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Luxy® Hair  - 7 lazy, last-minute hairstyles for the holidays

7 lazy, last-minute hairstyles for the holidays

‘Tis the season of the holiday party, and while planning one festive outfit after another may feel stressful, creating the right holiday hairstyle won’t be.

While get-togethers bring joy this holiday season, creating looks that wow can be challenging one party to the next – and let’s face it, who’s got the time? To help you focus on the things that matter this time of year, we’ve gathered 7 hairstyles that are so easy to create they were made for the lazy or busy girl alike. All you’ll need are hair extensions, a few hair accessories, and just a few minutes.

So, whether you’re going to visit grandma, meet your partner’s family, or dance the night away with your co-workers, here are 7 lazy girl hairstyles that will have you ready in no time. Check out the video below or scroll down for more. 

Holiday hair: but make it wavy

Lazy Girl hairstyles for the holidays

Long, luscious, wavy hair is a look for any time of year, but it’s especially perfect for the festive season. Some girls feel intimidated by this wavy hairstyle because they believe it takes expert hands and a ton of time but this is simply not true. Whether you want to recreate our signature Luxy Waves or something looser, the key tip in creating luscious waves is to pre-style. Break up the process by styling your hair extensions the night before and clip them in no time.

Using Luxy Hair's Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler, you can conveniently and easily style your extensions with no fuss. The Deluxe Hair Styler can stick to almost any surface making it easy to create waves in a matter of minutes. Be sure to use hair protectant products on your extensions before styling and keep the heat set low. When you’re getting ready the next day, prep your natural hair with loose waves if you want a fuller look. Otherwise, just put on the best clip in hair extensions and you’ll have long, wavy hair in no time.

Holiday inspired hair accessories

Lazy Girl hairstyles for the holidays

Make like a tree and decorate. And by decorate we mean accessorize! A pearl beret is perfect for this time of year and versatile enough to go with any outfit. Our Luxy Hair Clips come in a cookies and cream tortoise design with gold tone that go nicely with the festive fabrics velvet or satin. This is the type of style combo that can take you from holiday lunch to New Year’s Eve. Chunky, padded headbands are also perfect for the season and can be worn to the office or to after-hours drinks. Pick up a few new accessories on your holiday shopping trips to help accessorize any hairstyle even after the holiday season.

Faux bangs for a fresh look

Lazy Girl hairstyles for the holidays

If you’ve ever gone through the emotions of trying to decide whether or not to get bangs – why not consider the cut without the commitment. Clip-in bangs, like the best clip in hair extensions, now come in an array of shades and styles and can easily give you the bangs look without having to go under the scissors. 

Imagine showing up to a party with bangs after seeing your friends earlier without them – it’ll be a look for the ‘gram for sure. While some clip-in bangs may differ, most can be applied the same way. Part your hair down the middle and clip the bangs in backwards so they will fall on your forehead. Leave your hair down, create waves or a pin-straight look. Alternatively, you can tie your hair back for a bangs and ponytail look.

Another easy hack is to take two sections of hair, one from each side of your head and loosely twist them to the back of your head – secure with a butterfly or larger hair clip and voila – a whole new, easy look. No one has to know you got ready in minutes.

The braided low bun

Lazy Girl Hairstyles for the holidays

A holiday hack hairstyle that looks so much more complicated than it is – the braided low bun. Clip together 2-clip Luxy Hair extension wefts to make it one thick piece and attach it to your Deluxe Styler or Luxy Hair carrier to make one thick braid.

Section your hair several inches above the base of your head so you can clip the braid upside down at the side of your head and bring the braided tail over your head (like a headband) and pin it on the other side. You can apply more wefts around the sides to add length and volume for a beautiful, stylish look. Or, take the remaining hair and twist it into a low bun. Use an elastic to hold the bun together and feel free to leave a few hairs loose for a wispy look.  It’s so easy, but we bet girls will stop you in the restroom to ask you how you pulled it off.

Mermaid waves

Lazy Girl hairstyles for the holidays

Perfect for winter or summer, there’s something about crimpy mermaid waves that make for a super cute, yet easy look. Simply spritz your natural hair and your hair extensions with water and add a bit of holding product if you want a tighter look and braid your hair in 2-3 sections. Do the same with your hair extensions. Keep the braids loose so you can wear them overnight and take them out in the morning to reveal a beautifully crimped texture. 

For another easy styling trick – try this Jen Atkin’s braid hack for crimped or wavy hair in no time. While any of our hair extensions will work for this look, our halo hair extensions work particularly well. 

Put a bow on it 

Don’t use all your wrapping for gifts – they make for great hair accessories too – particularly those ribbons and bows that look just as good on boxes as they do on you. No other season serves as the best excuse to use ribbon in your hair than this one. Tie the ribbon around your high or low ponytail or use festive ribbon for a half-up half-down festive look. Simply tie the ribbon or clip the bow around your elastic for extra hold. This hairstyle is perfect for so many reasons, but mostly these three – it won’t cost you much time or money and will also allow you to re-se or recycle items you would’ve just thrown away.

60s padded hairband look

Lazy Girl Hairstyles for the holidays

We’ve seen this retro look make a comeback on the likes of Hailey Baldwin and it’s great for your next holiday party. Use a big round brush and concentrate on blow-drying your hair at the ends to flip outwards in a swoop. This creates an almost fluffy look to the hair and can also be done on hair extensions to add an oomph of volume to the hairstyle. To save time on the day or night of your event, pre-style your hair extensions the night before. You can add a spritz of hairspray to help hold the style longer. Top off your look with a headband for a true retro feel, it’ll get you in the groove to party.

The next few weeks will be full of get-togethers and it may feel like you’re running around more than Santa. But getting glammed up for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember to enjoy the time with your loved ones, and also give yourself some space to chill too. With these 7 easy hairstyles up your sleeve, you can take more time for the things that matter, while knowing your hair is always ready to go.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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