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Luxy® Hair  - New year, new you: 5 easy hair changes that will transform your look
Easy Hairstyles

New year, new you: 5 easy hair changes that will transform your look

If you’re anything like us, the new year brings an abundance of new feelings, including the feeling of change. Perhaps it’s the excitement of a fresh start, or perhaps it’s the monotony of the dead of winter, but there’s always a desire for some sort of change this time of year. While we understand that desire for change, we also understand that you may not be committed to making the chop or drastically changing the color of your hair. That’s why we’ve put together 5 different ways you can change up your look this new year in minutes—no cutting or dyeing required.

Embrace your natural texture

Hear us out: we know that this may be a different change to embrace. Unless your natural hair dries with a perfect wave or straight and frizz-free, retiring your blow dryer, hair dryer, straightener or curler may seem a bit daunting. The trick to embracing your natural hair’s texture, however, is to come up with an air-dry routine that works for your lifestyle and hair type. If your hair naturally dries wavy with frizz, there’s no use in fighting with your hair to make it dry straight. Alternatively, if your hair dries flat and limp, there’s only so much a blow out can do. By identifying your hair problems and tackling them head-on, you can go heat-free, embrace the hair you were born with, and save time hair styling.

Hair oil

How to change your lookHair oils are a great way to embrace your natural hair, especially if you suffer from frizziness. Apply a few drops of hair oil to your palm, rub it in, and work the product into the ends of your hair. Avoid the roots as this can lead to greasy roots quickly, and simply focus on dry, frizzy areas.

Tease & spray

How to change your look

Once you have applied the oil to your hair, partially style your hair by teasing the hair at the crown for a bit of extra volume. Section off the crown of your head into two small layers with a wide tooth comb, then tease the hair at the root. Apply a light spritz of hairspray to hold the style, and you’re done!

Part Switch

How to change your look

Most of us could part our hair in our sleep. We’ve got the usual part and we’re used to it, which is why making a simple change like switching up your hair part can give your entire style a makeover. If you’ve ever made even the slightest change to your hair part, you’ve likely received a comment from friends about your new hairstyle—that’s how powerful this change can be.

How to change your look

Do you usually part your hair on the side? Try switching it up to a middle part, or even simply flipping the side you part your hair on. Usually a middle part kind of girl? Try a deep side part. This simple change can be a bit daunting at first, as the way you part your hair can change the shape of your face, and accentuate certain features you didn’t realize you had! If you have a round face, try a middle part to elongate and slim your face. If you have high cheekbones you’re looking to highlight, try a deep side part to really draw attention to those sharp lines. A part switch may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but you may find that you have so much fun playing with your parts that you switch them up every month!

Faux bangs

How to transform your look

Bangs are just one of those things that seem like a good idea...until you realize you’re stuck looking like Will Byers from Stranger Things for the next 6 months. Instead, change up your look this new year with faux bangs, strategically created with a messy bun. Faux bangs are a fun, creative way to change up your hairstyle—you can have bangs one day, then get rid of them the next day, depending on your mood. Plus, is there anything cozier than a messy bun and big fluffy scarf during the winter months?

Step 1

Brush your hair out and then bring it up into a very high ponytail.

Step 2

How to transform your look

Next, when you’re pulling your ponytail through the elastic, stop pulling halfway through on the last pull, leaving out about 4 inches of your ends.

Step 3

How to transform your look

Finally, pin your bun into place, hiding the elastic. Then brush the ends forward into place, giving yourself some faux bangs. Finish off with hairspray to hold your bangs in place.

Tuck your hair behind your ear

How to change your look

It seems like we’ve all been conditioned to leave our hair untucked to frame our face. For many, untucked hair flowing freely can act as a security blanket, but tucked hair can look chic, sophisticated, and exude confidence when done intentionally. Not only is this an easy change to make to your hair and look, but allows you to embrace your bone structure and show off that beautiful face to the world.

Step 1

How to change your look

Gather one side of your hair behind your ear using either your fingers or a comb, pulling a bit of hair forward to give the style a more natural, relaxed look.

Step 2

How to change your look

Once you have tucked the hair, bobby pin it in place so it stays put all day.

Dress up the style with straight, sleek hair, or wear your hair natural—it’s up to you!

Try out long hair

How to change your look

We’ve all cut our hair in an attempt to change our look, but how about growing your hair instantly? This is our favorite hair changes, as it drastically transforms your look with only a few quick steps, giving you long, voluminous, thick hair instantly. This is a great change to try if you have short hair, or if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have thick, voluminous mermaid hair. Not only do hair extensions transform your hair instantly, but open up a new world of hairstyles to try that you may not have been able to with your natural hair, like a thick, long ponytail.  

We hope you’re inspired to make some of these creative changes to your hair this year. The new year is the perfect time to start fresh with a new look, whether it’s starting small by switching up your hair part, or going without heat and embracing your natural texture.

Do you like changing up your hair every year? What hair changes will you make this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Written by: Daryn Stumbaugh

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