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Luxy® Hair  - Cute Heatless Hairstyles for School
Heatless Hairstyles

Cute Heatless Hairstyles for School

If you’re looking for easy, heatless back to school hairstyles, or hairstyles for when you’re running late - you’ve come to the right place. 

Hairstyles for school (or work) need to be quick and super easy. An extra bonus is when the hair is secured away from your face, and can last all day without you having to worry about fixing it every ten minutes.

In today's post, we show you how to create 6 easy hairstyles that are heatless and literally take a couple of minutes to create.  

We will be showing you how to do every look step by step, so if you want to know how to create them, either watch the video below or scroll down for step-by-step instructions. 

#1: Rope Braid Ponytail

Start by brushing your hair to get rid of any knots and tangles. If you wear hair extensions, clip in a few wefts upside down, in order to create a high ponytail. To learn how to clip in hair extensions into a ponytail, watch this video

Wearing hair extensions is optional, but they do add length and volume to any hairstyle. In this video, Karin is wearing a few wefts of her 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for some extra thickness and highlights in her hair.

Secure the hair in a high ponytail, and add some hairspray if you’d like to keep those flyways at bay.

Now, you’re going to create a rope braid. Start by separating your ponytail in two sections, and twisting both sections in the same direction. Then, twist those two sections together in an opposite direction, to make a rope braid. 

If you don’t know how to do a rope braid, check out this tutorial. Continue rope braiding all the way down. Once you’re done, secure with a hair tie and that’s it! 

This look is very sleek and put-together, and is definitely more interesting than a regular ponytail. 

Heatless back to school hairstyles

#2: Half-up rope braids

This next hairstyle uses elements of the same rope braid, but in a slightly different way. 

If you wear extensions, clip in the large wefts at the back of your head just below the crown of your head. If you don’t wear hair extensions, simply skip this step and continue onto the next step.

Begin by taking a small section of hair on one of the sides of your head, and split it in two. If you chose to wear extensions for this look, this is where you can clip in the 1 clip wefts for some extra thickness and length in the braids. Clip these wefts in the direction of where you will be braiding.

Split that section of hair in two and twist both of them in the same direction. Then, twist both of these sections in an opposite direction. Repeat the same steps on the other side and you’ll end up with two really fun looking rope braids. 

All you do now is pin them together at the back with some bobby pins and you’re done! This looks beautiful and is super easy to create. If you don’t like rope braids, you can do the exact same hairstyle with a regular three strand braid or a fishtail braid

Back to school heatless hairstyle half up rope braid half updo

#3 - Criss-cross hairstyle

Take two small sections from the front of your face and pull them back tightly at the back of your head. Secure with a really small elastic band. 

Then you will take another two sections from the front and repeat the same steps. We’ll stop right there, but if you’d like, you can continue doing this all the way down and will end up with a cool looking braid, similar to this one. 

This hairstyle is a perfect way to get the hair out of your face and although it takes literally under a minute, it looks very put-together. 

Heatless back to school hairstyles

#4 - Braided headband 

If you have long hair, this is a really fun way to style it. Take a section of your hair behind your ear and do a regular braid all the way down. Then, pin it across your head, like a headband. Do the same thing on the other side. 

If you don’t have long hair, you can wear a few wefts of extensions as a headband - we show you how to do that in this video. Tada! Easy and creative.

heatless hairstyle for back to school braided headband luxy hair

#5 - Dutch braid bun

This hairstyle is definitely for those who love experimenting with hairstyles and aren’t afraid to have a little fun with with their hair. 

Start by sectioning the front of your hair and doing a dutch braid. If you want to learn how to create a dutch braid, check out how to do that technique here

Secure the dutch braid with a small elastic band and pull up the hair into a ponytail. You can stop there, or go one step further and pull your hair up in a bun. 

This hairstyle allows for the hair to be completely out of your face, and has a unique braid element that will make you stand out from the crowd.

back to school heatless hairstyle dutch braid bun

#6 - The braided space buns

And of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you how to do space buns in your hair. 

Pull up your hair in two high ponytails, and start doing a regular braid, which you will then pull up into a bun. Use a bunch of bobby pins to secure it in place and repeat on the other side. We love how trendy it looks, and doing braids instead of regular buns definitely spices things up even more! 

braided space bun back to school hairstyle

There you go, 6 super quick and easy heatless back to school hairstyles. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out even more back to school videos here, here, and here

If you are looking for even more heatless hair tutorials, check out our heatless section of the blog here.

And last but not least, if you’re wondering how to do heatless curls - we got you covered with 7 ways on how to achieve heatless curls and waves in this blog post.

So much you can do with your hair without heat ;)

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