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Luxy® Hair  - Decade in review: A look back at the hair trends of the 2010s
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Decade in review: A look back at the hair trends of the 2010s

Ah, 2020. The end of the decade is drawing near. For some of us, this new beginning is an exciting time filled with resolutions, promises to work out 4 times a week, get up earlier...you know the drill. For others, the start of a new year is often marked by disbelief at how quickly time is passing. At Luxy Hair, we prefer to look back at the previous decade through a hair-focused lens. Some of these looks might make you cringe, while others well evoke a sense of nostalgia...some you might even still be rocking with enthusiasm! 

Plus, if you want to get ahead of the trends, we've also consulted the hair psychics to ensure you're ahead of the curve. Think you know what hair trends are bound to take off in the new decade? Forget flying cars and robots, here is what we see happening for hair in our crystal ball. 

Keep reading to get the rundown on the defining hair trends of the past decade.

2010: Hairline braid 

Do you recall watching Lauren Conrad on MTV and her infamous hairline braid? If you grew up watching Laguna Beach or The Hills (cue the "Unwritten" theme song), then you definitely remember LC and her famous winged liner and pretty hairline braid. It was also a red carpet favorite, making it easy to keep those pesky layers out of your face while still looking chic.

2011: Side-parted waves

Ultra-feminine and classic, side-parted waves were a glamorous go-to for many starlets in 2011. It's easy to see why this look has maintained popularity; it's flattering on almost every face shape and very timeless so if you're wondering what 'do to rock on NYE, this one is a safe and sexy bet! 

2012: Ombré

Remember ombré, balayage's bolder cousin? This undone, outgrown look was a big hit in 2012 and although its popularity has declined, giving way to more gradual coloring techniques, people are still rocking ombré (especially if they are trying to grow out their color in a natural way). 

2013: Curling-iron curls

Enter curling-iron curls! What are these, you might ask? Curling-iron curls refer to the polished, defined curl look popularized by Instagram. It looks thick, uniform, and intentionally curled, rather than an undone beachy wave look. Think of this hairstyle as a contemporary take on prom-curls. Pretty and feminine, this look is sure to photograph wonderfully. 

2014: Wind-swept front layers

Imagine a fan blowing flawlessly in your face as you walk through a city street, like a scene from a movie. That is the illusion we were after in 2014 with wind-swept front layers. Equal parts effortless and glam, this look was worn famously by everyone from Hilary Duff to the Kardashian sisters. This haircut allows you to achieve the face-framing effect without the commitment of bangs. all you have to do is use a blowdryer and round brush or hot tool to style the front layers away from your face.


2015: Bob

The bob used to be a hairstyle associated with stylish moms, but 2015 made the bob mainstream. A chic hairstyle not for the faint-hearted, the bob is bold, edgy, and totally fashion-forward. From Lucy Hale to Victoria Beckham, many young women were trading in their long, flowing hair for something more daring and contemporary in 2015. Even still, the bob has stuck around...and we're here for it! 

2016: Lob

What came next? Well, the lob of course! A natural follow up to the bob the previous year, the lob allowed women to grow out their bob while looking stylish and staying bang on-trend. If you like a more traditionally feminine hair cut or can't seem to commit to the bob, the lob is the perfect happy medium. You can even play around with the 'do by asking your hairstylist to create an asymmetrical cut.

2017: Balayage 

We said hello to balayage in 2017...and we have no intention of saying goodbye any time soon! This gorgeous, sun-kissed coloring technique is reminiscent of lazy beach days and sunscreen. A great way to add dimension to your hair without the commitment of regular root-to-tip highlights, we think this French-inspired painted highlight look should stick around for a long time. Want to try out balayage without the dye? The Luxy Hair balayage collection is the answer! 


2018: Beachy waves

Love a good French girl hairstyle? Beachy waves are just that! The perfect pairing for balayage, beachy waves are meant to look tousled and effortless (even if they require some work). 2018 was marked by an affinity towards looking like you didn't spend hours in front of the mirror, a nice counterbalance to the heavily coiffed hair looks that dominated the 'gram in previous years. Like balayage, beachy waves are sticking around. 

2019: Ultra-long hair

Rapunzel may have ignited the ultra-long hair trend, but Kim and Kylie have adapted the look for the modern woman. While a strong hair care routine is key if you want to grow your hair out, hair extensions are generally how ultra-long hair is achieved. 

2020: Our top 3 predictions 

Okay, so you made it this far in the history of hair class...but what's next? Think you already know what hair looks are destined for success in the new year? Here are our 2020 hair predictions.


Love a good ponytail? Anything but basic, ponytails of all kinds are sure to take over in 2020. Rocked by everyone from Ariana Grande to Bella Hadid, the long high ponytail is the perfect way to transform your hair on no-wash days or to show off a backless dress. 

Low Bun 

Polished and professional (with minimal fuss) the low bun is a classic hairstyle that you can achieve in minutes. Just use a frizz-taming pomade to achieve Hailey's sleek look. Whether you're vacationing in the Carribean and what to keep your hair off your neck or running late to work, the low bun is a hairstyle you can count on. 

Hair Accessories 

Between body chains and chokers, it seems like all sorts of jewelry is now a thing. Naturally, hair accessories are making a comeback too. Previously popular in the 90s and among young girls, hair accessories are now rocked on runways worn for everyday occasions as well as for special events.

What do you think of these 2020 hair predictions? How many of the hairstyles mentioned above did you try out in the past decade? Let us know in the comments below! 

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