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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Lindsay N: #myluxyhairstory
Hair Extensions

Meet Lindsay N: #myluxyhairstory

We had the pleasure of reading our beautiful customer Lindsay N.'s Luxy Hair Story this week. Lindsay couldn't create fun hairstyles with her shoulder length hair as it just wouldn't grow...until she discovered Luxy Hair extensions. Read her story below:

I was a hairstylist unable to style my own hair...

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about having long, beautiful hair. But, sadly, I inherited my dad’s side of the family’s genes, which is very thin, fragile hair. My hair grows to just below my shoulders and stops. I am a hairstylist and absolutely love doing hair…. braids, ponytails, up-dos, the list goes on. However, when it came to my own hair, I was out of luck. My hair has been too thin, and too short to try any fun hairstyle on myself. I have been trying to find a solution for years! (Preferably one that didn’t include spending hundreds of dollars every 3 months to have extensions beaded, glued or sewn in.)

...Until Luxy Hair extensions

Three years ago, my sister came to me and said she came across Luxy Hair extensions, while she was Googling a solution to our hair problems (she suffers the same fate as me). She explained they were clip in, extremely affordable, and had read all of the reviews, and we both decided we liked what we saw. The only concerns we were having were, “will they match my hair color?” or “will they look too fake?” We debated for about a week and finally decided, “If you order some, I’ll order some!” (Always good to have a support system, right?)

I was so excited and nervous the day they came in the mail. I had ombre hair at the time, so I ordered the Ombre Blonde, and was crossing my fingers it would be a match! As I was clipping the hair in I was shocked at how easy it was! It took me about 15 minutes that first time, to get them in places that felt somewhat natural on my head. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw! The color was identical to mine, and I HAD LONG, BEAUTIFUL HAIR! I immediately started curling it, took a selfie, and sent it to my sister and my husband. They both loved what they saw!

Luxy Hair Extensions Before After

I was a bit nervous to go out in public though… what if it looked fake? I didn’t think it looked fake, but what about other people? I didn’t want to be stared at and whispered about. I put these doubts aside, went out and had this feeling of confidence that I have never felt before! Friends were telling me it looked like my natural hair. They couldn’t believe it wasn’t my real hair!

Luxy Hair Extensions Ash Blonde

When you look good, you feel good

A few weeks later, I was stopped at the grocery store, twice in one day, being told, “I’m sorry, but I just have to tell you, you are gorgeous!” A sweet man in a wheelchair stopped to tell my husband “Do you know how lucky you are? You have a beautiful wife!” I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was being noticed…. by strangers! After these comments, I figured “oh, they’re just noticing my long, beautiful hair”, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized… it’s not just the hair. I was showing more confidence in myself, with the way I walked, my posture, there was more confidence in the way I carried myself. I finally FELT beautiful. Those strangers were noticing ME! Not just my hair! It may seem silly, but those Luxy Hair Clip-In Extensions have given me a confidence in myself that I have never had. I have always been quiet, shy, un-noticed… but not anymore!Luxy Hair Extensions Ash BlondeI’ve had friends who have debated on getting hair extensions and I keep telling them, "DO IT! You won’t regret it!" I tell them how it’s so nice to not be so self-conscious about my thin, short hair anymore! I tell them how EASY these clip-in extensions are to put in and to style. Seriously, if I wasn’t the one wearing them, I would think this was just too good to be true. A simple, affordable solution, to something I’ve been so concerned about all these years? I still can’t believe it!

Hair Extensions story Blake LivelySome people laugh and say I should be a spokesperson for Luxy Hair because I am so passionate about it...and you know what? I am passionate about it!

I know girls who hate their hair, and tell me they wish they had hair like mine. When I tell them I wear extensions they are genuinely shocked. I’ve been in their shoes, being self-conscious about my hair, and it’s not fun. Especially knowing how we, as women, are not only self-conscious about our hair, but also our weight, our clothes, our make-up…the list goes on!Luxy Hair Extensions Ombre Blonde
I am so grateful I found a way to take one of those silly things off my list of concerns about my self-image. I also understand (more now than in the past), that I don’t have to wear my extensions to be considered beautiful. I choose to wear them because, really, why not? Why wouldn’t I want to help enhance my beauty? Why wouldn’t I want to have long hair to curl and have fun styling? There is nothing wrong with wearing hair extensions, or make-up or cute clothes to make you feel just a little extra special!

Meet Lindsay: #myluxyhairstory from Luxy Hair on Vimeo.

Thank you, Luxy Hair!

I have been the proud owner of 3 Luxy sets now. Two Ombre Blonde sets, and one Ash Blonde set, after deciding to go all blonde this summer. Of course, all sets were a perfect match and each set has lasted a whole year. I have finally been able to experience braids, and up-dos on myself… my life-time dream of having long, beautiful hair has finally come true! Thank you, Luxy Hair!!

Thank you for taking the time to share your Luxy Hair Story with us, Lindsay - we love your new Ash Blonde locks! Click here if you would like to share your Luxy Hair Story for a chance to be featured on our Hair Blog. xoxo

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