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Luxy® Hair  - 27 Easy Summer Hairstyles
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27 Easy Summer Hairstyles

What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? If you don't have one yet, don't sweat it because we are here to help you out with these 27 easy summer hairstyles that you can recreate yourself! 

These looks will instantly make you feel lighter and more relaxed during the summertime. Your hair will be away from your face and body, while still looking super cute. That’s definitely a double win. Read on to find your go-to summer hairstyle!

1. Perfect Ponytail

The perfect summer ponytail is a no effort look that suits all hair types. It is the ultimate hairstyle on a scorching hot summer day or for your second-day hair. 


2. Sleek High Ponytail

If you want to take your ponytail hair game to the next level, you should try this bold ponytail look. It is sleek and high to the sky. To add even more oomph put in your Luxy Hair ponytail extensions. You will definitely be receiving some compliments on the street.


3. Sleek Braided Ponytail

You can try another high ponytail with this simple braided hairstyle. It is the ultimate hot girl walk look. Use our Luminous Shine Hair Oil for any pesky flyaways. 


4. Bubble Ponytail

If you want a creative twist to your regular ponytail, the bubble ponytail is the hairstyle for you. It is perfect for the busy bee who doesn’t have a lot of time. This look is super simple yet so stylish.


5. Blinger Hair 

This hair gem stamper from the 90s is going viral on Tiktok. Easily add a bit of 'bling' to your hair with this easy to use device for a fun night out or to your favourite summer festivals. Would you buy this blinger? 


@hartyyy_ Still not over it #amazonfinds #gemstamper #hairgems #festivalhair ♬ Te Amo x Too Little Too Late - noxz

6. Top Knot Bun

A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is a top knot bun. It is a super simple look that goes a long way. Just one quick step, a few bobby pins, and voila you got yourself a perfect ballerina bun. Use your natural hair for this effortless look or one of our clip in bun extensions. Check out this stunning before and after below!



7. Messy Bun

If you want an effortlessly chic look, opt for a messy bun that’s perfectly undone. You can find yourself rocking this look for all occasions, whether that be for work, school, parties, or just hanging out at home.


8. Curly Ponytail

Add volume to your hair with this gorgeous curly ponytail. Our curly ponytail extensions allows you to recreate this look instantly without any heat damage. 


9. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

For all you naturally curly and wavy haired beauties! This half up, half down hairstyle is an effortless look that can be paired with any cute summer dress. Not to worry, if you have straight hair, you can also curl it first to recreate this look.


10. Flower Hair Clips

What’s better than flowers you may ask? Flowers in your hair of course! Summertime is here and we cannot get enough of these fresh blooms. Try this simple updo with these delicate flower hair clips for an elegant hair look.

11. Romantic Braid 

Ever wanted princess-like hair? This Bridgerton inspired romantic braid will do the trick. A charming hairdo that will ensure the picture perfect look for your special summer occasion. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do! You can style this with straight or curly hair.

12. Butterfly Hair Clips

All eyes will be on you with this stunning eye catching look. Accessorize with butterfly clips for a fairy-like vibe. We love how this look is elevated with glamorous waves.


13. Criss-Cross Hairstyle

The beauty of this criss-cross hairstyle is that it takes literally less than a minute to complete, and its presentation is super put together. If you’re looking for a no-fuss look for the summer this is the look for you.

 Easy Summer Hairstyle | Luxy Hair Blog

14. Beach Waves

This one is for all the babes with long luscious locks. Beach waves are the perfect undone summer hairstyle for you! It definitely screams effortless and chic at the same time. Achieve this look with a curling wand or if you are looking for a heatless method, these hair rollers will do the trick. 


15. Mini Pigtails 

This cute easy hairstyle is definitely inspired by Cassie from Euphoria! All you need to create Cassie's hairstyle is a curling iron and some mini elastics to hold your mini ponytails in place. 


16. Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a classic braid that can be customized in so many ways for your tasting. It makes for a super quick and easy look for your summer days. Once you have mastered the fishtail braid, you can experiment with different variations such as the French fishtail braid, chunky fishtail braid, double fishtail braid, three-way fishtail braid, and so much more!


17. Flower Braid

This is another quick and easy flower braid for your gorgeous summer days. It’s just your simple three strand braid and afterwards, add your choice of flowers! We love this half up half down look below with baby's breath!


18. Dutch Braid 

Another braid that you can try out this summer is the reverse or Dutch side braid. Compared to the regular three strand braid, it will immediately add more volume to your look.


19. Double Dutch Braids

Are you trying to get the Kim K look this summer? Well look no further, the double dutch braid will do just that. Wear this at work, school, and even the gym. It is definitely a badass cool girl look to rock.


20. Triple Braid Hairstyle

If you’re looking to challenge yourself a little bit this summer try this cool braid out! The triple braid hairstyle is a mix of three braids: French braid, fishtail braid, and the regular three strand braid. Although it looks complicated, we promise it’s a lot easier than it seems. It’s also super fun to create. This style is a versatile look that can be worn for a simple everyday look or a fancy occasion. It’s your choice of dressing it up or down. 

Easy Summer Hairstyles | Luxy Hair Blog

21. Waterfall Braid

Whether you’re going to a music festival or a romantic evening date, this breezy summer look has a way of making your hair look dreamier than ever. Try the waterfall braid with mermaid waves, and we promise you won’t regret it!

Easy Summer Hairstyle | Luxy Hair Blog

22. Fishtail Updo

If you have mastered the fishtail updo, then this is a great alternative for those special occasions or just a hot summer day. This is a beautifully done updo that is super simple and easy to recreate.

23. Easy Twisted Side Bun 

The twisted side bun is another undo that you can work during the summer months. It only has two quick steps, and voila a perfect hairstyle for you to rock. All you need is two hair elastics and some bobby pins to secure your bun.

24. Boho Twist Braid

This is a quick and easy boho inspired braid that's great for beginners! Since it's more on the messy side we aren't aiming for perfection. Dress it up with some pearls and you are good to go.


25. Braided Bohemian Hairstyle

Last but definitely not least, the braided Bohemian hairstyle. This braided updo elevates your overall look and pairs well with any summer outfit. It’s the perfect hairstyle for music festivals, weddings, and any outdoor parties.



26. Mini Braid Hairstyle 

This no tie mini braid look is super cute and has been worn by stars like Olivia Rodrigo for a laidback summer vibe. You can use our best-selling Application Kit which comes with alligator hair clips and a rat tail comb to make this hair tutorial a breeze. You can also add some hair wefts to keep your hair looking full and lush. 

27. Mermaid Waves

Whether you're going to the beach or on a hot date, mermaid waves are the in trend for summer! Using a triple barrel iron, get instant waves to make you look fresh out of water. The longer your hair the more of the Kardashian look you'll achieve for this super trendy hairstyle! 


What is your go-to summer hairstyle, we’d love to know! If you do not have one, this is the perfect opportunity to try some new hairstyles out for the hot summer weather. Share your recreations on Instagram with #luxyhair. We would love to see and share your gorgeous pictures!

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