audible Membership

No one ever said they wished they read fewer books, but in our fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down with a physical book. That's why we love the Christmas gift idea of an Audible membership, which lets your loved one listen to books on the Subway, walking to work, or even at the gym. Memberships come with one free book download every month, as well as discounts on additional books. 

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a perfect Christmas gift idea for the wellness lover, dispersing tiny particles of essential oil aromas through the air, bringing the scent of nature into the home. Saje's diffusers are not only effective but make beautiful home decor pieces as well, while essential oils are derived from natural sources with no artificial fragrances or toxins. 

5. Spotify Premium Membership

Why not give your loved one the Christmas gift of music this holiday season with a Spotify Premium membership? Spotify Premium ensures that no annoying ads interrupt you while you're listening, allows you to skip as many songs as you want, and choose any song to listen to from the entire Spotify library. We're firm believers that music is an integral part of health and wellness! 

6. Bonus Stocking Stuffer: Voluspa Candle

You can never go wrong with gifting a beautiful, luxurious, candle this Christmas. Voluspa candles aren't just your basic scented candle...their exotic fragrances are meticulously crafted, and each candle is sustainably produced in the US. A bonus? They may look and smell expensive, but are affordable, making them a great stocking stuffer.

For the fashion lover

1. A trendy puffy jacket

When colder weather rolls around, it can sometimes be difficult to stay warm while looking put together. Those dowdy down jackets heavy winter boots, although practical, don't exactly scream "fashionista!" Well, this season, it looks like dressing appropriately for the weather is finally in style, with huge puffer jackets taking Instagram over by the who's who of the fashion world. Because of these jackets are down-filled, we've found a vegan alternative at sustainable fashion clothing brand Everlane. Made with 32 renewed plastic bottles each, Everlane's ReNew Puffy Puff will keep you warm without the use of goose or duck down feathers, keeping you warm ethically.

2. A fashionable luggage set

Your fashionista loved one may have their travel outfit down, but nothing ruins an outfit like a frumpy piece of luggage. Say goodbye to those old hand me downs and hello to a stylish, functional piece of luxury luggage from Calpak. We're crushing over this collab between Calpak and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin of Kardashian fame, which come in four colors, and features a polycarbonate casing, aluminum frame, 360-degree silent spinner wheels, and built-in TSA approved lock.

3. This artistic coffee table book

Christmas gift ideasSource

"Before there was Instagram, there was Warhol." Any fashion lover knows the lasting impact Andy Warhol has made in the fashion and art world. Known for carrying a Polaroid camera with him everywhere he went, Warhol created thousands of polaroids throughout his life, including portraits of New York's high society, self-portraits, and still life. Andy Warhol Polaroids 1957-1987 as a Christmas gift not only makes for a stylish coffee table but takes you into the mind of the most iconic artists and photographers of our time.

4. A glitzy dress

Christmas gift ideas

This Christmas gift by Zara is perfect for those upcoming holiday parties, and if your fashionista loved on is anything like us, she'll love being at the center of attention with this glam look. Sparke and shine, it's holiday time!

5. On-trend white sneakers

Everyone knows the shoe of the season is a classic white sneaker. Versatile and comfortable, the fashion tides have finally changed, embracing comfort and style. Gift these Nike Air Vapormax sneakers to your fashionista loved one, who can throw them on with leggings and a sweater, high waisted jeans, or even a dress. Bonus points if you can score the pure white pair as a Christmas gift, as these are selling out faster than Nike can stock them! 

6. Bonus stocking stuffer: statement earrings

Christmas gift ideas

You can never go wrong with a pair of statement earrings for the fashionista loved one in your life. We're loving these trendy tassel earrings with jewel clusters from British e-commerce boutique ASOS as a Christmas gift ideas this holiday season.

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